Ruger LCR in .327 Federal Magnum

Ruger LCR in 327 Magnum

Ruger is now selling the LCR in a new caliber: .327 Federal Magnum. The new versions of the compact revolver are very similar to the original gun, with the biggest change – other than the caliber itself – being the cylinder holds 6 rounds instead of 5.

The .327 Federal Magnum was introduced at the 2008 SHOT Show through the joint effort of Ruger and Federal. At that time, the LCR had not been introduced and Ruger offered the cartridge in its SP101 revolver for a concealed carry gun.

The .327 Magnum is significantly more powerful than the .32 H&R Magnum. Proponents of the cartridge suggest that it offers more power than the .38 Special, less recoil than the .357 Magnum and more capacity than either. There are several self-defense loads on the market for the caliber, including the Speer Gold Dot (100 grain @ 1500 fps from a 4″ barrel) and the Double Tap TACXP (75 grain Barnes all copper HP @ 1550 fps from a 3″ SP101.)

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  • Nocternus

    $0.52 per round for target ammo. No thanks. I’ll wait until this ammo is more prevalent in the market and the price per round falls to an acceptable level.

    • BattleshipGrey

      My guess would be that this offering is too little too late for the .327. I haven’t gone looking for it, but I haven’t seen any in stores either. Maybe Ruger knows more about the traction of the .327 market, but from what I’ve seen (or haven’t seen), you’ll probably be waiting a while.

      • Bear The Grizzly

        You pretty much have to buy online, i think maybe I’ve seen it at Bass Pro, but I hate that place. Have not found it out Walmart. However, like Duray mentioned, if you roll your own the cost comes out to be about the same as 9mm or a little less if you’re thrifty enough. .327 has a fair amount of benefits compared to it’s bigger cousin in a lightweight snub.

      • Nicks87

        Every time I read an article about a revolver people are asking, in the comments, for it to be chambered in 327. The round does have a following but you’re right, it’s not real common.

    • Duray

      Or just make it yourself rather than allowing retailers to dictate what cartridges you’re allowed to like . The world is your oyster once you’re no longer dependant on their inventory and prices.

    • Laserbait

      Hahaha! I reload them for less than 18 cents each. It’s about the same price as 9mm.

    • Blake

      You can use .32 ACP for practice ammo in .327 Fed guns if you like; it’s pretty cheap.

    • Nocternus

      My point was more that it is a bastard caliber and until more gun manufacturers and ammo manufacturers pick it up it will not be commercially available for purchase at descent prices. I tend to try to stick with mainstream calibers simply for availability and price per round. Not everyone can reload. Also takes a lot of reloading to offset the cost of the reloading equipment.

  • Beju

    Having a handgun chambered in .327 Federal Magnum would give me a handgun that I could actually find ammo for if we ever have any post-Obama-election style ammo buying panic again.

  • Paul O.

    Gotta 22LR, 22 WMR, 38, and a 357 Mag LCR. It’s like an addiction. 327 would be a worthy addition…hmmm.

  • Brocus

    Why can’t this be their LCRx with a 3″ barrel. That one in .327 is what I’m holding out for since ’08.

    • DrewN

      the 3″ in .45 ACP is what I’d like to see myself.

      • Zebra Dun

        A three shot LCR!

        • Zang Kang King

          HAHA ,I thought the exact same thing.

    • Sianmink

      LCRx in all calibers Ruger PLS

      • MrPotatoHead

        Yes, please! I’ve asked Ruger multiple times to offer an LCRx with a 3″ barrel in .22lr. Even better if they offered a .22lr/.22mag combo.

        • A.WChuck

          Count me in for at least one of the 3″ combos!

    • gunsandrockets

      I really like the LCR. But I wanted an exposed hammer for single action shooting too. So I bought a S&W 637 instead.

      Then the LCRx came out a short time later, and I regretted my timing. But with the news of the .327 LCR? now I feel better. Now I will bide my time.

      Now I believe it is just a matter of time before a .327 magnum LCRx with 3″ barrel comes out. Until then I’ll make do with the S&W.

  • Swarf

    .327 seems like a great idea that isn’t gaining much traction.

    For me, I just don’t want to stock another caliber. I shoot 9mm and .38 and .357, I don’t want to add something in the middle of the pack, as smart an idea as it might be.

    Caliber weariness.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    My GF is slowly getting into guns and she didn’t like the .380 auto so this might be a good option for her.

  • Sianmink

    You know what else has more power than .38 special and less recoil than .357 magnum?
    LCR 9mm.

    • Laserbait

      But the LCR327 has 6 rounds, better ballistics, and no moonclips to mess with.

      The LCR 9mm would be more attractive if it could also shoot 38 and 357.

      • Sianmink

        I consider moon clips to be a plus. Speedloaders are bulky.

        • Laserbait

          Moonclipped 9mm isn’t exactly svelte either, it’s like carrying golfballs in my pockets. Speedstrips are far less bulky, and easy to carry 5-6, if wanted.

    • Madcap_Magician

      I am really torn. I think for me it would come down to whether the .327 magnum’s recoil is noticeably different from .357 magnum or not and whether the .327’s velocity drops off by a lot out of a snub barrel. If .327 magnum recoil is closer to .357 than .38, or if the round is only going 1000 fps instead of 1300, I would just go with the 9mm.

  • TechnoTriticale

    So then, exceeds .38SPL+P performance and provides one more round. I’ve fired +P from a steel J-Frame, and it’s not something you’d want to do all afternoon. I imagine that the LCR is dramatically snappier with .327Fed loads.

    The .327 LCR also presumably handles .32S&W(short) and .32S&W Long, in addition to .32H&R Mag. This provides a nice selection of lower recoil practice ammo, plus used .327Fed cases could be reloaded to those levels and probably last forever at .32S&W pressures.

    • Rodford Smith

      I have a Blackhawk and an SP101 in .327, and besides the cartridges you list they both also shoot the .32 ACP (a semi-rimmed cartridge). In addition the Blackhawk holds eight rounds.

      I love both these guns and while I am not looking for a snubbie in .327 if I see an LCR for the right price…

      • gunsandrockets

        I’m still waiting for NAA to make a 5 shot .32 ACP revolver.

  • Will

    Sorry, I don’t need to stock pile yet another caliber.
    I’ll stick with what works for me and already have.
    TRIED AND TRUE like a trusted old friend…..45 ACP!!

  • Nicks87

    People asked for it and Ruger delivered. I wish a few other companies would listen to the consumer more often.

  • Nate

    Ruger now has three 327 Magnum revolvers that are quite omnivorous; able to digest five different cartridges at any one time: .32 S&W, .32 S&W Long, .32 H&R Magnum, .327 Federal Magnum, and .32 ACP.

    • Eddie_Baby

      And a lot more pleasant to practice with at the range.

    • Guest

      Yeah, instead of firing one expensive and hard to find cartridge, you can fire 5 expensive and hard to find cartridges, but at lower velocities!

      It’s interesting that you can fire .32 acp’s out of it. That’s new to me.

      • andrew b oneil

        Expensive and hard to find at gun shops….these are great rounds for reloading giving you a range of power levels from soft recoiling plinking rounds up to hard hitting defense rounds. I’m really happy to see the lcr in this caliber.

  • Sulaco

    My store, a large retailer with large firearms/hunting/ammo section has not seen any ammo in .327 for over a year. Dito any guns chambered in it.

  • Gabriel M

    Still waiting on the 9mm LCRx snubbie with an exposed hammer

  • Don Ward

    The more I read about the .327, the more I like it. Thanks Ruger for continuing to come out with hardware chambered in this nifty cartridge.

  • El Duderino

    While I’d like a 3″ barrel this is promising!

    S&W drops the ball once again.

    • Zang

      Smith made the 632.

      • El Duderino

        Of this, I am aware. They are very hard to find and usually go for around $1k when you do.

        Sorry I wasn’t clear enough — S&W should be making this gun NOW. Not a handful 7 years ago!

      • Zebra Dun

        I am in LOVE!

  • Madcap_Magician

    I asked for this years ago when the LCR was first released and never got it. I would want to shoot one in person and have the ammo chrono’d… the .327 was designed around the 3″ SP101, and it shows a precipitous velocity drop with a shorter barrel.

  • What is the velocity out of a 2″ barrel?

    • Zang

      Ballistics by the inch 327

      85 gr. Hydra-Shok 2in 976fps
      100gr. JSP 2in 1056fps
      115 gold dot 2in 1042fps

      This gun needs to be made in a 3in you get about 300fps more velocity with all loads

      • Agreed, it really needs to be the 3″. The 3″ LCR .327 with laser grips would be a great carry revolver.

      • gunsandrockets

        I just checked, the 3″ SP101 does 1,422 fps with American Eagle 100 grain JSP! That’s up into Tokarev class performance.

  • Don Ward

    You really have to shake your head with the guys commenting about how expensive it is to “stockpile” the .327 ammo and the state we have gotten ourselves in where this is somehow a legitimate concern. Yeah, you’re going to need a thousand rounds of snubbie revolver ammo to fight of UN zombie werewolves when Hillary gets in office.

    And gun owners wonder why there are ammo “shortages”.

  • W.P Zeller

    Trying to imagine how devastating the blast and flash of a .327 in a snub will be is painful all by itself.

  • Blake

    Jeff Quinn has several reviews & articles on the .327 Fed. My fave:

    It’s an interesting caliber just crying out for Henry to make a levergun chambered in it…

    • gunsandrockets

      A great successor to the 32-20

    • Zebra Dun

      That’s a good article in that link thanks!

  • Tim Pearce


  • Southpaw89

    If I could get a levergun in this caliber and a single six sized revolver I’d be all over this cartridge.

    • gunsandrockets

      Well you’re halfway there already. Ruger offers the Single Six in a seven shot .327 magnum.

      • Andrew Stuart

        making it the Ruger Single 7.

  • smartacus

    to this day; i’m befuddled why .327 Federal didn’t takeoff like wildfire.
    6 instead of 5 and power closer to 357 than .38; in a J-frame ?
    i got mine and I’m grinning 🙂

    • tts

      I know, its a awesome cartridge! Just hard to find.

      I wonder how it’d perform in a carbine personally.

      • smartacus

        I order some 327’s from Buffalo Bore
        -oh they must be awesome out of a carbine!
        I’m surprised nobody makes a revolving rifle.
        Frame would be as thin as a lever-action and shoot 5 calibers!
        *just wish somebody made a derringer,
        or even a 4-shot pepper box like in Matrix Reloaded

        • Zebra Dun

          An image of an Uzi popped into my head when I read this LOL

      • Zebra Dun

        There is always someone (me included!) who wonders what the cartridge would be like in a carbine!
        An M-1 type or AR platform?

        • andrew b oneil

          something like the 10/22 with a five round mag in 327 would also be a great woods gun.

          • Zebra Dun

            Now that is an idea! I’d buy one.

  • Marcus D.

    One of my local guns stores had a used Smith in .327, and if I’d had $700 (after transfer fees and taxes) I would have snapped it up. Pretty rare piece, but it has the correct barrel length and is very nice in the hand.

  • gunsandrockets

    For the LCR, a much better caliber choice than .357 magnum.

  • Christopher Edward Penta

    Make it 3″ and I’ll bite. 2″ is way too small.

  • Zebra Dun

    Yup, Three inch barrel and go with it.
    Interesting concept and article.
    More study needed, what are the .327 magnums terminal ballistics against clothed and body armor as well as auto bodies and glass. What is the recoil compared with the .357 Mag and .38 spl is it reduced enough to say it’s easier to control?
    Just everyday carry would be good and comforting.

  • maodeedee

    This is one of those interesting concepts that work great in theory but NOT in the real world, just like utra-ultra light 357 and 44 magnums. I have an old aluminum framed airweight humpback model 38 Bodyguard that I can only comfortably shoot with target wadcutters. To shoot anything more powerful I would have to put big rubber grips on it, negating it’s concealability.
    So going to the hot 32 caliber takes care of the recoil problem and increases ammo capacity But what no one seems to realize is that the 327 federal is loaded to similar pressures and has near-identical ballistics as a 30 carbine rifle cartridge chambered in a pistol.
    I once had a Ruger Blackhawk chambered in 30 carbine. One day I fired it without ear protection. I lost 90 percent of my hearing for six hours and my ears rang for several days afterward. That was when I was in my 40’s. Now at age 68 I am going deaf but there may be other reasons for that as well.
    In a self defense situation you will NOT have time to put on ear protection and with this cartridge out of a short barrel you WILL become temporarily deaf and possibly suffer hearing loss later in life. Still this would be a fairly good defense gun if you only fired H&R magnums out of it or downloaded 327’s
    If there’s anyone who doesn’t believe me, I would encourage you to try firing this gun with the hottest load you can find and with no ear protection. But be forewarned, you are in for a world of hurt.

    • slackercruster

      Yes, .327 mag sounds kinda hot for a snub. Just like shooting .357 in a snubbie…not fun. People should always test out their ammo in their guns to see what to expect.

      I’d like to get a LCR .327 for my wife. She can’t operate a .380 or 9mm auto by herself. Even if I load the slide she hits the mag release and drops the mag out after the first shot. She can operate the LCR in 38 Spec OK, but would do better with lighter .32 H&R loads.

  • Andrew Stuart

    I shoot one of the few .327’s I’ve ever seen out and about. Concerns about recoil should not stop you from buying this gun. The recoil is far less damaging than the .357 and only moderately greater than the .32 Magnum.

    And don’t worry about terminal velocity and bullet drop. We are, after all, discussing a 2″ last ditch self defense platform with an maximum effective range of 10 yards (give or take a few).

  • BearSlayer338

    But when will they make one in .44 special or .45 acp?

  • andrew b oneil

    I always thought that the LCR is the perfect platform for this caliber.