Urban Carry Holster for Deep Concealment

This is an interesting holster design. At first i was a little concerned about drawing the gun from deep concealment, but the design seems rather quick and intuitive.

One aspect that I like is that by using your support hand to draw the holster out of deep concealment, it places the hand in a safe position near the sternum. Of course the same hand position can be done by grabbing your shirt to reveal a typical IWB or OWB holster. However, look at the end of the video the model has his shirt tucked in and can still draw the pistol out of deep concealment without having to untuck his shirt.

Urban Carry 2


The Urban Carry holster costs $65 on their website can comes in brown or black. Go to their website to check them out.

Nicholas C

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  • Giolli Joker

    It seems better than I thought initially by looking at the first picture.

    • dshield55

      I’m soo glad I watched the video because, yeah, my first impression from the photo was pretty lame.

      • younggun21

        I just have concerns about needing both hands to draw. In a self defense scenario (especially one in bad breath distances) having both hands to perform a draw might not be in the question and then my gun is out of the equation.

        • dshield55

          I check out quite a few of the videos posted to Active Self Protection’s Facebook page, and I have a hard time recalling seeing a situation where a double hand vs single hand draw was out of the question. Seated situations do cause a bit of worry though, and I’d love to see if the urban carry folks have a video disproving whether or not that’s a concern. I have seen videos of car jacking victims fighting back, and I’d assume unless they had a second gun handy in the car that their gun would be out of the fight. If I bought this rig, I’d make sure to have a gun mounted under the dash. There was a pretty famous video of an old guy in an internet cafe who shot at two armed robbers that came in to hold the place up (there were like 10+ patrons there.) I’d assume he initially drew while seated before making his move on the robbers.

          • younggun21

            Well you may have not seen a situation described on Active Self Protection’s Facebook page, but that doesnt mean that some of those situations dictated a one handed draw and they simply didnt mention that two hands would not have gotten the job done because it wasn’t as pertinent information as the perpetrator and the shooting.

            Now, I realize that the chances are slim that I’m going to need my defensive pistol ever. However, nearly all of the situations that I can imagine that I would need it could be argued that one hand is going to be all i have to get to the gun. Sitting in a car, taking cover while crouching, defending myself with one hand, holding a flashlight with one hand and drawing with the other, ect ect. I don’t see this being a solution for any situation outside of a perfect standing straight facing your attacker who is letting you know they are going to start shooting.

    • It’s that hairy man-belly that doesn’t make for great marketing 😛

      • Giolli Joker

        Well… it helps in focusing on the product itself.
        If there was Milla Jovovich showing the holster, we all would have watched the video several times… without ever getting what the hell they were trying to sell! 🙂

      • DIR911911 .

        you sayin’ you like your man belly smooth as new?

        • Joshua Noble

          Do you mean like from a little spoon’s standpoint? No judgement, man.

  • Kovacs Jeno

    It is non-compatible with fat guys:-(
    (And also not good for women with big breasts.)

  • Dangermouse

    No mention of suitability for “operators” or the “tactical” use, I can’t see it selling very well.
    I actually liked the tone and pace of the video, refreshingly aimed at every day (trim) boys and girls.

  • M.M.D.C.


  • dshield55

    That’s a fantastic design.

  • dshield55

    Where’s their mag holder?

    • Will

      Just guessing but the clip in his left front jeans pocket could be a “Snag Mag”.

  • Evil13RT

    Something tells me my CZ-75 wont fit in that.
    (and with our damn coupon system its going to take forever to get something smaller)

    Looks like a good idea tho.

    • st4

      The video showed them drawing a P226 as an option so your ’75 should be fine. But yeah, seems more suited for pocket pistols.

  • Sianmink

    Nice concept, but disappointed by the sack quality of the pistol pouch. I’d rather see something that holds the pistol a bit more positively.

  • Awesome idea.

  • claymore

    Wish I had one of these during my undercover days.

  • Phidippus

    The issue with this new breed of “unconventional” holsters is that they are many times based on the premise that carrying with a traditional strongside or appendix holster isn’t very comfortable or concealable. Which isn’t the case, at all.

    New holsters should be marketed on their own unique merits, not on fallacious arguments.

    You may have to try several different holster/belt/gun configurations before finding something that works. Most of the time, some online research followed by a reasonable cash outlay on good gear will minimize this.

    Or, you could put your pistol in a floppy leather purse with magnets and shove it down your pants. That works, too.

    • gunsandrockets

      Because traditional holsters work for all body types of all genders in all climates with all clothing styles. Right?

      • Phidippus

        Out of curiously, what specific body types do you see this lending an advantage to?

        • ProdigalSon

          People like myself, who are extremely thin. For people like me, any gun, no matter how small, is going to be obvious if carried at the belt. This kind of holster doesn’t look like a panacea for this problem, but it could improve the concealability somewhat.

  • USMC03Vet

    Hey, Mate. That a Kangaroo pouch?
    Yeah, Bruv.
    You right? A Joey in there?
    Nah Bruv, its me Smith & Wesson

  • Art out West

    Or you can just throw that 642 into a basic pocket holster, and put it in your pocket where it belongs. Deep concealment, simple and easy.

  • Grindstone50k

    The pictures don’t do it justice. That actually looks like a very interesting idea. I’m not 100% on board the idea that you have to hold the holster up with your support hand the entire time while drawing, but otherwise it’s pretty neat.

  • Joshua Noble

    For $65, I think it might be worth trying out. God knows it’d be nice to clear up some pocket space.

  • Jas

    So what’s new? Have we forgotten about the Pager pal holster of 30 years ago?

  • AD

    Interesting. I wonder how well this works from different positions, like when sitting in a car for example? I don’t see how you’d be able to get the gun past the belt in that case.

  • younggun21

    So if someone could explain to me how this would work with one hand that would be great. It looks like an intriguing concept and even a comfortable solution to carry concealed but given that most DGUs occur in such close proximity, I feel that all to often I’m going to need a hand to fend off an attack, hold back a loved one, clear a cover garment, or simply one hand might be disabled.