New 1911 Holster From Recover Tactical

The 1911 is a classic, one that seems to be increasing in popularity lately. In response to that rise in interest there have been some new guns and accessories, and in that vein Recover Tactical is coming out with a new 1911 holster. They’re calling it the HC11 Tactical Holster for 1911, and it works with any standard 1911 using the company’s CC3H grip and rail system.

The HC11 is made of a tough polymer and can be purchased with passive or active retention features and utilizes Recover Tactical’s patent-pending Frame Locking System. Their system requires the user press a button to release the pistol for active retention or simply draw firmly for passive retention. One of the nice things about this particular holster is that it’s compatible with rail-mounted accessories such as lights and lasers. It comes in both right and left-handed models and has a paddle mount.

According to the company the holster works with only the CC3H grip and rail system, not the older CC3 grips. Because of that they’re offering to exchange the older CC3 grips for the newer CC3H grips when the HC11 holster is being ordered. The exchange can be made through their website or through retailers.

President of Recover Tactical Ron Rosenberg had this to say regarding their new 1911 holster:  “Of all the 1911 owners that I speak with, one of their biggest requests is for a sturdy holster that enables them to switch lights or lasers on their gun without needing to have multiple holsters. With the HC11 holster’s universal accessory fit, we think we are going to make a lot of 1911 owners very happy by offering a true 24 hour holster.”

We’re all in the quest for the perfect holster, and because of that most of us have a box or two of them stashed away.The HC11 comes in black for now but should be available in other colors in the future. It has a limited 3-year warranty and MSRP is $59.99. Visit the company’s website at

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  • Glock Guy

    Check ALL your links before you post girlfriend.

    • Anonymoose

      It does that automatically on just about every article. It’s not the authors intentionally linking to stuff.

      • Glock Guy

        Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for letting me know.

        • Bill

          Those links do absolutely nothing to support the article. There has to be a way of disabling them.

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  • Mc Cain

    Wow…a 1911 holster. Just what we needed!


  • David

    Only for guns with their grip/rail. So, no thanks.

  • Texas-Roll-Over

    I have this holster and while the holster part is actually really good for the money, the paddle is very flimsy.

    This is a lazy, yard work, mowin your lawn on Sunday holster.

    • ReCover Tacitcal

      We have recently updated the paddle to make it stiffer. Thanks for the support!

    • Bill

      You obviously have never had a paddle snap off – running over a 1911 with a mower will dull your blades and the tractor will squash it into the turf 😉

  • Don Ward

    I’ll stick with the M1916.

  • Bill

    I’m gradually falling in love with Katie:
    “The 1911 is a classic, one that seems to be increasing in popularity lately.”

    • TheSmellofNapalm

      It’s almost like we’ve been in a coma for 80 years and we’re being brought up to speed.