How It Was Made – Remington in the Mid-Century

Watching this video, I have a whole new appreciation of the manufacturing technologies of today. Modern CNC machines have a massive advantage over the CNC machines of old. Still, amazing things were possible using analog machines with the right set-ups and processes.

Remington of old had this down to a “T”. The video showcases the massive amount of tooling and machinery needed to make even a Model 1100 shotgun during its heyday. While I have not had the pleasure of seeing the factory recently, I would suspect that many of the exact same machines and processes are still in use today, albeit with some updated CNCs.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I got laid off from the CNC Music Factory.

    • A.WChuck

      “No he didn’t!”

      “Yep, he did.”

  • Don Ward

    Remington. Back when they made high-quality products at a reasonable price while paying their employees living wages.

    • What is a living wage? Are you telling us that Remington pays its employees a wage that kills them?

      • JK

        They paid them in live rabbits and chickens back then. Hence, “living wage”. 😉

        • It’s odd, when you go on anyone of the many job review sites you’ll find current and former Remington employees, with various job titles, who list the pay at a pro of working for Remington. I’d like for Don to expand on “living wage” and what that means . The chief complaint from Remington employees is that they wanted more time off. Maybe that’s a “living vacation” or some other made up SJW term – dunno.

          • JK

            “Work/Life Balance”. Pfffft. Slackers wanna put in their sixty hours a week and split.

          • There are people who do the job they’re hired to do and there are people who just punch a clock.

          • JK

            Yeah, but that’s a different website.

            oh, sorry, didn’t see the “l”.

      • Mark

        A living wage, also called a “just wage,” is a wage that allows a working man to support his family, not luxuriously, but with the essentials, while his wife stays home to raise their children. There was a time when Americans and American businesses did that.

        • Yeah, this sounds even more hokey. Who is a “working man”? Is that any man with any job? Does it include women? If someone doesn’t have a family does that mean you don’t need to pay them a “living wage”? Is an average wage, in Central New York, of $74k/yr not enough for the essentials? The Remington employees aren’t complaining about pay.

          Now, I have one more question. Is pay not linked to the value the employee creates? It sounds to me that this SJW term is being used by unions and anti-business groups to pander to people who lack the skill and education to get where they want to get in life.

          • Mark

            You asked a question. I answered it… “essentials.” Of course, in dire situations working widows, abandoned wives, women with disabled husbands, etc. are owed a just wage. Perhaps you are not old enough to remember when Americans had more self-control and decency than dogs humping in the street. To go into this any further is to enter the territory of politics and religion—forbidden here. So, I am done answering your questions.

          • Oh we, went to dogs humping in the street – cute. Your answer was vague at best and seemed to come from a union organizer’s handbook of sales terms. You’re done here because you can’t answer questions. So an individual’s lack of self control means their “living wage” should be more than someone who has their fiscal house in order?

            Let’s talk pure numbers. Since Don Ward wised up and got the heck out of dodge after his BS comment, we’ll drop this gem. Remington in Central NY pays a production employee on average $74/k per year. Now, in the NYC metro area that would not spend nearly as well as it does in Central NYS, where the median household income in Ilion is $31,793. That’s a wage that’s far better than what most in the area are earning.

            Next, is pay independent from value provided? Anyone who bought a Remington firearm in the 80’s will tell and show you how much better than gun was made then the guns being made today. Should production employees keep getting paid more when quality is declining? Remington is a private company so maybe that degradation in quality is justified by margins.

            I guess you’re not going to step in the bear trap you set and we’re not going to get a yes or no on the list of items being essential or not. Here’s a truth bomb for you. If you’re not earning what you need to earn to fund the lifestyle you want, acquire the skills and education that will get you where you want to be in life. The days of leaving high school, without skills and uneducated, and getting a job are long over. There’s plenty of cheap offshore labor willing to take no-skill jobs and do them for less money and less complaining.

            I don’t expect you to answer, because you can’t. You just parroted some SJW terms without thinking how you would answer the inevitable questions that you failed to consider. This is been fun, and, entertaining.

          • Abby123

            “..The days of leaving high school, without skills and uneducated, and getting a job are long over. There’s plenty of cheap offshore labor willing to take no-skill jobs and do them for less money and less complaining.”


          • MR

            So…other than widows, abandoned wives, and wives with disabled husbands, women aren’t owed a fair ( not necessarily “just” or even “living”, depending on the work involved) wage? Save all the jobs for the men, right? Hmm…

          • JK

            Yeah, dude. Social justice under Sharia Law.

          • MR

            I see… Nice little misogynistic socialist dystopia you guys are cooking up, here. Good luck with that.

        • Abby312

          What that literally means is “I want to be paid as much as people who bring more value to the workplace than me”.

          No one in this country is not making a living wage. If you disagree I suggest you spend more time abroad. America’s “poor” have more possessions and a higher standard of living than 90% of the rest of the world.

          Don’t buy into the socialist narrative. No one is entitled to the income of their choosing.

    • Bal256

      Google tells me that Remington employees average about 42k for a plant worker in Alabama to 74k a year average for new york employees. That’s not exactly fast food pay.

      • Kelly Jackson

        Shhhhh, you’re crushing the bogus narrative of a low information voter like @disqus_dWHy01iozM:disqus. Nobody in the manufacturing sector in the US isn’t making a living wage. The problem is nonsense like NAFTA and the EPA forced companies over seas.

  • A.WChuck

    Very effective long-form commercial, er, documentary. I actually want a Remington rifle or shotgun now. However, only one made back then. :-/

  • It was called craftsmanship, quality, and pride. Things that Remington is lacking today.

    I have a bunch of old national archives firearms videos posted on my channel and more set to trickle out each Monday.

  • Kelly Jackson

    These days it’s made by some drunk Mexican between naps

  • Texas-Roll-Over

    Ah the DuPont days…

  • Wolfgar

    My first rifle was a Rem 760 pump in 3006 and I got a lot of game with that rifle. It predates this video. Thank’s for the video , I appreciate my old rifle even more now.

  • no job

    will Remington replace my walker trigger? It’s only discharged a couple of times.

    • John Shore

      Funny you should say that. . . stay tuned to this station, maybe.

    • DW

      They did a voluntary recall, months ago.

      • John Shore

        That wasn’t of the ‘Walker;’ That recall was for the X-Mark Pro only. A court-ordered recall of the Walker MAY be forthcoming. Watch this space. . .

  • Smedley54

    Oddly, when the headline said “mid-century” I thought “Ah, the 50’s! Old school!” Imagine my surprise to see plotters and computers that I worked with in the early 70’s! Oh – wait – I’m old?! When did this happen?!

    • MR

      I was expecting to see some punch-card computers, I guess the reel-to-reel is close enough.

      • Smedley54

        The paper tape was pretty olde skool, but some of that equipment might still work with newer gear. Another more recent video tour of their military wing had glimpses of the old wood flooring that were very nostalgic for me. Love old factories that keep evolving – but accumulate details along the way.

  • DIR911911 .

    mmmmmmm . . . porn

    • Spencerhut

      Vintage porn

      • JK

        Dude even grew a mustache for it

  • puhiawa

    I doubt anyone in Reminton even knows what a fine file or stone is anymore.

    • John Shore

      There are some bits and pieces on the guns that ARE still filed and stoned and, on some guns, truly hand-fitted–but, not very many, alas.

  • John Shore

    Remington still makes some fine guns with great quality, if you know where to look; Unfortunately, the selection is rather limited. The really well-fit-and-finished firearms, if you like Parkerizing or just plain wood, are in the Police line. Each gun actually sees human hands to fit and finish it, the materials are first-rate, many parts are completely different (heavier, not plastic) from their ‘civilian’ models–tougher finishes, stronger springs, sometimes extra heavy-duty style parts harking back to the olden days of making things–and they are factory test-fired (a LOT, in some instances).
    They’re not inexpensive (a Police 870P with synthetic stock is about $300 more than an 870 Express) but the differences are obvious. Compare ‘Hunter Matte’ with a real Parkerizing job, and they are worlds apart. The stocks on the P are thicker and heavier, with real swivel studs instead of plastic ‘eyes’ that break out. It’s the little things.
    They’re worth a look.

    • MR

      Are those readily available to the general public? Can a regular FFL order those without any special documentation from any law enforcement agencies? Glock, for example, has a couple .380s that are only available to LE, and Colt had similar restrictions on the sale of M16s even before 1986.

      • John Shore

        It may depend on the sensibilities of the individual dealer, but all, I believe, of the Remington P-model guns are available to regular buyers. Browse a bit online, they are there. Not every FFL is a law-enforcement dealer per se, but LE 870s, 11-87s and 700s, for example, can be ordered via Davidson’s (Gallery of Guns) and purchased through non-Remington LE dealers without any problems. SBSs could be problematic, of course.
        Glock’s 25 and 28 .380s are a different proposition; They’re blowback guns, and have ‘issues’ passing the GCA 1968 restrictions–they are ‘Saturday Night Specials’ in the mind of BATF. They also aren’t modified and imported as they most likely wouldn’t sell well–a standard-size and a compact (not sub-compact, that’s the 42, which is a locked-breech pistol) blowback .380 doesn’t make much sense except to a Yuroppean. They’re ‘police-only’ but citizen-legal IF you can get one, and nobody really tries very hard. Colt used to restrict sales of their LE AR models to LE FFLs, but that wasn’t much of an obstacle to getting one. Of course, no non-LE person, or even an individual cop, is going to be buying a new M-4 made after 1986–those are agency-only purchases.