Curtis writes …

This is my FrankenRifle. A Gibbz Arms side charging upper receiver mated into a Range Tool lower with custom serial numbers. On the inside I have a Velocity trigger. With an Ambi safety and Bad lever for show and a little bit of function. An oversized Magazine Release Button laser etched with my Marine Corps EGA. On the back end has a flag with the word veteran on it. A Bearclaw stainless steel 16 inch barrel chambered in 223 Wylde. The muzzle break is Ares Effin’ A complimentary to the Ares Nickel Boron bolt carrier group. I added a SlideFire Solution Mod stock for the giggle factor.

I built this rifle literally one detent at a time over the course of a year, when my wife found the document I was cataloging what and how much I put into the rifle she told me this was the only one I was allowed to build. After my wife gave me this devistating news I decided compliance was in order. To keep this the one rifle I would ever build I put on a Dolos Quick Barrel Change system on it.

May she never find my 300 Blackout barrel.

I know my rifle is well beyond reason, but the platform is completely adaptable to my needs. I also am not ashamed to embrace the stoopid. I intend to use this as designed as a fun gun. America. Semper Fi.

I like it!




  • TheNotoriousIUD


  • WifeTax

    Yes – letting your wife see your guns is a bad idea. I should know – last time my wife took a look at the safe, it costed me a $3K bicycle . . .

    • William Johnson

      She ignores my gun collection and I ignore her shoe collection; it is a match made in heaven.

  • PeterK

    That looks awesome. I heartily approve. I favor the Dolos as well.

  • Brocus

    A fool and his money…

    • Curtis

      At least the fool only spent fifty bucks at a time while paying off most of his debts. 🙂

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      The operative word being “his” money.
      He’s not telling you how to spend yours.

      • Brocus

        hit a nerve?

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    My eyes don’t know what to do with this monstrosity…

  • 6ShotsOr5?

    Me likey

  • KD

    I like it! It’s hard to judge since it is incomplete — no sighting system. I assume it will end up with a red dot or scope since there is no front sight post and no rail on top of the gas block. I had to google the Slidefire “Mod” stock as I was not aware of that particular model and I whinced at the $299 list price. I have a Gibbz Arms upper and a Dolos Quick change – both are quality components. I give it a thumbs up! To each his own!!

  • myndbender

    Cool build, & I’m glad no one has posted a “great, another AR” type snide comment b/c this is far & away from a typical AR build. You can’t fault a man for building a carbine to his exact specifications & needs. Truly unique

  • andrey kireev

    It’s Alive !!!!!

  • The Forty ‘Twa

    Wives – the most effective form of gun control out there.