NRA: Firearms Science Series

I love it when complicated topics and broken down Barney-style. Maybe I am that dumb (as my wife contends) or that it appeals to my old Leatherneck tendencies. The NRA has been working on a series of barney-style videos from their Firearms Science Series. They are short videos using simple explanations and plenty of graphics to explain complex topics.

In the installment below, Jessie Duff explains sight alignment on a handgun and sight picture. While the short explanation is entertaining, it certainly will take practice to master.

Nathan S

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  • Don Ward

    The NRA is actually spending some of the millions of dollars it has raked off of duping gun owners?

  • nobody

    I’m sorry, did they actually just explain what the front sight is?

    • Cymond

      Everybody has to start somewhere. Super simple explanations are good for new shooters.
      If they’re well done, I would put together a playlist to show someone before taking them to the range for the first time. I ain’t so good with words some days, so if some feller can say it better than me, more power to ’em.