Non-Newtonian Fluids vs. Bullet (Silly Putty!)

Non-Newtonian fluids are amazing. Most of us have played with them at some point, but few have actually experimented with it. Currently, non-Newtonian fluids are a major research vein for body armor in how they can be flexible until a large force impacts the material, at which point its properties would cause it to solidify and (in theory) stop a bullet.

Does the theory hold water? Yes, it does, but Silly Putty itself is not the answer as Taufledermaus kindly shows. 


Nathan S.

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  • USMC03Vet

    In order to hit the sounding smart level you have to use Non-Newtonian 3 times within 2 sentences. Sorry, Bro.

    • MrDakka

      Should’ve used shear thickening fluid.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Kindly please stop being redneck-by-association.

  • Major Tom

    How about wrapping up cornflour around a steel or aluminum plate? Like the kind of plate you’d use for shed siding.

  • Mystick

    It didn’t work because there was no newsprint on the silly-putty.