The mystery submachine gun I blogged a few weeks ago was correctly identified by a commenter named “Mr Clark”. The gun was a prototype developed by Taurus and based on the S&W Model 76. Back in the 1970s the Bangor Punta Corporation, a publicly listed American conglomerate, owned Smith & Wesson along with the majority share of Taurus. Having a shared parent allowed Taurus to import expertise and designs from the S&W.

During the early 1970s Taurus entered their version of the S&W M76 into a competition to be selected as the next Brazilian military submachine gun. They lost out to the Beretta M12. Beretta manufactured the M12 in Brazil until 1980 when they sold their factory, along with manufacturing rights for a number of firearms designs, to Taurus who continued to produce the M12 under license.

Ronaldo Olive kindly send us some more photos of the ill-fated SMG:











  • Kyle Blaylock

    Taurus’s next gen assault rifle featuring improved build quality over previous models.

  • kyle waters

    Well when a Carl Gustav M45 and an M3A1 love each other very very much……….

  • Phillip Cooper

    Looks really similar to the M3 “Grease Gun”

    • Anonymoose

      More K-Pistoly, if you ask me.

    • cv

      Looks exactly like a Swedish K smg.

      • /k/ommando

        Well the M76 was a direct copy of the Carl Gustav SMG, produced due to a Swedish arms embargo over the Vietnam War.

    • RICH

      It doesn’t look anything like the M-3. The M-3 looks ‘just like’ a grease
      gun ! !

  • Casey

    Wow, Taurus will build just about anyone’s gun won’t they?

    • Sam Deeley-Crane

      People should just start to troll them with crap designs and I bet they would make them all

      • Well, they did make the curve.

        • Giolli Joker

          That probably was a prank they found in their mail…

    • Well, The governor is an S&W knock-off of a taurus, so it comes full circle.

  • Bill

    Looks like something you’d buy in the Tribal regions of Pakistan, made of of old tractor parts by a guy with a file, hammer and anvil.

    • RICH

      That’s how they make ’em……. and they work ! ! ! LOL

  • Ed

    Seems we got makeshift criminal gang weapons build. So much your Gun Control…. Anti-gun Liberal Losers!!!

  • Jose

    I just checked the Beretta catalog for Military and Law Enforcement, to check if the Beretta PM-12 was still available, but it’s no longer the case. They just developed a selective fire version of the CX-4 carbine, by shortening the barrel threading the muzzle, to attach a flash hider; and giving a selective switch for full auto. It is now known as the MX-4 submachine gun.

    Go figure! Next thing for everyone is to create a SBR version of the CX-4 to make it look like the real thing.

  • Southpaw89

    The fire modes are in English, and the safe mode is in, is that Spanish? C’mon Taurus be consistent with you fire controls.

    • Seguranca is Portuguese. Seguridad is Spanish.

      I knew taking two years of Spanish in college would pay off!

      • KeepAlexCfromcomingbacktoLM

        Alex C. says words.

    • Mr. Clark

      All three modes are labeled correctly are in Portuguese (not English or Spanish), consistent with the country of origin.

  • Charles Brumbelow

    Has a family resemblance to the Sten gun of British WWII fame.

  • Wetcoaster

    Any insight as to why it lacks a trigger guard?

  • Fruitbat44

    I missed the resolution of the Mystery SMG back on the original thread. So the not-quite-an-M76 guessers (like me) weren’t completely far off. Still an interesting piece though.

  • JRJ21

    I have come to the revelation and realization,after much study and thought and deep meditation and historical pondering and after years of dreaming the dreams of my fathers that EVERY MAN NEEDS A MACHINE GUN. Preferably issued by his Government and in this country,handed out by a mandatory smiling Dianne Finestein and Andrew Cuomo.

  • JRJ21

    Wouldn’t that be sweet,a law? that the Government has to issue full auto battle rifles and a ton of ammo to every citizen? This would be a right relationship of a Government with it’s citizenry as the Swiss do.The law also should force the most rabid anti gun politicians and celebrities to,WHILE SMILING,,hand them out.

  • Jesse

    Do you want your life to depend on something like that?

  • Gambler X

    what was that SMG with the “trigger safety” by the magazine well? Thats what the third picture reminds me of

    • Doom

      berretta m12?

      • Gambler X

        No, that one had it on the same grip as the trigger…and the M12 looked cool. The safety was by the mag well and had to be depressed to shoot, so you had to have a two handed grip.

        • Doom

          Huh, any idea what country it was from or maybe what decade?