Palmetto State Armory AK-47 Build Kits

A few months ago Palmetto State Armory released their own AK-47 rifles that they debuted at the 2015 SHOT Show. They’ve just released a few AK-47 build kits that help you build your own AK on a budget. To put together one of their AKs you’ll have to buy two separate kits, a barreled receiver kit and a Intro Build Kit that includes everything else needed to complete the rifle. Their barreled receivers start at $259 and their Intro Build Kits start at $199.


Their barreled receiver kits include a 1mm stamped receiver and an already headspaced bolt that’s serialized to the receiver. They’re available with or without a side rail mount or lower handguard cap in case you wanted to add a Magpul Zhukov handguard.

Stamped 1mm Steel Receiver
Installed and Riveted Breech Block and Rear Trunion
Installed and Pinned Barrel
4150 Steel Barrel, Melonite treated
Pinned Gas port with Bayonet lug
Pinned Front Sight Base
Bushing pin installed
Side rail Installed
7.62×39 Caliber
1 in 9.5″ Twist Rate
Includes Headspaced Bolt, serialized to the receiver.


Their Intro Build Kits include pretty much everything else needed to complete your rifle, they’re available without furniture, with standard polymer furniture, Magpul MOE furniture or Magpul Zhukov furniture. Their build kits also include the following.

Trigger Barrel Bushing/Slant brake
Trigger/Hammer Pin Front Sight
Hammer Front Sight Adjusting block
Hammer/Trigger Spring Rear Sight Elivating Slide
Receiver Pin Keeper Phosphate Rear sight Elevating slide catch
Safety lever assembly Rear sight Slide catch spring
Disconnector Rear Sight Leaf
Disconnector Spring Rear Sight spring
Pistol Grip Screw Gas Tube Assembly
Pistol Grip base Bolt carrier assembly
Firing Pin Front Recoil Spring Guide
Firing Pin Retaining Pin Rear Recoil spring Guide
Extractor Front Recoil Spring Guide Retainer
Extractor pin Recoil Spring
Extractor Spring Receiver Cover

You can see all their build kit options at

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  • BattleshipGrey

    That’s pretty sweet. Kind of tempts me to sell off my ban-era Maadi to buy one of these. I’d get more features than I currently have and a fun project to work on too.

    • Dan

      It would be a nice little winter project. And at that price i could probably buy a few. One for a project and one for a christmas present. I like the idea.

      • Doom

        Winter project? lol, it shouldn’t take more than an half an hour, 15 minutes or less realistically to put that back together, hardest part is putting the pins and trigger in.

        • Dan

          I have yet to see a project take all winter. Winter project: something to do when it’s 20 below and im stuck inside.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Cue the ‘build’ vs ‘assemble’ debate in 3…2…1…
    Still, it would add a personal touch to the rifle, which isn’t a bad thing.

  • Bear The Grizzly

    When you consider that most decent parts kits go for about 3-400$ nowadays this is one heck of a deal. Also, not having to deal with that 922r crap is nice too.

  • iksnilol

    AK for 460 USD!? HALLELUJAH!

  • Griz

    I have been looking at these for the last week. I kinda want one, but have never assembled an AK, looking at the parts it looks about the same level of difficulty as putting together an AR. The big problem is, PSA has been running 300 black pistol deals that would result in a $378 AR pistol assembled without a magazine, if added to a $49 stripped lower.

    • Bear The Grizzly

      Since they already pinned and riveted everything in place it would probably be even easier to assemble than an AR. I’m kind of bummed they already did all the fun parts though.

      • Dead Baby Bunniez

        Exactly, all the difficult parts are done, the rest is easy

  • Phillip Cooper

    An AK kit for the same price as a built AK. Why bother?

    • meatpants

      Generalizing here but the first thing your typical AK nerd will do after purchasing is replace almost every piece of furniture or part that is not riveted onto the receiver. This gives the option of putting what you actually want on the rifle, and doing so relatively cheaply, without ending up with a box of spare parts and furniture. I think its a great idea.

      • Bear The Grizzly

        Bingo, It’s the exact same reason people would rather piece together their own AR. You get everything you want and nothing you don’t all while saving some serious coin.

    • Griz

      Where are you finding new AK’s for less than $500?

      • Cal S.

        Here and there you can get them for as low as $450. Mostly Hungarian models, Yugo sporters, or build kits, but Classic Firearms has had them for months.

      • Rock or Something

        I got my brand new Zastava N-Pap for about 400 bones, direct, but it was a special deal.

        • Widgt

          ^^^Awesome handle btw.

    • All the Raindrops

      This is not really a kit in the traditional sense, this is basically a detail stripped ak. No 12 ton presses, jigs, rivets, etc required

      • Flounder

        Which is a nice alternative. It also makes an AK compete more directly with an AR in ease of build.

    • Heretical Politik

      Also, comes with a 4150 barrel. Most everything you find out there is 4140, with the exception of Arsenals, which are CHF. Anything you buy with a 4150 barrel is going to run you at least 1K.

      • guest

        It’s a pity it isn’t chrome-lined.

  • MeatPants

    None of the other AK nerds have chimed in yet so ill go ahead and start : Who makes the barrel and receiver? Is PSA doing the assembly or someone else? If these turn out to be good im getting at least two.

    • Steve

      I have met and spoken with PSA’s desigh team at a local range twice recently. They were torture testing the new AK. From what I remember they said it’s all made in the US, mostly mid Atlantic states, with some furniture from Florida. They assemble the parts. Last time I spoke with them they had fired something like 12,000 rounds through the test rifle with no major failures. This was rapid fire, continously, with four guys loading mags and one firing. The shooters were wearing a welding glove on the left hand to protect them from the heat. In my mind, a serious torture test. They said this rifle is a top priority for them now and hinted about it being a feature item for Black Friday.

  • Guy

    Aaaaaaand they’re out of stock already.

    • Rob S

      Not surprising , PSA has quite the following.

  • roguetechie

    wow that’s a smokin’ deal…
    *looks at the rack of misfit AK’s with a gleam of speculation in his eyes, knowing that some of the residents would easily turn into 2 or 3 brand new and blessedly standardized Zhukov sporting scope railed melonite barreled beauties…*
    days like this make me glad I started buying parts kits when you could buy one with a C note and get back change…

  • SirOliverHumperdink

    I’d take one bundled with a Bumpski

  • Lance

    What!!! No 5.45 AK-74 kits!!!! Outrageous!!! LOL

  • Bear The Grizzly

    True, but that’s barely any kind of inconvenience when you’re used dealing with over seas parts kits. The majority of their kits are all US compliant parts. You’d have to be trying to back yourself into a corner with foreign parts off this starter kit.

  • Scott Connors

    Has anyone actually _seen_ a PSAK 47, either complete or barreled receiver, in the wild? Also, is the barreled receiver in the white, or does it come with a finish of some sort: blued, parkerized, melonite, cerrocoated, etc.?

  • ClintTorres

    Yippee, I got lucky and was able to order the barreled receiver with side-rail. Should I shell out for the Magpul/ALG kit ($369) or go for the Freedom kit ($199)? I’m giddy. This is my first AK!

  • Pear shaped trucker

    I’m a PSA fan after buying one of the m4 uppers last year. There is a company in Phoenix that builds AK’s starting at 1500. I’m sure they are great, I’m cheap. I miss the days of 350 dollar AK’s with canted sights. Please make build videos when you guys get yours.

  • guest

    I’d be a lot more interested if they offered a receiver with the left side front latch for a Russian folder, and perhaps a kit with a Russian or Bulgarian style triangle sidefolder.

  • supergun

    I heard that you can stamp your own receiver. The company mails the receive to you with no serial #, but you have stamp it once you receive it. My question is, why did the ATF raid the STAG company and confiscate the lowers without serial numbers?

    • Justin Officer

      No, you can either but a receiver from nodak spud that is serialized which you need a ffl. Or you can do the smart thing and buy a flat and form your own receiver or a pre bent from blue steel and drill your own holes and magwell. The latter do not need serial numbers since you are making it yourself. The original receivers from com block countries were cut up with a torch when they demilled the kits before export.

      • supergun

        A gun dealer told me that anyone could order the lower unmarked, but after receiving it, you had to put the serial number on it.

        • Justin Officer

          He is ill informed. A receiver is a ceciever. An 80% is a piece of metal. If you yourself complete an 80% and turn it into a receiver as long as you are keeping the gun and it’s for you, it does not need to be serialized. Anything a gun dealer touches needs to have a serial number since it’s going to transfer ownership. I don’t doubt a dealer misinformed you on the subject.

          • supergun

            The dealer said it would come to me. It would not have to go through him. I would have to put the serial # on it, and I could actually put my name as part of the serial #.

  • Cymond

    I’ve wanted to do that, but since ATF shut down build parties, I lack the confidence to attempt it without help/guidance/supervision.

    • Justin Officer

      Google ginsboy2003 great videos hay to build an M70B1 which there are plenty of kits on the market. Where are you?

  • Adam

    I hope this catches on because that is a deal. I would probably only buy the barreled receiver and buy the rest of the parts separate since I would ditch half the parts in the kit anyway for upgraded stuff. I don’t have an AK74 yet so maybe one day 5.45 will be an option.