Blaser R8 Professional S Rifle

R8 Professional S

One of the newest guns from Blaser, the R8 Professional S rifle shares many of the features found in the existing R8 line. However, instead of having a removable trigger and magazine housing, the R8 Professional S loads and unloads through the ejection port.

Existing mounts, barrels, bolts and other accessories for the existing R8 rifles will work with this one as well. As with the other R8 rifles, this rifle has a relatively quick way to change calibers in the field. This video shows the modularity of the original R8 rifle:

The R8 Professional S has a brown and black stock with elastomer inlays on the gripping surfaces. These rifles are available in a wide range of calibers and have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $2895.

Richard Johnson

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  • ak1134

    I love this rifle.

  • Y-man

    Not sure about big game sport hunting though…

  • FarmerB

    When is Blaser going to do a “more tactical” model now that (I’m told) they are moving away from their Tac-2 line? I have one built on the R93 platform in 7.5×55 Swiss, and for a non-semi auto, they are brilliant. They only need to add a proper rail mount (with slope) and a bigger magazine. I’d buy one in a instant.


      They are still making the Tactical 2 rifle and have no plans to stop it. It’s their standard LE / Military product. They are moving away from the R93 hunting rifle, so the LRS 2 is also going away. But the Tac 2 has it’s own barrel and bolt-body setup that is specific to that line. But…GRS is developing a synthetic stock for the R8 that will offer a lot of what the LRS 2 stock did for the R93.

      • Marcus D.

        Synthetic??? The horror! Besides the straight pull bolt and unique locking system, the beauty of the Blasers has always been their exquisite wood stocks.


          Well…the Tactical 2 is highly adjustable and is more of a target rifle. The Synthetic stock GRS is working is along those lines. Not just another “Blaser Professional” sporter style stock.



      • FarmerB

        Oh ok – then why did they build a TAC-2 .338 when they already had an LSR-2 .338LM?
        I have to go back to my source. One of my shooting partners is buying up second barrels and stocks for his Tac-2 (.308 and .338) because there’s rumours that the Tac-2 action size is ‘on the back-burner’.

        Mine is based on an R93 UIT CISM.

        • mikee

          That’s the trouble with Blasers. They’re great rifles until you need parts. Try getting parts such as magazines for a LRS1 (R93 UIT CISM) let alone barrels such as 6BR etc. From now on I’ll stick to Remington 700’s or their equivalent clones.


            Parts aren’t a problem. Sure they are a German company so it’s not like dealing with Remingtion, but Blaser USA in Texas handles all the US sales / service these days. Not Sig.

            Many, many Blaser dealers in the US. EuroOptic, one shot, mad dog, etc.

            I personally know of two custom barrel makers in the US that do R93 and R8 barrels to whatever flavor you like.

            But Blaser has so many barrel options and weights now, it’s nice to get a factory one with their Plasma Nitride finish for longer life.



          • mikee

            Unfortunately my experiences Blaser are different to yours. I had to contact Blaser personally on a number of occasions for parts for an LRS 1. For example – magazines for the 6BR were not available and I had to have one made to special order by Blaser. I had to wait over six months to receive it. I also tried to order a 6XC barrel which was listed in Blaser catalogue – to be informed that it is not available. It seems that Blaser product support outside of the USA is very patchy indeed!

          • FarmerB

            Where was this?

          • mikee

            In Australia and New Zealand.

          • FarmerB

            Well, service from any firearms vendor leaves a bit to be desired down there…

        • mikee

          Blasers are over engineered and over priced – typical of alot of German engineering.


          That is a very good question and I do have an answer. The original Blaser rifles were R93/LRS series. They were interchangeable with bolts, bolt bodies, barrels and scope mounts.

          When Blaser decided to come out with a 338LM they needed to beef up some parts on the R93. So the original R93 LRS 2 in 338 was Not downward compatible.

          Going forward, military customers were interested in the Blaser 338 and having a switch caliber but wanted standard 1913 rails to mount scopes and rings.

          So the Tac 2 was born. They all have pic-rail barrels, only come in traditional military calibers 308,300,223 and 338LM.

          The barrels on these are too large for the LRS /R93 system. But…the Tac 2 does take All the single stack LRS magazines and uses R93 bolt heads. The LRS and tac2 stocks / receivers look similar but are not. The LRS stocks take All the r93 caliber choices.

          The original UIT rotary mag was dropped many years ago since it didn’t perform to their hopes.

          Hope this helps.


          • FarmerB

            Thanks – that’s helpful.

    • BTW…the 7.5 x 55 is way cool. I have reached out to Blaser to have one made for my R8 since I am sitting on a metric S-ton of GP11.

      As for the slope, I assume you mean MOA base? The Tac 2 comes with 0 or 20 MOA base. On the saddle mounts, there are pic-rail options that might have MOA built into them as well. Even if aftermarket. There are a TON of aftermarket bases for Blaser on Ebay.


      • FarmerB

        Yeah – I mean base. My partner (Tac-2) has slope on all his barrels, but it’s my standard Blaser saddle mount that needs it. I had a local smith pin a rail on a saddle mount – it’s got a 20MOA mount but it needs a bit more slope for 1200m+ (and could be a bit lower). I’ll have a sniff around eBay.
        GP-11 is awesome – no problems at over 950m with 25-y-o ball ammo.
        If only I could get something in 7.62×51 which was close to it in quality (esp. for the price).

        • I made a post earlier but it must’ve been moderated. I’ll keep this one short. The tactical two barrels generally have A pic rail on top. If you see a LRS barrel with a pic rail, chances are it is mislabeled.

          If you see a tactical two rifle that is actually set up with a Saddlemount, that is a LRS rifle. Which is downward compatible to the R93’s.

          Many dealers have them mislabeled on the Internet.

          There is one exception to this rule, but the rule of thumb is pic rail has a tactical 2. Saddlemount is a LRS.

          Feel free to jump over to blaserbuds if you have any questions.


          • FarmerB

            Hmm, I lost one as well, not sure why.
            Yes, I understand the difference – thanks.

  • Hail Mohammed

    I’m confused by the article text saying “However, instead of having a removable trigger and magazine housing, the R8 Professional S loads and unloads through the ejection port”. To quote more faithfully from the Blazer website, they say “The new R8 Professional S will share many of the features that exist in our current R8 line with the exception of removable trigger/magazine housing. The new R8 Professional S is loaded or unloaded through the ejection port just as the original R93.”

    To me, that seems to indicate that this is exactly the same gun, still loading through the top rather than a detachable mag (like, you know, a big game rifle). It’s just a little less modular. Works for me.


      The R8 isn’t interchangeable with the R93. The bolts are bigger and the unlocking mechanism is different as well.

  • iksnilol

    Wait what!? No detachable mag? 21st CENTURY, BLASER! DID Y’ALL GET THE MEMO?

  • Edeco

    Lovely jagdwarfle.

  • Southpaw89

    Nice looking rifle, and almost affordable.

  • Toms

    Blaser it’s 2015, give us a detachable mag in various sizes.


      They did in 2008. This is for the people than fear dropping a magazine when hunting dangerous game. It’s a boutique upgrade from the R8 that comes standard with the detachable mag / trigger group.

  • Iggy

    Given the tone of the vid, I was half expecting him to end with: ‘Call this on screen number now to receive not one, not two but three extra magazine trigger groups absolutely free when you order the Blaser R8 in the next half hour!”

  • mikee

    “That’s in the eye of the beholder” – True up to a point. If your going through over 2,000 (.308) rounds a year form my experience in warmer climates, a bolt action like a Remington or a clone (my preferred platform are Surgeons) are a preferable proposition. Also, for “tactical” competition applications Blasers are as rare as hen’s teeth. My Surgeon (3 years old) outperforms my LRS 1 (which was purchased new in 2000 and is on its second barrel). Over the intervening years I have qualified as an armourer on R93 (trained by Blaser) and Remington actions and as much as I have a high regard for the engineering inovations of the Blaser design concept, my own experience with them has been less exciting than the write-ups of gun scribes.

    • FarmerB

      True, I haven’t used them as hard as I have some of my Remingtons (one I have was burning through 1,000 .22/250 per WEEK at one stage).
      Not being native European, I’m late to discovering them.
      As I said, I have seen small issues with the Tac-2, but with my R93 in 7.5, I just love it (in spite of scope mounted too high). I’ll be using it tomorrow out to 1075m with GP-11 – I just pull the trigger and before I know it, there’s a follow up cartridge in the chamber and I have a smile all over my face.

  • FarmerB

    Thanks Marky, yes I’ve seen you over at BlaserBuds.