Green Flashlight for Easy Nighttime Hunting from Smith & Wesson


Those looking for a solid hunting flashlight can now turn to Smith & Wesson, who with their OEM PowerTech, Inc. has released a green beam flashlight, conveniently called the “Galaxy Green Beam”.Designed for those stalking at night, green beam flashlights are solid for illumination at frequencies that often are not seen by wildlife due to their color (or lack thereof) receptors.

The Green Beam is not just green. The package includes an extra red LED for close-in usage. Typical to most flashlights, the maintube is knurled for grippiness and includes an anti-roll cap. Considering it is made for hunting, Smith & Wesson/PowerTech wisely have included a silent button activation. The Green Beam is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

The new flashlights come in at $59.99 through most retail outlets.

Full Press Release Below:

Collierville, TN-
PowerTech, Inc., manufacturer of Smith & Wesson® brand flashlights released the Galaxy Green Beam at SHOT Show 2015. This high powered green horizon scanning light has been shipping since May and has quickly become a fan favorite due to its intense green beam and unmatched affordability.

The Smith & Wesson® Galaxy Green Beam features a green CREE LED that puts out a powerful 250 meter beam for horizon scanning. It also comes with a Red LED on a separate switch for close-up illumination. Both LEDS are designed to protect night vision, offer outstanding illumination, and disturb wildlife as little as possible.

The Galaxy Green Beam is weapon mountable and built with the same body as the Smith & Wesson® M&P® Flashlight Series. This is the last hunting light you will ever need. It comes with a holster, wrist lanyard, three Energizer AAA batteries, and a lifetime warranty. For more information on this light go to:

The Galaxy Green Beam is available at and other retailers.
PowerTech, Inc., continues to design and develop state-of-the-art flashlights and headlamps for all markets including law enforcement, military, and sporting goods/everyday use. To see the full product line and to learn more about Smith & Wesson® Flashlights visit or contact Laura Carpenter at Smith & Wesson® is a registered trade mark of Smith & Wesson Corp. and is used under license.

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  • Kitsuneki

    Green Lantern

  • Anonymoose

    Stalking at night, you say?

    • Sianmink


  • Rick O’Shay

    3 AAA batteries? Good luck fitting that inside your typical light mount. What about pressure switches? How loud is the click on the tail cap when you turn it on? How long is the battery life? GIVE US DETAILS, MAN! These press releases don’t do me any good unless I can get actual product reviews that tell me whether or not it’s worth it, and how it stacks up to the competition in terms of brightness, durability, and options.

    • Rick O’Shay

      In the meantime, I’m gonna stick with my Nitecore Chameleon CG6, at the same price point, more lighting options, etc., etc.

    • Kelly Jackson

      I don’t see 3 AAA being a problem, they’ll easily fit inside of a 1″ tube which is pretty standard for any light or scope mount.

      And the HUGE advantage of the 3 AAA set up is that they’re far more common to find than the expensive CR123A batteries.

      Plus in a natural disaster situation like a power outage your local store will be picked clean of C / D / AA batteries but there are usually tons of AAA laying around because they’re not used for anything else but remotes.

      • Rick O’Shay

        I guess my experience with other flashlights with the 3 AAA battery setup has usually been that they won’t always fit inside the magpul light mount. The flashlight I prefer now does use CR123A batteries, but it will also run on rechargeable 18600 batteries as well. I’ve had too many bad experiences with so-called “cheaper” flashlights to really get excited about the one being offered here. I really only went with Nitecore after borrowing a friend’s light, and being thoroughly impressed with it. Offers standard white and green light settings, as well as a low level red, low level blue, and low level green light.

    • Kivaari

      I just measured my only 3 AAA cell flashlight, it is 1.115 ” diameter.

  • Joshua


  • Mystick

    Remember when the lights we used used to be red… you know, to help preserve the eyes’ night vision when hunting at night?

  • Kelly Jackson

    You mean poaching right?

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      That is the reason you can’t hunt with NV or IR equiptment in Sweden. When an animal is worth 1000USD in terms of meat poaching is a big problem. There are some application you can use it for but I don’t remember which and I think there paper work involved.

    • john huscio

      Depends on the quarry……you can shoot pigs round the clock 365 days a year in most states.

  • Intellectual Slacker

    Why would you want a hand held light when Streamlight has had the Game Spotter light that attaches as an accessory out for a while now

    • Blake

      It says “weapon mountable” right in the press release.

  • Kivaari

    Some states do allow varmint hunting at night. Coyote hunting in my part of North Idaho. Some keep an AR so equipped for times of bear, coyote, wolf and 2-legged varmints.

  • Mazryonh

    Green light would not be seen by wildlife? I thought that if they still possessed rod cells in their eyes it would show up only in greyscale (kind of what it would look like if you saw a coloured spotlight in a monitor tuned only to black-and-white).

  • anomad101

    I light up anything like that at night, I am gone.

  • anomad101

    The hog is thinking, “green light means charge”.