22plinkster Tests Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrators

Earlier this month I posted about the new Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator rounds, and among the questions raised was the fact that there didn’t seem to be many video reviews done thus far. Well, now there’s another one: 22plinkster, of YouTube fame, has done a video test of the Xtreme Penetrator rounds, putting them up against bulletproof glass.

A quick recap, courtesy of Lehigh Defense: “The magic happens with the nose design where the radial flutes force the hydraulic energy inward and then as the energy is restricted, it accelerates outward creating high pressure spikes damaging surrounding tissue. Kind of similar to sticking your thumb over a garden hose. You can see the radial pressure spikes in the gel pictures. Each crack showing in the gel represents a permanent wound. The permanent wound cavity of the XP is from two to four times greater than what a flat or ball nose bullet generates and often larger than traditional expanding bullets. So what you get is exceptional penetration coupled with a larger permanent wound cavity. Look at the data chart, no other bullet gives you this wound volume.

The nose also incorporates sharp cutting edges for defeating barriers. No, it is not a buzz saw like other manufactures would tell you as the bullet will only rotate at the same rate as the barrel twist; if the barrel twist is one turn in twenty inches, then the bullet will only make one revolution in twenty inches of penetration. Where flat nose and ball nose bullets tend to push material away, we have created a nose with minimal surface area increasing the force at the point of barrier contact. Pounds per square inch. Where the energy is a constant based on bullet weight and velocity, if you decrease the square inches of surface area, you increase the pounds.”

And now, the video review courtesy of 22plinkster:

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  • Giolli Joker

    According to Ballistics by the Inch tests, the maximum speed of 9 Luger is obtained with about 14″ of barrel, then the additional 4″ tested show a tendency to plateau.
    It would be great if these guys could get their hands on Russian AP rounds…

  • Todd G

    All well and good if you can get them to feed properly. Most of my .380s won’t reliably feed those. The tip gets hung up on the feed lip. I see some guns will feed them just fine but before you buy more than a box, test, test, test. My box now sits on a shelf unused.

    • Bosley

      Hmmm. Marginally more effective than ball, and feed like crap compared to ball or JHP. I have to say this is a deal killer for me. Just glad I’m not in a JHP restricted state. Seems like most JHP alternatives like Federal EFMJ just don’t prove that advantageous/effective in the field. Can’t blame a guy for trying I guess.

  • Scott Tuttle

    just to save someone the time of watching a longer than it should be video: it cannot go through bullet proof glass.

    • Blake

      Jeez that’s all that he tested and discussed in a 5 minute video?

  • Sulaco

    I have used the .380 EP in a Walter, LCP, and old Spanish pistol and another pocket pistol with no problems. I have ordered a couple boxes of 9mm 90grn mostly for interstate carry as they are not JHP’s which could cause problems in some jurisdictions….I would like to see more testing of the 9mm ED version in soft tissue simulant. Does Remington still make EFMJ’s?

    • Bill

      Where were these when I was sentenced to go to New Jersey for a week?

    • Bosley

      Federal Doesn’t have the EFMJ on their website any more. I bought a half case when it came out just for S&G and the accuracy was terrible. Turns out I got a defective batch that was recalled so I didn’t bother to test it in Gel. I read that Detroit PD wasn’t impressed with it, and Evan Marshall told me on his forum it wasn’t that great in actual shootings.

  • Jonathan Ferguson

    Radial cracks in gel are evidence of a *temporary* cavity, not a permanent one.

    • Blake

      If the gel actually cracked then that’s definitely part of the permanent cavity.

      • Bill

        Particularly the brain, spinal column and spleen don’t tolerate cracks well

        • Jonathan Ferguson

          Correct, but we’re talking about ballistic gel here, which is used as a consistent medium for comparative testing, not a direct analogue for the human body (though its density does approximate human muscle tissue).

        • Bosley

          True. Like all ball/non JHP you’re restricted to CNS hits for good stops, so that’s a plus.

  • Salty

    you know, this ammo lethality fetishism is perverse.