Limited Edition MPA935DMG-LTD Pistol


MasterPiece Arms announced they are shipping a limited edition MPA935DMG-LTD pistol in 9mm. The pistols are based on the 930SST pistols and have a fully machined aluminum pistol grip and lower receiver that are finished in the company’s unique MPA Green. These guns use Glock 9mm magazines. The production run will be limited to only 100 units, so order early if you want to get one of these handguns.

The barrel length is 7″ and has a 1/2-28 thread for the addition of a suppressor or other muzzle device. The end of the gun is set up for the easy addition of a folding stock to turn the pistol into an SBR.

This limited edition gun comes with:

  • combat muzzle brake
  • single point sling
  • laser engraving indicating the gun is a limited edition
  • letter of authenticity

The MSRP is $829.

Richard Johnson

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  • Anonymous

    It’s so over the top, I almost want one…looks like it could be straight out of Destiny.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Well, thats the answer but whats the question?

    • El Duderino

      A really heavy Glock that allows you to put your off hand in front of the triggerguard, all for almost double the price of a G17.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        G17 is 499-525 street price.

        This will be 700 street price.

        Its ugly, but i would like one, and have jim fuller at rifle dynamics put on one of his ak74 folding stocks on it.

    • GaryOlson

      When someone in the machine shop at MPA sneezed and this came out, someone asked if it was available in 9mm.

  • Don Ward

    So somebody’s cat walked across the keyboard, spelling “MPA935DMG-LTD” and they decided to call it good on the pistol’s name?

    • wedelj1231

      Glad someone else watched Freakazoid back when it was airing.

  • David Gilliatt

    Needs more picatinny rail.

  • Gabriel Owens

    so whats the point here exactly?

    • Kelly Jackson

      To make the hood rock and roll

  • Daniel

    I made a limited edition turd this morning. Very similar results.

    • Don Ward

      Too much fiber in your diet?

      • DIR911911 .

        or too much aluminum ?

        • Don Ward

          You’re supposed to unwrap the aluminum foil from the Hostess Ding Dongs before you eat it!

          Do they still wrap them in aluminum foil? Heck with it, I’m still going with this as my punchline.

  • that’s getting dangerously close to a vertical foregrip device.

  • Al

    Somewhere under that mess is an Ingram, isn’t it?

  • DAN V.

    My Eyeyssss!!! It burnssss!!!‼️

  • RicoSuave

    That looks a bit too pimped out for anything practical.

    • Riot

      Tactical not practical.

  • John

    Mmm. Trim the edge around the foregrip just a bit, so it lines up perfectly with the curve of the trigger guard. Little details like that encourage sales.

  • Southpaw89

    Awfully high price for a blowback pistol, I always figured that the simple design of the mac would make for a very affordable handgun, but that never seems to be the case with MPA, it must be the lack of competition in that particular niche of the handgun industry that allows them to function at that price point.

    • Wetcoaster

      I would suspect limited sales numbers. If they took out loans to purchase their tooling, then the clock is ticking on payments

  • Kjk

    I’ve always wanted a MAC for fun but the price is too high. You’d think they would be cheaper

  • son of mcgyver

    Somebody make green doodoo

  • Jim B

    If it’s belt fed, I want one.

  • ClintTorres

    Maybe if it came in .460 Rowland…

  • Wetcoaster

    So it’d be like the Pancor Jackhammer in the other post?

    • Tim U

      At least the Pancor was a novel idea. This offers nothing to the end user in a semi auto pistol form.

  • Tinklebell

    Even without accessories it’s very tacticool. I’m sure the mall ninjas will be all over it.

  • 6.5x55Swedish

    Can’t decide if I think it is good looking or ugly as hell… perhaps both?

    Btw, that trigger guard is too small.

  • Andrew Hobby

    Glad to see it’s got a letter of authenticity, because I would certainly question if something this ugly was legitimate and not photoshopped from the depths of the internet airsort forums.

  • jim

    I think it needs a rail on the bottom of the grip

  • Cymond

    I’ve always been confused about why MPA offers two different but similar 9mm designs.
    Look at the 930 vs the 30. Is there any reason to choose the larger one? Is it more reliable? Durable?