TFB’s Chris Chen With Iraqveteran8888: 3-Gun Gear

TFB’s own Chris Cheng went on Iraqveteran8888’s YouTube channel to talk about his 3-gun gear preferences. Chris was on season 4 of Top Shot and also made a special appearance on the first and final episodes of the show’s fifth season, which was subtitled “All Stars”. He’s a fantastic shot and all-around nice guy; if you’re looking for advice on 3-gun gear, Chris is an excellent source.

Watch the video below. It’s 35 minutes long and worth watching the entire thing. You can also visit Chris’ own site at

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  • Nicholas Chen

    Pretty cool. I wish they talked more about Shotgun specific loading gear. That aspect is crucial . They talked about pistol and AR mags but not so much about how one carries shot shells.

    • FlashAndPoof

      That’s the only thing I wanted to learn about. 🙁

  • Glock Guy

    Great video! Thanks for posting.

  • AJ187

    Sloppy writing. Can’t seem to get your own Chris ChenG’s name right in the headline. Really!?