First Look: SilencerCo “Maxim 9” integrally suppressed pistol (VIDEO)

Photo: SilencerCo

SilencerCo announced four new products, the first of which is an integrally suppressed 9mm pistol using Smith & Wesson’s M&P platform. There aren’t any specs available yet since this is an initial prototype, so we’ll have to wait and see what the final design looks like. The current design is futuristic and the Maxim could be available by the end of the year.

SilencerCo took select media and VIPs on a private catamaran off Key West, Florida where we had our chance to shoot the Maxim in international waters. Terrorists, along with a shark and a crocodile were our targets.





The can didn’t add any significant weight to the gun and I had one stovepipe during one of my tests which you’ll see in the video below. Shooting on a boat in choppy waters was a tad challenging, but it was a ton of fun.

Three other products were announced: a rail mounted range finder and two suppressors which I’ll cover in separate posts. The Maxim 9 was by far the highlight of the launch event.

Here’s some video of the new Maxim in action:

Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.


  • Micki

    This video is private, Chris.

  • Giolli Joker

    (video is private)

  • Edward Franklin

    All the hype and they just mated an unusual suppressor to a pistol to make an expensive and massively bulky sidearm. I’d much rather have a detachable can than get a pistol that looks like it fell out of Mass Effect.

    • Dracon1201

      Hold your horses. There’s 3 more releases.

      • Giolli Joker

        Somebody put a laser rangefinder on youtube, yesterday.

      • Edward Franklin

        More releases aren’t gonna make this M&P less of a brick, maybe they’ll stick an integral on a Desert Eagle and make the M&P look small by comparison?

  • Alex D.

    Would’ve been nice if it was a USP instead.

    • iksnilol

      Or a Glock… or a P30, or a CZ SP01. The M&P is pretty much the least attractive handgun that I know of.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    “I only need to know one thing: How much is it?”

    • No pricing is available yet. How much would you pay for one?

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        For a weird bulky but kinda cool looking M&P? $1200.
        But im guessing it’ll be about $2500.

        • Ya, my guess is it’ll be in the $2K-2.5K price range? As for the bulk, I think about it this way- it’s more compact. If you put a can on a pistol, you’re obviously adding surface area and bulk somewhere. Instead of extending the length of the pistol, the Maxim reduces the normal length with an external can, but it indeed adds bulk under/around the barrel.

          There were some attendees talking about conceal carrying it which I thought was kind of silly. In the rare event you need to discharge your firearm in self-defense, your hearing is the last thing you’d be concerned about. All that added bulk in your waistband? No thanks.

          Maybe other readers see a CCW use-case that I don’t realize, I’d love to hear other thoughts on this point!

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Yeah, I wouldn’t CC it but its pretty cool looking and that’s part of the novelty. But the expense isn’t worth it to me especially since I live in an urban area where I only shoot at indoor ranges where I have to wear hearing protection anyway.
            Personally I like screw on cans and I like a muzzle heavy pistol. You can always take them off.

          • salty

            prob for in the house work no?

          • Arturo Suarez

            Since it the first of its kind, it’ll have a MSRP of 2k but a street price of 2.5k or more.

            As with concealed carry…maybe a shoulder holster with a pancake clamshell retention holster.

          • There is already a compatible holster company listed in the press release materials. Depending upon pockets in pants or jackets one could conceal carry it.

          • Stephen

            Seems like it could be a good nightstand gun. The bulk is less relevant and the sound suppression indoors is maximizing its value.

          • ItalianAmerican

            That’s a very valid point. Perfect nightstand gun.

          • Anonymoose

            Needs some kind of light, though.

          • Ben

            They say that production versions will be railed.

          • Stephen

            True. The most obvious solution is to use the Harris Technique. Alternately, You could probably mount something in the usual spot. Might be too much, or might not be very noticeable given the already bulky size. I’d be curious to see it.

          • Anonymoose

            You could also use the FBI technique, too.
            Also, maybe they could put an RMR mount on the suppressor. It’s already sort of a bulky Offensive Handgun-style setup, so why not?

          • Stephen

            Thank you for the correction. – The RMR could work, but you’d still need a light for your original point of target identification.

          • Barack D Fraud

            no flashlight needed if you use the NYPD technique. close your eyes and do a mag dump.

          • noob

            they need to integrate little LEDs around the periphery of the silencer. then it would be perfect. and hollywood would love it too.

          • BattleshipGrey

            I wouldn’t be able to afford a night stand if Chris’ estimate is correct 🙂

          • anomad101

            Only been burglarized twice, they did not take anything. They brought me stuff back. The night stand and digital TV are nice.

          • Barack D Fraud

            it would make a superb car gun. you dont want to fire a 22 short from inside a car let alone a nine

          • nova3930

            An M&P threaded + say an Octane is something like $1100-$1200 depending. With the length reduction $2k MSRP with a $1600ish street price is probably fair. I’d pay it, my wallet would just complain….

          • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

            now i conceal carry a fullsize M&P40 and have very few issue because i am fat and it fades into the silhouette of my body anyway and this doesn’t seem much bigger then the added bulk a light mounted to an M&P

          • disqus_e0XtJDMPfo

            Perfect for CWP[conceal weapons permit] with a shoulder holster. I see that being a benifit for body guards and like below posters said, bed side/indoor use. Or for shooting off your back porch. The real concern is how long will “the can” part last? Is the internals of it replaceable by the average user?

      • santi

        I’d pay 3k after tax stamp.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Don’t worry, you will.

          • santi

            HAHA, Sadly I know.

      • DeShawn Biggims

        I’d pay 1500-1800.

      • kregano

        If they could actually mass produce these in large numbers, I’d be willing to pay $1000 (including tax stamp).

        Since they probably can’t make too many of these, I’d be willing to settle for $2000 (including tax stamp).

      • Stevo

        ’bout tree fiddy.

    • anomad101

      Perhaps I need to do a little soul searching, but I thought she was hot.

  • MrEllis

    Is it genetically bound to the user?

    • Arturo Suarez

      On Arfcom, we were tossing around the idea of a integrally suppressed pistol. This came to mind along with something that was like what the 9mm tavor has as a suppressor/handguard.

      • Look up the AAC Amphib. Been used for decades by special ops forces. Intergated .22lr that runs hypervelocity or standard velocity. You do not put subsonic in it.

        • iksnilol

          Uh, you do know that standard velocity .22 LR is subsonic?

          • Standard velocity .22lr if fired from a long pistol barrel or rifle goes speed of sound or even supersonic.

            That is why you have several subsonic .22lr brands that are meant to be used with silencers in semiauto or full auto weapons or if fired from a bolt action pistol or rifle or revolver or break open doesn’t break the sound barrier nor does it damage your hearing.

            Perhaps you should do some reading before you open your mouth.

          • iksnilol

            You trying to lecture me about .22s?

            If you check a box of say, CCI standard velocity. You’ll see that it says 1050 feet per second. If you check any box of match .22 ammo, it will say the same thing. If you convert that to meters you’ll see that it is 320 meters per second. I’f you passed high school physics you should know that the speed of sound is 340 meters per second.

            I do agree though, there is supersonic .22 LR that is sold as standard velocity. Such as Winchester white box (AKA, not high or even decent quality ammo). Here’s the kicker, those are subsonic out of pistol barrels, especially the short barrels of integrally suppressed pistols. So just to be a condenscending jerk I will explain integrally suppressed .22s to you: They have a short barrel, sometimes even ported, which is then covered up by the suppressor tube which gives it the lenght of a legit long barrel. If you want, I can make you a drawing to explain it even better.

          • I know how intergrally suppressed .22lrs work. Guess what subsonic .22lr runs at 1,080 ft/s. these subsonic cannot trigger semi automatic cycling unless you have a silencer with a piston. There are even ones that do not cause any hearing damage.

            Standard 22lr runs at 1,125 ft/s. Near or slightly above supersonic.Will cause hearing damage.

            Winchester white box will cause hearing damage if not run through an integral silenced firearm.

          • ostiariusalpha

            People with animu avatars shouldn’t act so grouchy, it makes you sound like a neckbeard.

          • iksnilol

            Any ammo will cause hearing damage if ran through a bare barrel. Only exception that I know of is the CZ 452 Lux, the one with the absurdly long barrel. Use match ammo in it and you are down to about 135 db or something.

            What’s sold as standard veloctity varies everywhere from 1050 feet per second to 1300 feet per second.

            Well, my subsonic ammo must be broken then. Since it cycled the Mark II just fine without the suppressor (hint, suppressors add backpressure which makes it more likely to cycle properly).

          • Wrong. Quiet-22 is hearing safe even out of rifles.Range is 50 yds and is 68db at shooters ear.

            There are several subsonic hearing safe that is not designed for semi autos. There are numerous subsonic .22lr that aren’t hearing safe that will not cycle a semi auto. Hence why the ammo says for bolt action or revolver.

          • Backpressure is added by the piston in the add on silencer. Intergral silencers do not have a piston.

          • Otm Shooter

            What rimfire supressor has a piston? The supressor itself adds backpressure, not some sort of other device.

          • There are multicaliber silencers that can be used on a .22lr.
            These come with pistons.

          • Otm Shooter

            Sure centerfire suppressors can have muzzle boosters/Nielsen devices/linear decouplers. They are known by many names. But are not intended to create extra back pressure. They are designed to use the pressure already present to push the suppressor forward to take the weight off of the barrel of semi auto handguns to allow tilting barrel style actions to function properly. These boosters serve no purpose on a fixed barreled firearm like a pistol caliber carbine or rimfire firearm.

          • JoelC

            Rifle silencers don’t have pistons, neither do most .22 silencers (the barrels don’t move). Yet they still have increases in back-pressure. The piston has nothing to do with it.

            The only time they don’t increase back-pressure is when they bleed off gas before the bullet hits supersonic speeds, and this is done well before the bullet leaves the barrel(like on a MP-5SD). In that case, they are specifically designed for that purpose to keep the guns even quieter.

          • iksnilol

            Did not know about that. I have a friend who used it, was pretty meh. Sure, it was quiet, but weak.

            So… out of these several subsonic .22s that are hearing safe (without a suppressor), can you possibly make a list or something? So far we have one.

          • Well there are more that will not cause immediate damage and there are some by aguilla that sound like an air rifle. But typically way less ring tone in your ear then standard or hyper velocity .22lr.

            There is silent ammo but that isn’t commercially available. The quiet 22 is about the only one you can easily find online or in stores that will not cause any hearing damage what so ever no matter how many you fire. Its for varmit control or very up close self defense from a bug or main gun. Most criminals ain’t going to care what you fire they tend to run or crumple when fired upon by any caliber.

          • iksnilol

            Just because it ain’t ringing doesn’t mean it didn’t do some damage.

            Regarding that last bit, a wise man once said: “the first two bullets should do the job, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fire two magazines into him.”

          • Damage that is often healed or only occurs if a certain amount occurs.

            Its why better to fire subsonic if you can in hunting or self defense then supersonic due to the damage plus in self defense supersonic the vertigo, and feeling like you got punched in the eardrum combined with adrenaline make for a lot of mistakes. Using subsonic cuts down on those unpleasant factors meaning you are a lot more accurate and can keep track of how many rounds you fire.

          • iksnilol

            Hearing damage is permanent, when you get it, it is for life. Only difference is that most of the damage manifests later in life.

            Having messed up my ears, I have done a decent amount of research on ear damage. It is sadly not reversible.

          • There is a huge difference between hearing something at 140 db and something less then a second at 100 db. 140 db permenent damage. 100db often no damage.

            Hence one should if they do fire a gun and have a choice of ammo use subsonic.

          • iksnilol

            Even if you use (most) subsonic you are still damaging your ears if you don’t use ear pro or a suppressor.

            I mean, 38 special isn’t ear safe, neither is .45 ACP. Both are subsonic in most loadings.

          • AR-PRO

            I beg to differ, my ruger MKII with one of my screw on mono core suppressors cycles everytime on subsonic 22 ammo, no piston at all. Sorry to disappoint you. I would add a video if I could but all you hear is the action. And yes, I am an SOT manufacturer.

          • claymore

            Remington target loads are subsonic in anything.

          • iksnilol

            All target loads I know of in .22 are subsonic. Otherwise you don’t have the range.

        • CommonSense23

          You realize hypervelocity is over 3000m a second right.

          • Giolli Joker

            That would make a cool 22…

          • iksnilol

            Just neck 14.5mm down to 10mm and then use a squeeze bore to get it down to 5.56. Would probably need tungsten cored bullets or something.

            Bullets would probably fall apart due to the velocity.

          • CommonSense23

            I hope you are joking with that idea.

          • iksnilol

            Of course I am joking… I can’t afford it.

          • Giolli Joker

            And barrel would become a fancy giant flower. 🙂

          • iksnilol

            I doubt it, could probably make it work with sabots instead of necking down. Whole idea reminds me of the Swiss 15.2mm rifle.

          • Giolli Joker

            I’d rather think about the Austrian 15.2mm rifle.
            (Steyr IWS2000)

          • iksnilol

            Damn it! It was Austrian.

          • Giolli Joker

            Part of your brain was locked on the Swiss (and German) Solothurn S-18/100.

          • Yes and there are hypervelocity .22lr rounds. They go 1400to 1800 fps.

          • Brocus

            You might be confusing super sonic 300 m/s or 1,000 ft/s with hypervelocity 3,000 m/s or 10,000 ft/s (numbers are approximate). But if you can actually link me to some .22 ammo that’s going Mach 9 out of a Ruger that’d be great.

          • Hypervelocity has several definitions.

            hypervelocity (A)
            1. Muzzle velocity of an artillery projectile of 3,500 feet per second
            or more. 2. Muzzle velocity of a small arms projectile of 5,000 feet
            per second or more. See also high velocity. 3. Muzzle velocities of
            tank cannon projectiles in excess of 3,350 feet per second.

            Hypervelocity 22lr 1,400 to 1,800 feet per second

            There are a few other calibers that do have hypervelocity rounds available.

          • Brocus

            Oh, you are just talking the useless marketing term/brand name as it applies to .22 ammunition.

        • claymore

          They are great firearms I still have my two.

        • electrozity8

          Don’t forget the 6P9 too.

    • Sianmink


      • MrEllis

        That is the superior Dredd movie.

        • st4

          That new Dredd was the closest thing I got to another Robocop because God knows how awful that Robocop reboot was.

          • Ironically enough the original Robocop was based off the attempts to get Dredd movie made.

    • Anonymoose

      It also identifies “enemies” from “friendlies.”*

      *Void warranty if “friendlies” are not so friendly.

  • Nicholas Chen

    Very cool. I am a sucker for Silencerco products.

    • Ben

      The optic probably would melt if you mounted it too far forward 😀

  • santi

    I’m selling everything for this.

  • santi

    Chris! Maritime ipsc challenges. I think this could be a whole new realm of shooting sports!

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    So its an integrally suppressed M&P… Looks neat, but messing that much with the design, how is reliability affected?

  • Meathead

    Chris I was wondering if you were running subsonic or regular 9mm in the video? Just curious .

  • DW

    This looks sooooo fallout (12.7mm Pistol)

    Now if only someone chamber a M&P45 into .50GI?

  • Pod

    I’m hoping it comes in sub-$2K but I have a feeling it won’t. However, this is a first-gen product which opens up the door for more like it to be built.

    • Intergrated .22lr handguns are about 1200-1500.

      • iksnilol

        Yes, but those are easy to make and have been made for decades. They have that exposed non-moving barrel which is in stark contrast to the tilting covered barrel that most 9×19 pistols use.

  • Jim Jones

    Now if we can just get supressors and SBRs off of the ATF $200 tax stamp list. As is usually the case with bureaucracies, and given the sudden surge of stamps being purchased, I doubt the Leviathan will let go of this income stream.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Not in a million years.

    • DeShawn Biggims

      Never happen.

      • Only when the US adopts gun control like certain Euro countries in which to be able to buy a gun you are on a registry and every gun is registred in a computer database will you be able to buy non intergated silencers without a tax stamp.

    • MrEllis

      I imagine, in the end, it costs more than 200 bucks to push that paper through. It was a tax imposed in the late ’30s, the gubment isn’t rolling in it from these.

      • mosinman

        in the end it’s rather unnecessary though right?

    • KestrelBike

      If some politician who isn’t only nominally conservative ever gets elected, it could be packaged with some odious piece of legislation that would sufficiently distract slobbering (D)’s to let it pass. Hell, passing obamacare could easily have included removal of most NFA (prolly not full-auto) if anyone in power actually gave a s*** about us.

  • DeShawn Biggims

    Totally buying one. Silencerco does it again!

  • Tangojuliet

    im not saying it looks like the socom magnum from odst buuuut

  • Beretta and S&W made some handguns for frame-mounted suppressors as part of a JSSAP/USAF program back in the 1980s. The modified Beretta 92SB and its suppressor were the GUU-7/P and GFU-18/P. The modified S&W 459 and its suppressor were the GUU-6/P and GFU-17/P.

    • Giolli Joker

      You’re an amazing source of info.
      Now you have to hire an assistant that posts photos of the cool stuff you inform us about. 😉

      • Alas, the only photos I can pull up are from grainy scans from a grainy photocopy of the original JSSAP/USAF program report.

        • Giolli Joker

          Still much better than nothing!

  • Bulldog76

    im not saying it looks like a socom magnum from odst buuuut

    • Stevo

      1) We saw your repeat comment below
      2) No, it doesn’t.

  • nova3930

    Do want

  • Asdf

    Nice target you got there.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    …. Um…. Appears to be first and last round jam in the video. That’s not a good look.

    • Often you have to run several hundred rounds through a gun to eliminate that issue from ever occuring again.

    • It’s a prototype, there was only one jam. The last round fired locked the slide back. It looks different than your standard semi-auto slide locked to the rear.

      I’m sure by the time the gun goes into production they’ll have worked out the kinks, and @tootiredoftheright:disqus is correct below.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Yea, that’s the problem. I’m seeing the slide not come back normally. Which means they have redesigned the locking system. The frame, barrel, slide, all possibly unique, and limited to SiCo.

        It appears either the silencer has internal moving parts or the the barrel is drastically different, or something else is going on because the chamber does not seem to be accessible with the slide back. I’m not seeing this as good for malfunction clearing and manipulation. Which is fine considering most people don’t know how to clear guns anyhow, and only casually shoot at the range.

        Having the can fixed on, an agressive baffle structure that only has a short area to work, and what I suspect is a shorter barrel with a custom unlock, makes me cautious of mean rounds between failure.

        This appears to be an entirely new firearm that happens to share a lot
        of parts with the M&P. Do I think that if S&W still has a few
        on-going issues with the M&P that a silencer company can step in an
        nail it out the gate? I’m not going to be first in line to find out. If
        it takes off maybe I’d consider one in a couple years.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    The designers at the Call Of Duty and Battlefield studios are already drawing these up.

  • tazman66gt

    saw some posts about this being a possible night stand gun, ok, no where to put a light.

    • Why would you need a light? That just makes the bad guy see you better.

      • JumpIf NotZero


    • Giolli Joker

      I’m pretty sure they’ll find chance to add a rail below the can.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Probably, but it’ll be stupid large at that point.

        The more low light training I take, the more I use a handheld anyhow, so I see no issue here. Even with a weapon mounted light, I still want a handheld as a primary. I know people without formal low light training think the opposite.

        Sure, I could see a Gen2 with a rail.

    • iksnilol

      You hold the light in your hand. It’s way better than a pistol mounted light.

      • CommonSense23

        Yep, just make your pistol harder to shoot, great idea.

        • iksnilol

          Not really, + it makes it easier to use the light. Since you sorta don’t want the light on at all times.

          Also you avoid pointing the gun at things you shouldn’t shoot.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Also you avoid pointing the gun at things you shouldn’t shoot.

            This is pretty much correct. You’ll be using the light infinitely more than the firearm, and no one has been killed with accidental light.

          • iksnilol

            He-hey, we’re agreeing on something. Grab the shotgun, there’s bound to be pigs flying at any point soon xD

          • JumpIf NotZero

            He-hey, we’re agreeing on something.

            Trust me… I did not come to this decision lightly 😉 If I didn’t have as much training as I do in low light I’d surely disagree, but I do, and I’ve found handhelds to be almost infinitely more useful. The millions of times you’ll point the light at something definitely outweight the likelyhood I’ll use the gun. The goes for police too. The weaponlight makes a good backup and niche use.

          • iksnilol

            For me it came mainly from using my flashlight more often than a handgun. I also realized I didn’t have a problem using the light separately from the pistol. Then I thought, why mount a flashlight on my gun and deprive myself of opportunities while increasing the weight and bulk of my pistol?

            The easy access to suppressors that I enjoy also made the decision to drop the weapon light easy.

          • CommonSense23

            And it reduces your ability to shoot. The idea of not pointing the gun at things you don’t want to shoot is fine in practice, but it gets dropped real quick in the real world. The key point is not shooting until the target is identified.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            You’re not wrong… But it depends on what you’re doing. Does your handgun light effectively light something at 50y? Can you take that shot even in the day on the range? Or are you doing something like room clearing or working at 5-10y where operating the gun is definitely possible with one hand? Would you be comfortable striking with a weapon light, because I wouldn’t.

            What if you’re looking at someone who is bad enough to shine a light at, but not bad enough to point a gun at? Having done hand-to-hand and low-light-indoor-force-on-force, I find MASSIVE utility in a handheld light, and almost none in a weapon light.

            I think weapon lights are excellent if you want to detain someone and keep in their eyes, like if you’re police. You typically can’t lose a weapon light, and it’ll always be on the gun. But I’d still want my handheld to be able to look around in other directions.

          • iksnilol

            How does it reduce your ability to shoot? Are you going to tell me you don’t know how to use a handgun with one hand (hint; it’s right there in the name).

          • Rick5555

            Well said, I never understood why the light has to be on the pistol. Especially for a night stand gun. I have two kids. If I have to check the house due to a possibly break in. First thing, I am checking is the kids. I do NOT want to be muzzling my kids. When I shine a light in their room. I can use my 9mm with one hand good enough at close distances if it came to discharging rounds.

  • Steve Zahn

    Can’t wait for someone to try and holster this after shooting and melt their kydex holster

    • There is a company that makes a holster that fits this and is even listed in the product info page for the gun.

      • Steve Zahn

        That’s not the point. Suppressors get really, really hot when you shoot them. Hot enough to melt kydex easily. That’s great they’re making a holster, but that won’t stop someone from melting a their holster to their hip.

        • Depends upon the material of the silencer. Aluminum would get hotter then hell. Not so much titanium and also guess what is covering the silencer parts? More gun so it has a heat shield. Some only get hot when you put three or more mags through it in a short period of time. The ones with a holster likely are going to be used in self defense situations. Hence one or two max mags. Not going to get hot enough under most circumstances.

  • Ethan Szutkowski

    That’s the kind of gun that people would think your some sort of contract killer if you showed them it.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      And heaven forbid someone ignorant about guns thinks something stupid?

  • Don Ward


  • Kitsuneki

    Will be this for Desert Eagle?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Would have been far easier since the deagle barrel doesn’t move.

      The real question in my mind, is why they chose M&P over Glock. My guess is that given the amount of redesign, that S&W was willing to work with SiCo on this. Perhaps as a point of leverage with the XM17 trial.

      • Giolli Joker

        Quite possible,I would suppose other factors as well, including cost, American made and lawsuit landmine in Glock territory.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Lawsuit they’re pretty safe from, they would be considered an ‘upfitter’, so they could remove or keep the original logos and be ok.

          Could just be economy and availability. S&W might have OK’ed the sale of just frames and glock wouldn’t.

          • Reef Blastbody

            If Glock would sue for something like that, why haven’t they sued Lone Wolf, since you can build an entire Glock pistol with 0% genuine Glock parts in it.

      • HM

        Maybe because not everyone wants a glock? 🙂 More than likely M&P was probably just easier to work with.

    • They would to have design one for a .50 caliber handgun.

  • iksnilol

    When they said integrally suppressed 9mm pistol, I was all “YASS, FINALLY!”.

    My enthusiasm quickly subsided when the pistol in question was a S&W M&P.

    Eh, it is a start I guess. Wonder about the weight, would probably be a good idea to use titanium to reduce weight.

    • They have a modern welrod in 9mm. Bolt action though.

      • iksnilol

        By pistol we laymen usually mean semi-auto. The Welrod is nice, but not practical.

        • Pistol used to mean flintlock. Welrod was practical for covert ops in world war 2 and even today they are still used by some special forces unit members. Revolvers are revolving pistols.

          • iksnilol

            I know, but colloquial use is what it is.

            Welrod was useful, but wasn’t used in such high numbers, less than 3k were built. Besides, I want an integrally suppressed handgun for general use, not for assassinating Germans.

  • GearHead

    Looks fast, if this was real product and I wasn’t a maple syrup licking Canadian I’d buy one.

  • Joshua

    with a name like Maxim, it should be toggle locked

  • dshield55

    This looks AWESOME!!!

    But my next question is…. what difference does it make? Whats the advantage over an external silencer and is there any performance enhancement? It sounded quiet as hell, but video recordings are extremely deceptive.

    • Shorter length hence can be more easily holstered and carried concealed. Quieter. Runs all factory ammo not just subsonics.

    • Giolli Joker

      It looks cool.

  • Anonymoose

    Can I get one in .45, pretty please?

    • Giolli Joker

      That would make sense.
      I guess that it will eventually happen.

      • AD

        First thing I though of when I saw it was “why use something like a 9mm instead of a slower round like a 45?”. Hmm, how fast is .50 GI?

        • Giolli Joker

          .50 GI runs on .45ACP pressure range and velocities.
          Maybe 9mm is better in showcasing good suppression with either supersonic and subsonic.

          • iksnilol

            With subsonic I believe 9×19 is quieter than .45 acp. Simply because of the smaller bullet.

          • Giolli Joker

            Less powder more than smaller bullet.

          • iksnilol

            If it burns up in the barrel it has little to say on the amount of powder. Subsonic 7.62x54mmR would be pretty quiet with a long enough barrel.

            Bigger bullet means more gas escapes directly behind the bullet. At last that’s the physics I know.

          • Giolli Joker

            More powder means more gas mass that requires more volume to expand.


    Looks like the new Tavor 9mm suppressor from Ratworx, which is sub $500.00.

  • Barney Lee

    too bad it wont be available in CA lol

    • Tassiebush

      CA is not the only place it’s not available. I’m definitely all pi$$ed off and jealous!

  • Southpaw89

    Be interested in seeing how they deal with the tilting barrel, I assume that’s what this pistol uses, maybe I’m just over complicating things in my head, but it seems like it’d be and interesting bit of engineering.

  • Kev

    Reminds me of the KRISS KARD pistol.

  • MANG


  • tt_ttf

    It would be funny if their stunt of taking you out to International Waters gets deemed export.

    It is technically exporting an ITAR restricted device outside of the US and there is a few organizations who take a dim view of that

  • Reef Blastbody

    Out of curiousity, were you shooting subsonic ammo, or is there porting on the barrel to bring standard velocity ammo down to subsonic?

    • Apparently all factory can be fired from it. Doesn’t have to be subsonic.

  • Giolli Joker

    Uhm… I wonder if the chain-charged approach could be beneficial on airguns…

  • salty

    look at me mfers im on a boat!!!!

  • Darren Hruska

    Chamber it in 10mm Auto! :3

  • Treiz

    looks great, though I will wait for it in 45 to make the most of subsonic sweetness. Love my current M&P9 though.

  • disqus_e0XtJDMPfo

    Chrome the slide. Shiny! Hollywood would eat that up as the next Laura croft gun set.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Isn’t a can specifically an attachment, not integral?


    plastic guns break under stress….check Glock usage with Police Depts…..start with the Ruger stainless steel .22 L. R. 5’5 inch target pistol to prove the concept…shorten tye heavy barrel to 3.5 inches. Fit container against frame ( file flat and square to barrel stub. Build tube box of two tubes….one under the barrel, the other attached and in-line with the barrel…the two tubes are inter-connected with a one way gas port….cooled gas is vented out the front of the bottom tube vent hole….this will keep overall length closer to the frame and note become some 9 inches of extension length beyond the barrel end. should cut decibel levels to below one half , add some maxim baffle plates free to move…and listen to the brass ting on a concrete floor and the slap of paper targets being hit….try always to keep OAL to minimum…most too long, too bulky, become entangled easily, over heat rapidly, and are difficult to transport without some long over garment….bulk reduces utility

  • Robert brooks

    Why did you have to take a boat into international water for this shoot? Was there some legal reason why it couldn’t be done in the US?

  • RenaissanceJack

    I understand that the bulk of the silencer is underneath the barrel in exchange for overall length, but it also makes it impossible to remove the silencer when you may want to make the gun more sleek or just go loud, not to mention not being able to use said silencer on another firearm. There doesn’t seem to be any way to attach a flashlight or laser sight and the only thing that might look stranger than the gun itself is the holster…if and when someone gets around to making one for it.

    The only advantages I see is the fact that the sights will be lower to the bore instead of getting taller sights for use with suppressors and the extra security that an integral suppressor has. I don’t think that these are big enough advantages to justify the design.

    Having an integral suppressor will not only increase costs, but also makes everything more of a pain with the extra ATF paperwork and wait time. For these reasons, I do not think that this will catch on, although the nature of the design seems to imply that to begin with.

  • Vernon682

    Mark IV style.