3,800 Yard Long Range Shot

Matt of Hill Country Rifles sent me this video since I posted about their rifle hitting a 3,600 yard target. Here is there latest achievement, hitting a target at 3,800 yards away.

HCR distance


The rifle is impressive. It is a HCR Extreme Long Range Carry Weight .375 Cheytac. It has a custom 200MOA base.

HCR 200 MOA mount


That means that the POI is 13ft high at 100 yards. Why would you do that? So that the shooter can hold dead center on target at 3,800 yards.

HCR 100 zero


That is another World Record for Jim Spinella. Very impressive shooting with a phenomenal team supporting him.

HCR shooter



For more details on the shoot, go to Hill Country Rifles website.

Nicholas C

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    World Record?
    What governing body keeps track of this stuff?

    • Grindstone50k

      Guys with beer?

      • Giolli Joker

        That would actually be a fit definition for Guinness’ people…

  • Ramsey

    New challenge: make a shot after running 50 yards.

    • shater

      hahahahah xD “try to survive after a 50yard run”

      “mac donald county hill rifle”

  • iksnilol

    That moment when you realize 200 MOA wasn’t a typo.


    • Hudson

      200 MOA, Does the muzzle impinge into the sight picture? 😉

      • Giolli Joker

        Probably with one inch more of barrel the sight picture would be all muzzle break.

        • Brett

          Dat elevation doe!

      • iksnilol

        I kinda don’t want to find out.

      • Fixed Sight Training

        Something in front of the scope, like the front sight of an AR isn’t visible through the scope, it just makes the picture a little darker.

  • USMC03Vet

    Pft. Did that the other week with my sub compact handgun and FireCLEAN.

    • Barry Burton

      About the best match that I ever heard to equal this story was back home some fellows were bragging about the long shots they were making across the plains. About then an old fellow piped up and told everyone that where he hunted, the shots were really long. He settled on using only “hollow point bullets” that he hand loaded. He packed the hollow points with salt when hunting so the meat would keep until he got there. “You could have heard a pin drop” and nobody responded.

      • jcitizen


  • David

    20 shots to hit it though.

    Still pretty cool.

    • Dracon1201


      • David


    • Bill

      Put enough lead downrange and eventually you’ll hit what you’re trying to. Cool, but not as cool as doing all your calculations and getting a cold-bore first round hit.

      • Giolli Joker

        Well, I think there’s a fair share of calculations involved here as well… and many variables that can’t be controlled.
        I believe that to make it look less “random hit” they should try to hit the target a couple of times more.

        • Bill

          That would work for me: once could be luck, multiple times demonstrates skill. Hitting a target after shooting at it multiple times is too similar to walking rounds into your target or a strafing run. I thought the idea was to demonstrate skill, not lay down a beaten zone.

      • All the Raindrops

        Go get a 3800 yard cold bore shot then, and youtube the results. We’ll wait.

        • Bill

          Not a chance; I don’t claim enough skill or expertise, apparently no one does, at least that’s been documented as of now. But how is using a highly specialized rifle firing highly specialized ammunition at a long distance target and missing multiple times before getting a hit any different than praying and spraying with a pistol or subgun?

          Is a pitcher who misses the strike zone 20 out of 21 times a good pitcher? Is a hockey player who misses an undefended goal 20 out of 21 times a good shooter? Is a basketball player who misses 20 out of 21 free-throws any good? What does hitting a target at that distance after 20 attempts actually prove or demonstrate?

  • dannye

    Was that with the neutered civilian rifle?

    • DW

      I don’t think being much smaller and lighter than the M200 is the same as “neutered”.

  • Vitsaus

    In before some one claims they can do it with their UTG scope on a $500 Savage rifle.

    • Dan

      Jerry Miculek did it holding a .22 pistol upside down with a utg red dot that was turned off.

      • DW

        Bullshit, he did it with a S&W .22 revolver and has 2 whole cylinder on target in 2 seconds

    • torr10

      I hit 2 1/2 miles with my Hi-point 9mm carbine….

  • Squirreltakular

    Totally unrelated question: anyone know what kind of shirt the spotter was wearing?

    • Giolli Joker

      Nope, but the shooter had a big one.

      • Squirreltakular


  • Nicks87

    That’s crazy. Will we see 4000+ yds by the end of next year?

  • Justin Roney

    Perhaps a good comparison would be how many rounds would it take a typical U.S. Army artillery piece to hit a target at 3,800 yards. I understand why they are doing this, but it’s practicality at anything other than bragging rights is pretty much nil.

  • Mihoshi

    Still not as impressive as the shots made by Corporal Craig Harrison.

    • torr10

      And he didn’t take 18 tries….

  • eriky

    holy crap you aren’t lying that is impressive. That man can pick which eye he want’s to shoot you from an other county.
    And hit it 5 times in a row.

  • Bubba Norman

    That’s crazy! I’ve never got to shoot much past 100 yards but I would love to learn how to do this stuff.

  • Jeff Heeszel

    Nice seeing 22plinkstor in the mix.

  • Pretty impressive. Some rifle+ammo specs look strange to me, though. Anyways, it’s our turn now. Watch it guys :)) Vlad Lobaev.

  • TBW

    Neat, but, if you can afford the set up and the ammo to fire until you hit the target… Not that impressive, sorry.

  • Eric B.

    I’m wonder if even a Kestrel 4500 with the Applied Ballistics program would be able to compute that shot. All they can do is get Density (pressure) Altitude, temperature, compass bearing and FFP wind and use a Cheytac calculator designed for ultra long shots.

    On a shot like this the Coriolis Effect would definitely be a big factor, given the amount of bullet flight time.

    Lessee, 19 or 20 shots at $8./shot minimum. That’s an expensive shoot.

  • jcitizen

    Now this is MY kinda playground! Only problem is I sold my rifle a while back, and probably won’t go to a smaller caliber if I do. I just have to have another .50 cal. I know the new smaller calibers are superior, I just like the boom and bust! DAng them scopes is EXPENSIVE! I could see Nightforce coming up back when also. Seems like they rule!

  • Secundius

    It Might Not Be the World’s Longest Rifle Shot? NO ONE Representing the Guinness Book of World Record’s was present at the Shot. And there are at least FIVE Different Variations of How the Shot was Made. One claim, was a Wood Target was hit, while another claims a Steel Target was Hit. So, which is True. So until it becomes official, Bill Carter’s 7 May 2013, shot at the NRA Whittinton Center in Raton, NM. Of 3,337.56-meters with a .375 Chey-Tec, Stand’s as the World Longest’s Rifle Shot…