Revision to Provide UK with Batlskin Cobra Plus


Revision Military announced the company won a contract to provide the Batlskin Cobra Plus helmet and Modular Protective Attachment System (MPAS) to UK troops. Additionally, the company will provide Sawfly eye pro and Wolfspider goggles to protect the troops when the full MPAS is not in use.

According to Revision, the Batlskin Cobra Plus system exceeds the ballistic and impact resistance standards set by the UK. Yet, the system remains lightweight – the lightest system ever made according to the company.

The system includes a helmet with suspension system, a ballistic mandible guard (face shield) and a clear visor that locks into place to provide full head protection.

This is an older video about the general system to give you an idea of how the system works:

The system can work with CBRN masks:

Richard Johnson

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  • Bodie

    You guys really need to ditch this bottom bar asking me to subscribe to your twice-weekly newsletter that I’m already subscribed to. Taking up way too much space, and it’s very distracting.

    • Paladin

      And it overlays fullscreen video, blocking the controls.

  • cas

    It’s missing a projected google glas style heads up display for battlefield information.

    • KestrelBike

      Enter Maxim Vice.

  • 6.5x55Swedish

    Traditional glass in military gas masks stops 1mm steel projectiles going 300+ m/s so that they offer no protection isn’t true but sure, the more protection the better. The only problem I have with this is the added weight. So many people get neck problems from using helmets and adding weight is not going to help with that.

    It would be nice to have a mask that doesn’t require you to remove the helmet but instead go on the helmet, it could take off a some much needed time in getting your mask on.

    • Iggy

      There was a system in development that transferred the weight of the helmet unto the shoulders, it would combine pretty well with this since it attached to the back of the helmet:

  • Guest

    It looks like a great system, and if I was out there in firefights, I would probably feel a little more protected with the full face system, but it just looks awful when you’d be trying to get a good cheek weld on a rifle…

    • 11b

      No grunt wants this on his head, believe me. Hugely reduced situational awareness, and no cheek weld. This is for gunners in trucks so when an IED goes off you don’t lose your face.

      • 6.5x55Swedish

        + you would be needing 3 extra liters of water for the heat. Many soldiers remove their helmets in Afghanistan (at least Swedish) because a soldier that is passed out is not as good as a soldier that is walking around without a helmet.

      • Grindstone50k

        Plus hard as fck to breathe in.

      • nobody

        >Hugely reduced situational awareness
        How? The visor extends all the all the way to the edges of the helmet and the mandible guard is far down enough that it looks like it will only limit your vision if you’re looking down.

        >no cheek weld
        Could be fixed by simply having a bit of rubber on the cheek of the helmet or the rifle stock so it won’t slide around and mounting the scope higher. There would be problems with the point of aim/point of impact being a little further apart than they already are at close ranges though.

        The main problem with something like this is how hot it would get if you didn’t have some sort of soldier air conditioning.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        Pretty much this. In the cold it would probably fog up as well. Just new toys for higher-uppers to purchase to justify inflated budgets.

  • ostiariusalpha

    Cobra Plus? Sounds 100% legit. Sign me up!

    • Dan

      Yes please

  • John

    A little more armor, a self-contained breathing apparatus, and an integrated HUD screen, and you’ve got Master Chief’s helmet.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      Need round count and vital signs, and war becomes like a video game. With real lives at stake.

      • Dan

        With some of the gamers i’ve come across I think lives really are at stake

    • noob

      also a windows 10 phone with Cortana voice control and personal assistant ai that fails on you catastrophically after a few years of continuous use.

  • Tom – UK

    So good intentions but:

    1. The steaming sweat and breath that will fog up this visor along with water, mud and everything else. When I am crawling my face is touching all sorts but my eyes remain uninhibited, using sweaty, oily and muddy hands to clean the visor just isn’t going to end well. At least with glasses/goggles you tan take them off if they become an issue.

    2. Heat, there’s no way they can effectively build in an AC system that doesn’t add to the logistics train/weight carried by a soldier while operating a full head shield.

    3. Cheek weld, it’s an obvious issue, also how will the visor glass effect sight picture and will it cause refraction and hence a shift in the actual point of aim?

    4. Building relationships, good luck building relationships with your local 3rd world community during counter insurgency operations, nothing says “I’m not the same as you and I’m a scary storm trooper” than a full helmet with only eyes visible.

    5. The glass will scratch and become less clear, it will happen. Modern day phone screens are not pocket proof or drop proof. There is no way in my personal opinion that they can build a glass visor that is fully squaddy proof while maintaining crystal clarity.

    6. As the video shows it took 20 seconds for the man at a leisurely and unstressed pace to remove the attachments and then the regular helmet before he is able to put his CBRN mask on. 20 seconds while standing and unstressed. Compared to the time taken for a regular helmet to be unclipped then the CBRN mask deployed I can’t help but think that this adds a significant period of time to getting initial CBRN protection.

    Also How would CBRN suits work with this thing?

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      There are coatings you can apply that takes away any fogging so there is an easy fix ffor that problem.

      • Tom – UK

        Can you link me to a coating that is guaranteed to not have any fogging in any climate combined with extremely high exertion levels?

    • Buck Timlin

      Solid points though you would be surprised how scratch resistant modern lenses are. The glass used on smart phones and the glass composite lenses used in goggles and such are two very different things. I have a pair of ESS NVGs that have been through hell but there’s hardly damn scratch on them.

  • Iggy

    Eh, clearly Taiwan already has the superior solution :P,