Lantac and CMC AR-15 Triggers

Lantac USA and CMC Triggers recently announced they’ve collaborated on two new AR-15 triggers. Their new E-CT1 and E-CT2 are both non-adjustable drop-in triggers and will come with either a curved or flat skeletonized trigger. The E-CT1 trigger is a single stage at 3.5lbs and the E-CT2 is a 2 stage. They’ll retail for $210. Check out for more info.

This Tactical Trigger Group is a completely self contained, 100% drop-in fire control group upgrade for the AR-15, LR-308 and AR-10 rifles.
Building on the original Super Match design, the double patented Tactical Flat or Curved Trigger design yields truly remarkable and unprecedented trigger control, trigger feel and accuracy, while also retaining the rugged reliability of a Mil-Spec trigger group. Trigger pull is factory pre-set at 3 to 3-1/2 pounds, and is not user adjustable.
Fits most standard Mil-Spec lower receivers with .154″ diameter trigger and hammer pin holes.

Features LANTAC’s Patented Trigger Bow Design.

Will fit Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifles with the longer pin set that is available separately.

Made in the USA.

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  • notalima

    There is a little note in there about using in your 15-22. Anecdotal, but I have two 15-22s that I’ve tried to use 3 different CMC triggers that I have in them. No matter what combination, about once per 7-10 shots (sometimes more) the hammer does not reset (ejects fine, loads, fine, but the hammer is not pushed back far enough to lock back).

    I use CMCs (single stage) in all of my non-magnified optics carbines and wanted to share trigger feel with my 15-22s for my boys, but I ended up pulling the CMCs due to the reset issues.

    • AK™

      While that sucks,you’ll just have to build more ARs then.. 😉

  • El Duderino

    1965: 1 AR trigger
    1975: 1 AR trigger
    1985: 1 AR trigger
    1995: 1 AR trigger
    2005: 10 AR triggers
    2010: 100 AR triggers
    2015: 1000 AR triggers

    (See ‘Exponential Hockey-Stick’)

  • Nick F.

    As much as I like Lantac and their products (have a UAR and dragon MB myself) I really hate the design of this new trigger. I think if I upgrade I’ll definitely just go with a full CMC or a Geissele rather than… whatever this thing is.

  • Marcus D.

    The CMC is $40 less, and a Velocity $60 less. Why would I opt for this?