Paul sent us this photo of his Springfield M1A in the beautiful Arapahoe national forest. He wrote …

My Springfield M1A with 4-16×44 Sightmark scope. This photo was taken in the Arapahoe national forest at 9000 feet of elevation just up above Evergreen Colorado. A shooters paradise!

For years I have wanted a suppressed M1A hunting rifle. The only thing stopping me is the temptation to carry around a lightweight bolt action instead! A standard M1A weighs 8.8 lbs and a Tikka T3 Lite, my favorite hunting rifle, weighs in at 6.1 lbs.

… but I am sure most of TFB is not as lazy as I am!

Thanks Paul for sending that in.



  • Bear The Grizzly

    Could anyone tell me what cheak riser that is? it looks exceptionally well done compared to the other hard plastic types.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou


      • Bear The Grizzly

        Much appreciated.

        • rbeach

          I have that same cheek riser, works very well.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    I thought this was going to be a story about hitting something at 9,000 feet.
    Which I do all the time.

    • Patrick M.

      I was wondering why there would be a post about such a mundane shot.

      • John Smith

        haha “mundane shot”.
        GBWR for longest sniper shot is 8120 feet or 2474 meters in case anyone is wondering.

  • Lance

    Awesome looking DMR looking M1A!!!!!!!!!

  • Uniform223

    Sometimes its easy to get carried away with all this tacticool stuff. It goes to show that simplicity is still good looking.

  • Tassiebush

    Looks like a great rifle and a great setting to use it. Also agree about the Tikka t3 lite. I love mine.

  • Spencerhut

    Dropped right at $7k on my M1A. JAE stock, USO scope etc. Etc. What a mistake. It’s now back in the original stock and with the iron sights. Kept the other upgrades, but the stock and optic were a mistake.

    • LeverDude in PA

      Wow that’s damn interesting to hear. I’ve hemmed and hawed and pondered for years every damn option under the sun for my Scout Squad (including the JAE, Archangel, Blackfeather, and all kinds of dedicated scope mount options) … and for various reasons – not least of which is the cost – I never really did anything except get a good sling. The one thing I may do in the future is get a (cheapish, maybe 3-9x) scope on a Basset mount, because I can take it right off in 30 seconds (along with a strap on cheek riser and bipod) and go back to irons. My hesitation with all of the other options was mostly expense, but also the weight, and the stability of the scope mount – and what real advantage would it really offer on a ‘less than precision’ rifle anyway. Mine aint no match grade kit for sure. I probably realistically get 2-3 MOA, at best. So now it just pairs up with a 1911 as a ‘throwback, hard-hitter’ combo. The only other thing I could see doing some day is replacing the forward scout mount with an Ultimak and slapping a co-witnessed micro-dot on it. I’d sure be curious as to what you’re reasons for determining the JAE/Optic was a mistake (other than cost). Either way, good feedback. I almost went down that same 5k rabbit hole myself about 20 times by now. Peace

      • Spencerhut

        When you are done it’s ~14lbs. Bench only. The JAE stock is completely worthless if you ever want to see the irons again, and it’s HEAVY. I tried four different scope mounts – all high end money – NOT ONE – stays put after ~100 rounds. Never ending re-zero. Did I mention it is HEAVY? The part of my brain that still works figured out I can get better accuracy and less weight from a .308 AR and never worry about the scope falling off. M1A is the best iron sight .308 ever made, don’t mess with that.

        • LeverDude in PA

          Thanks for the feedback man. Definitely appreciated and really helps solidify my decision to keep it irons only. Yeah, those were two things I was most afraid of from researching: Massive weight and a PITA with the scope mount maintaining zero (not to mention cost of course, as at that point, like you say, you can either just go AR-10, or even a SCAR, if you’re serious about a .308 MBR). I’ve gotten pretty good with the irons by now and it’s weight remains manageable. Only shortcoming is in low light.. but oh well, it’s not really my go-to rifle anyway. And if I really had to, I can slap a QD red dot on the scout mount and use a strap on cheek pad riser. Man, it sure is a shame about that JAE, it just looks so damn cool. Oh well, I guess I’m over it now. Thanks again for sharing dude. You saved a brother there…

          • Spencerhut

            Smith Enterprise makes a tritium front sight for the M1A, it’s what I run. Not the best, but better than nothing at night and it added zero weight.

  • LeverDude inPA

    I like the set up. Simple, didn’t spend the college fund or add 2 tons to the overall weight… What scope mount is that I wonder? And is that bi-pod semi-permanently attached? Thanks in advance

    • Paul Pryor

      Thanks! so excited they posted my pic! Love this blog! It’s the Springfield scope mount platform and I did drill a hole down through the stock to hard mount the bipod.