Yes, It’s True: FireClean is Vegetable Oil

Initially, the idea that FIREClean was basically just Crisco started with rumors of a spectral analysis, but took off after July of this year, when member 12_gauge posted a video to YouTube of a burn-off test between FIREClean and canola oil. The results of this poor man’s spectroscopy were that FireClean and the canola oil looked identical; not a conclusive result, but it began to raise suspicions. Further, FireClean founder Edward Sugg was listed on a patent available to the public listing alternative uses for vegetable oils, such as canola oil, including as firearms lubricants. It was with this that I was all but convinced: FIREClean was canola oil, commonly sold under the brand name “Crisco”. Yesterday the inimitable Andrew Tuohy, a contributor to this blog, posted an article proving to me beyond any doubt that FIREClean is vegetable oil. The results of the infrared spectroscopy he conducted are reproduced below:


It is quite apparent that the results for FIREClean and Crisco are very similar. While I’d rather see a control, it is apparent to me that none of the three look more similar in this regard to other common oils than they do to each other.Β So, in short, to the best of my knowledge, FireClean is canola oil.

From my perspective, FIREClean has been one of the most aggressively branded gun lubricants in recent years, promoted as a “revolutionary” lubricant that cleans and removes fouling unlike other offerings.Β [screenshot here] Gun expert Larry Vickers, who I have great respect for, recently released a spot promoting FIREClean as a superior lubricant, “proven” to carry away more fouling from a firearm due to the greater smoke it produced. Those of us with a modest basis in chemistry were immediately skeptical: The smoke produced by an oil under heat has at best only a tangential relationship to its ability to collect and trap debris.

It was with this video, on the backs of what felt like more than circumstantial evidence, that made many feel that “enough was enough”. FIREClean may not have been a poor lubricant, at least for the range where it wasn’t applied to firearms that were stored for a long time, but if it really was $15/oz canola oil as the patents and smoke tests suggested, then the company would have quite a lot to answer for.

With Andrew’s spectroscopy, this has been realized. FIREClean, marketed as “the real deal”, a revolutionary lubricant that would sweep aside all the snake oils that have plagued the gun market for years, has proved to be nothing more than canola oil at a 10,000% markup. Those who bought into it may feel cheated, as they undoubtedly were. Those who learned from previous snake oil gun lubes may feel smug, but they shouldn’t. A slick marketing campaign and a reasonably effective (but horrendously overpriced) product was enough to get many people whose opinion I did and continue to respect. Better men than I, for a certainty, were taken in by this product, which has proven to be nothing more than vegetable oil. FIREClean’s reputation should suffer; theirs should not .

UPDATE: FIREClean responds here.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • JumpIf NotZero

    First things first…

    The most aggssively marketed lube product of all time is definitely not FireClean. It’s FrogLube, FraudLube if you will. The irony is that while FrogLube does work ok in warm weather, it absolutely blows in the cold. The “special application process” where it seeps into pores of the metal is an outright lie as well.

    FireClean was only able to become so popular because FrogLube was seen by a lot of people to be such a scam. Fwiw, FrogLube’s booth at SHOT was huge, and the actual lube was the last thing featured… It was all branded tools, and celebrity guests, and etc.

    Do I care FireClean is crisco? Nope. I’ve used it, and it works well! Even in the extreme cold. There is definitely something to be said for a company taking a product and applying to a different market. Do I suspect they will be taking a dive now? Yes, most likely. But they didn’t SCAM anyone with false claims!

    They delivered a working product at a price people were willing to pay.

    • billyoblivion

      > appreciate FC not a complex synthetic chemical that likely heats, atomizes, and aerates into Cancer Smoke,


      • JumpIf NotZero

        Fun hyperbole, but also pretty serious. You do not want to breathe in aerated chemicals if you can help it. Not that canola oil “can’t” atomize into something bad, it just likely doesn’t. Esp compared to auto trans fluid and motor oil that people use in the same application.

    • tts

      Man you getting paid to say this or what? Reads like it was written by a PR company.

      Given the price they were charging its perfectly legit to feel ripped off if you bought some of this stuff for anywhere near MSRP vs. what canola oil costs in the supermarket.

      Just because they weren’t exactly lying doesn’t mean they weren’t price gouging like all heck. That sort of behavior shouldn’t be encouraged.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        No one forced you to buy it I guess. You were always free to try your own oils.

        As to reads like a blablabla, yea, I’m not sorry I formulated a fair opinion and wrote it out in a way that reminded you of professionalism :/

        • tts

          No one forced me or anyone else to buy it but no one forced them to repackage canola oil for a ridiculous mark up and advertise it the way they did either.

          They should be viewed and treated as pet rock salesman.

          Also marketing spin isn’t the sort of thing that reminds anyone of professionalism, not even the people who pay for it view it as such.

    • How can you say FIREClean “delivered a product” when that product was just rebadged vegetable oil at a 100x markup?

      • Giolli Joker

        Did it deliver a result?
        Many branded products on the market, as you hinted as well while discussing Russian branding, are nothing more than relatively cheap products masterfully market.
        This is branding and marketing at its best.
        If it works, it’s not a scam.
        And if it works, now you know you can use canola oil… and I’d rather have a chemically refined oil on my gun than on my food.

        • I’m not interested in talking about results of performance or any of that stuff without more relevant data to toss around.

          I see a lot of folks comfortable with the idea of paying $8/oz for rebadged lube, whether that’s canola or some other industrial lube. Those prices would be unacceptable in other markets but the tactical crowd is happy to just throw money at a brand.

          The real questions are: Is the tactical geardo crowd aware they are just buying a brand, and have any government departments placed significant orders for FC under false pretenses that it is a superior, different, revolutionary lubricant?

          • Giolli Joker

            Fair enough.
            It’s your opinion.
            However, so far, you can’t claim that FC is NOT a “superior, different, revolutionary lubricant” because, as you said, there’s not “more relevant data to toss around”.
            You might be disappointed by knowing the, supposed, composition of the product, but, by itself, that does not hinder its performance.
            And when you buy a product, you want the product to do “a service” for you, being it an actual, measurable action, e.g. lubricating your gun, or an intangible one, e.g. making you feel cool.
            Performance IS key.

            Regarding the price:
            Let’s suppose the two guys behind FC discovered that a vegetable oil was a very good gun lube.
            They had 2 options:
            1 – saying it on a forum/blog, for free, reaching a few hundred people and getting their 15 minutes of glory;
            2 – patenting the application and marketing it.
            They chose option 2.
            They invested in it and they went for a profit.
            Do you think they would have gotten any by claiming it was a well known vegetable oil?
            They marketed the performance (that so far nobody has clearly disclaimed, with evidence) and they priced in a range that matched the competition.
            It may sound odd, but if you say that you have a great product, and you price it 1/10 of the competition, you sell much less than them, as the average consumer will relate price with quality and he’ll think that he’d be buying one tenth the quality.

            I’m pretty sure the gov’t agencies that issued this product paid close to nothing for it: it’s marketing as well.
            And again, if the performance was delivered, is it really an issue?


            BTW, I have no personal stake in this discussion: I discovered here about the existence of FC and, coming from Mediterranean Europe, I didn’t even know about canola oil until I stumbled upon its name on the internet (the wikipedia page for this oil doesn’t even exist in most European languages…).

      • Steve

        Because they pulled it off and people bought it… this is similar to how any pharma or tech companies that rely on patents make their money. Make a big amount up front on exclusivity, and (what FIREClean will probably NOT do) be miles ahead of everyone else on the next product.

        I’ve used FIREClean, and I’ll now continue to use Crisco. It’s still the best lubricant I’ve used, but explains why the company was so quiet when I asked about corrosion resistance – they flat-out didn’t know.

        Anything that doesn’t sit in a safe gets CLP with the exception of a few special requirements like grease on the M1A.

        • Rob

          Pharma and Tech companies have to recoup their non-recurring development costs. In this case the development cost was $0.

      • MichaelZWilliamson

        Do you know what DuraCoat is?

        • iksnilol

          What’s wrong with DuraCoat?

          And would you recommend Cerakote over it?

          • MichaelZWilliamson

            Nothing wrong with it, but it’s paint, made by Sherwin Williams.

          • iksnilol

            Well, it can’t be a loss. I mean, the guy has “win” in his name.

            So Duracoat is just regular paint? What about Cerakote?

          • zack

            Cerakote Is a ceramic based paint

          • iksnilol

            So I can just glue tiles to my rifle and have all weather protection? This will go well with my ceramic body armor.

          • MichaelZWilliamson

            It’s a good quality paint, but you can get it under other names than DuraCoat.

            Not sure on Cerakote.

        • Yep. πŸ™‚

          Only time I ever used DuraCoat was when I was at school, and that was their bottle. My repair teacher was a pretty sharp guy, and I think it was he who told us about the Sherwin Williams polyurethane thing. I think it’s pretty obvious that’s what DC is if you’ve ever played with both.

      • ostiariusalpha

        It’s funny he mentioned FrogLube, which has been accused of just being Crisco hydrogenated vegetable shortening.

      • patrickiv

        Do you buy bottled water?

        • Giolli Joker

          Wasn’t CocaCola marketing bottled tap water?

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            Aquafina is RO water, so no it’s not tap water.

          • Giolli Joker

            Dasani it was.

          • Sgt. Stedenko

            Correct. My bad.
            I dont waste my money on either.

          • patrickiv

            Many brands are just tap water. It still works just the same and nobody is crying about it.

          • Grindstone50k

            Probably because they’re not being marketed as being worlds better than any other water. Heck, just being filtered tap water already makes it better than tap water. The reason people buy bottled water is because of the convenience of the bottle, not the content of the water. A better analogy would be “vitamin water” or even “sports drinks” which are just salty sugar water.

          • zack

            All it takes is one smart attorney to find one phrase of marketing, material or backroom quote and they will have a class action lawsuit against them period for fraud. You have no idea how a ton of gun owners who feel robbed are going to want revenge and their money back for a product that was sold as the next best thing and find out they could buy it by the gallon for 2.99.

        • Not unless I need the bottle. I’ve seen that Penn & Teller episode, too.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I thought everyone would be clear that the words “delivered a product” didn’t mean “isn’t the same thing as another product in a different application” but in the literal and obvious “they exchanged goods for money” sense.

        I’m not sure you are in the right game of being a writer if you got hung up on that.

        • That hints at a pretty twisted sense of business ethics.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Sure… Because applying items for a different market is apparently shady? Oh, wait, it’s historically how a ton of innovations come about. Because it does not matter that phosphorus silicon wasn’t invented for transistor! Get that crap out of here.

            Not saying FC or Canola Oil was the second coming. Just that it’s ENTIRELY valid to apply products from one market to another and that “delivering a product” means making for sale.

            Where did FireClean touch you!?

          • I’ve never bought or used FIREClean and have no relationship with the company or anyone employed by or with a stake in the company, so far as I know.

            FIREClean selling vegetable oil as gun lube has, for the hundred billionth time, never been the issue here. Their absurd markup has been.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Since the F$#K when do you get to impose your will as to what someone else charges for a product they deliver?

            Sounds a lot like entitlement. You are not promised a fair shake. Walk it off. Don’t like the price for something? Don’t pay it.

          • It is my job in part to report the news. As has been thoroughly proven by the attention this article has garnered, this is news.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Oh, so you don’t understand the difference between NEWS and your OPINION…

            That’s OK. Neither does anyone else it seems. Keep in mind that you’re part of the problem then I guess πŸ˜‰

          • I am certainly a part of the problem for FIREClean, I’d be willing to bet.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            I am certainly a part of the problem for FIREClean, I’d be willing to bet.

            Ha, Yikes. You and I certainly have differences in diplomacy! Andrew I expect to be a troll, despite his effectiveness at appearing trustworthy. You, work for someone else.

          • I work for AllOutdoor, and no other firearm-related organizations. I further do not wok for any lubricant or vegetable oil companies. I do not receive any money from any of the above, to boot.

            I am positive that FIREClean would like for me to shut up about this, but I have no intention of accommodating them. That fact does not imply I work for a competitor to FIREClean, and I in fact don’t work for any competitor to FIREClean. I cannot be more clear about this.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Never said any of what you became defensive about.

            I just personally, like to live by an adage… Don’t start shΓ­t and there won’t be shΓ­t πŸ˜€

      • Dan

        No difference between that and the premium AR or 1911 offerings

        • Well, I mean, which ones are sold at a 100x markup?

          • Dan

            Ok so that is one difference.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Was it labelled correctly as canola oil? If not then it’s a scam.

      • zack


      • BaconLovingInfidel

        Canola is a made up word (Canada + Oil = Canola). They made it up because rapeseed oil doesn’t market as well.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Interesting, thanks.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Is Midol “correctly” labeled as Ibuprofen? Is Tylenol correctly labeled as acetaminophen? If it wasn’t for them being regulated to show actual contents, it would not be listed on the box.

        I’m not sorry there is no regulation for gun oils to disclose exactly what they are.

        Don’t buy it! But if you did buy it, don’t be mad at them. They sold a working product and made no “magic” claims. They never said it wasn’t veggie oil.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Yes, those products are correctly labelled with those ingredients.
          And Ive never paid over ten bucks for gun oil.

  • Jeff Smith

    Well, there goes their sales….

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      They’ll slap a new name on it next week.

      • Giolli Joker

        SurvivalOil lubes your gun, cooks your food and… well, wikipedia lists another use in a rather organic field…

      • Jeff Smith

        Will that name be Crisco?


  • dshield55

    LOL. The guy when describing how he came up with FIREclean talking about them discovering carbon buildup was the problem in firearms says “so we stumbled across something, divinely inspired, found something that was really good at keeping carbon from sticking to metal.” I can honestly say, this guy is an honest man. He absolutely did not try to say they did R&D to get to where they’re at.

    • PK

      Carbon deposits are mostly the same, and cooking oil keeps carbon from sticking too well to cooking pans. Why is anyone surprised that it works fine on guns, too? I’ve used basically any oil for guns, the only big difference is how well it lasts over time.

      For anything but immediate use, I prefer to use something that won’t rapidly polymerize and cause gumming issues, but past that… who cares? It all works pretty much the same.

  • DW

    Still a win for the shooting public: Now we can lube AR/AKs with vegetable oil and cook barbecue on the gastube/ bayonet/barrel. 100%FDA approved and can also be made 100% Halal.

  • Nashvone

    I’ll admit that if I heard someone at the range say they used Crisco instead of all those fancy cleaners and lubes at the gun store I would have laughed heartily as I ran from whatever catastrophic event I was sure to be soon coming.

  • Gun oil = snake oil! I’ve run my competition gun on chainsaw bar oil, automatic transmission fluid, and motor oil. It always functions.

    • John Shore

      There ARE times and conditions when really specialized lubricants are needed–such as for super-low temperatures. Running a firearm at -40F with anything you list will result in a congealed mess of inoperable parts. However, when it is THAT cold, washing the parts in gasoline and leaving them unlubricated works well–IF you never bring them indoors.

      • zack

        That is true, yet 99% of gun owners will never need those specialized lubricants

      • Bdpenn

        Check your vehicle transmission fluid for Mil Specs 5606 or 83282. This is spec used for aircraft hydraulic fluid. Both fluids contain detergents but 83282 has the higher flash point and increased cleaning. 83282 is actually the improved replacement for 5606 but some of the older trans fluid types only list 5606. Both fluids will take you into extreme – temps( at 30k feet its about-55 F) unless your on the poles or use your gun in outer space in which you will need a skydrol fluid.

  • billyoblivion

    > Gun expert Larry Vickers, who I have great respect for, recently released a spot
    > promoting FIREClean as a superior lubricant, β€œproven” to carry away more fouling
    > from a firearm due to the greater smoke it produced.




    • sckarekrow

      Vickers is just happy that he can combine a gun lubricant and Fried Chicken into the same go bag now.

    • Joshua

      Vickers long ago sold his name to the highest bidder.

      Now I can’t really fault him on this as it is his lively hood. However his “opinions” on products are meaningless now days.

      He is still a good teacher in firearms and tactics, but when he starts talking about what brand to buy in what field just ignore him as his opinion will always sway towards his sponsors.

      • Guy Slack

        Exactly, he’s basically a Billy Mays with an honorable military record.

    • Bill

      So that guy down the road who drives the 73 Buick that generates enough smoke to set off detectors in every house he passes and can be seen from space is actually cleaning his engine. And to think I told him he should rent it out to people who wanted to gas themselves to death….

  • Will

    I’m a stick in the mud old fashioned fuddy-duddy. I have used two lubricants for 40+ years. Breakfree CLP and when I can find it a tiny bit of GAA. Before that my dad used 3 IN 1 oil or Singers sewing machine oil. Always Hoppe’s 9 solvent.
    In the 20s-30s my grandfather used light weight motor oil on his Winchester 97.
    I gotta admit. Frog Lube does leave my guns smelling minty fresh.

  • Only Andrew would contact a Ph.D. in organic chemistry to obtain an infrared spectroscopy to settle internet rumors about gun oil (which is awesome).
    I look forward to their response.

    • jeremy downs

      I look forward to the class action lawsuit

      • Giolli Joker

        On what basis?
        It’s an oil and it can lube your gun.
        It’s not an abrasive compound, it did not damage any gun… why should anybody feel the need of a class action lawsuit?
        Ripped off?
        That happens daily.

        • John Shore

          It’s called ‘theft by deception’ or fraud. If I advertise a miracle wetting agent that is guaranteed to make a surface X times wetter than mere water, or specifies that it will do something ‘better’ or ‘cleaner’ than an unspecified ‘some other’ wetting agent, and price it 10,000% higher than what it is actually worth when in fact my miracle wetting agent is merely tap water, I am deceiving the public through deceptive advertising and engaging in predatory pricing.
          I know that this is merely the American Way, but it is also actionable.
          In the meantime, I also have this miracle fluid, Dihydrogen Monoxide, that is deadly in large quantities but, taken judiciously, can add years to your life!
          Larry Vickers highly recommends it.

          • Bill

            it isn’t theft by deception at all. It was advertised as a gun lube, and it lubed guns. It isn’t predatory pricing, because plenty of other gun lubes are priced the same.

          • John Shore

            . . . and those other gun lubes aren’t just Crisco. They also may be horribly overpriced, but so far are not proven to be 10,000% so.
            I also have a private stock of Halite, a miracle mineral that is capable of both etching steel and seasoning meat, dissolves readily in water, and is so indispensable to life that you will die without it. I plan to market it at $19.95 per 0.75 gram packet.

          • Bill

            No, they are some mixture of essentially petroleum in various concentrations with various other stuff. That doesn’t make them better, or worse, just different.

            And I can use the same rock salt for making ice cream as I use for de-icing my driveway.

            The fact that someone can get away with a 10,000% markup is business genius, not a crime. Like PT Barnum said…..

          • John Shore

            Damn! You have discovered my secret! I forgot about the ice-cream making and ice-melting properties. The stuff has a THOUSAND uses! $19.95 is a ridiculously low price, so buy now!
            But, WAIT! For a mere $5.95 for shipping and handling shipping and handling, I will include a full OUNCE of Dihydrogen Monoxide absolutely FREE to make your Halite even more versatile! You can use it as a refreshing beverage, a universal solvent, a condiment, and a decay-preventative dentifrice approved by the ADA!

          • Bill

            …and for filling my salt-water fish tank: it’s a bio-enhanced habitat medium.

          • Giolli Joker

            They didn’t claim it lubed better than canola oil… just that it worked better than the competitors, as everybody tries to do.
            Unlike competitors probably this is one of the least harmful oroducts, by the way.

          • Bill

            I remember buying a gallon of a very popular gun product known for it’s scent when the news came out that it might contain carcinogens. So this might cause clogged arteries, but it’s biodegradable.

          • John Shore

            I have a light fixture in my garage that contains chemicals known to cause cancer in the state of California. Luckily, I do not LIVE in California, and am smart enough not to eat the light fixture in any case.

          • Kugelblitze

            And frankly, it works. So anybody who bought some paid a premium to find out early that Canola oil is great for your firearms. Now everyone can just dip their BCG in Crisco oil and be happy.

          • John Shore

            Exactly which competitors did they claim it worked better than? Their ad just says that it’s better than ‘most’ other products without naming anything specific. I can see, though, why they wouldn’t want to claim it as being ‘better than canola oil,’ because it IS canola oil.

          • Bill

            Every car company in the world wants us to think that their car is the best. No one advertises on the basis of “Hey, we’re average, but work.”

          • Dawna Lockhart

            Hyundai. Marketed as an affordable car for the average person.

          • Bill

            It actually worked for the Volkswagen Beetle. The Yugo, not so much.

          • TexasRaider

            Of course he does. He’s the mouthpiece of the moment cashing in on “tacticool” wannabe disciples that would believe him if he said Golcks were made of unicorn horns and can shoot down demons in other dimensions. It’s called a cult of personality, and that takes two things to work: a crap load of gullibility and one gargantuan ego.

          • John Shore

            It could be the beard. And everyone knows that Glocks are made of endangered rhinoceros horns, and can kill souls.

          • TexasRaider

            LOL! The LAV knows all, The LAV sees all, The LAV sells all…

          • Joshua

            You’ve been warned.

          • TexasRaider


          • Joshua

            It’s a joke. Larry and the tactical dentist got into it on a website, when the tactical dentist said Larry’s best friend Ken Hackathorn didn’t use enoug h ammunition in his handgun class(350 rounds total).

            This led to a dispute which ended with the tactical doctor being banned from the site and Larry making the assinine comment of “you’ve been warned” that was supposed to intimidate or some such crap.

          • TexasRaider

            ROTFLMBO!, “the tactical dentist” ?
            Heaven above, what have I missed?

          • Joshua

            Doctor Garry Roberts. Self proclaimed tactical expert and ballistics genious. Made his fame using Hacklers ballistic data and has no real military experience outside of being a Navy Dentist. He has very strong opinions on all military gear and has no problem trying to tell everyone what weapons they should be using over our current equipment.

            He’s a tactical dentist.

          • TexasRaider

            LOL! Sounds entertaining. Wonder if he works on Vicker’s mouth

          • Joshua

            Probably not…Larry “warned him”.

          • 40D

            Indeed. Now go away printer repairman.

          • CommonCents

            Has anyone seem the LAV n chuck Norris together? Or Vinny the slap chop guy?

          • Mike Butler

            If that is true then explain the price of Starbucks slime compared to a cup of coffee at any 7 / 11.

          • John Shore

            It is a higher-‘quality’ slime with more expensive base components, more pricey additives and a nicer cup, lid, and point of sale. And a diaper. Besides, each serving is prepared individually. Panache costs money, you know. Starbuck’s doesn’t claim that their coffee is a miracle drug capable of raising the dead, they only claim that it is coffee but with stuff in it.

          • Austin Mabry

            “Higher quality” is subjective. Fireclean didn’t claim that their oil was capable of raising the dead either. In fact, they didn’t claim that it was capable of anything that wasn’t the case.

            It’s a gun lube, and it cleans stuff pretty well. The fact that the ‘secret formula’ is vegetable oil, at a huge markup, is immaterial.

          • Adam

            It doesn’t matter what it’s worth. You pay markup on everything, that has absolutely nothing to do with it. If they said it was a synthetic oil and it was a vegetable oil, that’s deception… The lawsuit can however come from TFB flat out calling it Crisco. To infer that it is nearly identical to Crisco, and to say that it IS Crisco are two completely different things. If FireClean decided to sue over defamation of their name over this, all they have to do is prove that it is NOT Crisco and they would win. That’s where TFB made a huge mistake posting Nathaniels article without first looking it over. It’s the wording that gets them in hot water here. So, if FireClean IS NOT actually rebottled Crisco, TFB is potentially screwed if they sued them for the lost revenue this article is going to cost them.

          • Bill

            Ouch. I know from personal experience that one of the risks of being a whistleblower is having the whistle shoved down your throat if you have your Ts dotted and Is crossed.

          • Sometimes—

          • John Shore

            You are correct, in that ‘Crisco’ is a specific brand name of canola oil, where as ‘canola oil’ is the generic. The question for a court would be, did TFB cause harm in revealing a truth about a product, truth being an affirmative defense? The very first line of the story includes the phrase ‘basically just Crisco’ and does not affirmatively claim that it IS Crisco–but later states that it is most similar chemically to rapeseed oil. An article’s headline is accepted as being a ‘draw’–something like, ‘Hillary Clinton is Barak Obama’s Secret Love Child by Charlton Heston!’–and not necessarily a definitive statement of fact.

          • Dawna Lockhart

            Are we sure that “rapeseed” wasn’t a typo? I have heard of grapeseed oil used in high heat environments. I have never heard of rapeseed.

          • John McPherson

            rape seed is correct, in fact, used as the proper name of the product all over the world, just not here. In England it is not unusual to see massive fields of yellow rape seed growing in the spring. Canola is just Canadian oil shortened.

          • No the member on that had the first post calling it that would be the target of any lawsuit if he’s proved wrong. It’s an assertion by others we can tentatively agree on based on the spectral analysis done.

          • Bill

            Having experienced my fair share of frivolous lawsuits, that isn’t the way it works. EVERYiONE down to the place where you buy the canned air to clean your keyboard (don’t use Crisco) gets named. And if there is any wonky science, you all chip in to a cage match between their expert witnesses and your expert witness.

            It isn’t right, it isn’t justice, but it is the adversarial system of justice we chose over the Napoleonic system.

          • Guy Slack


          • CommonCents

            Any good atty could handle a crisco reference like kleenex has become a generic term for tissues. Brands must show they’ve defended their brand, some do not especially in cases where they viewed it as beneficial to their brand.

          • CommonCents

            Yeah crisco would not want their brand associated with a gun lube.

          • I sent the article to the editor before it was posted. “Crisco” is like Band-Aid, and other brand names, where it is used as a general term as well as a brand name, and so both I and the editor felt it was OK, initially (and it is a short, sweet title), especially in the article I clarify what is meant by the title. However, later, I changed the title for the reasons you bring up.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            Did they specify a performance that was not met?

            Did you suffer damages ?

          • MarkVShaney

            There’s a difference between actionable and successfully actionable. Go on- throw more money after the snake oil salesmen- we’ll see if you ever get a penny back.

        • jeremy downs

          There’s this new thing called sarcasm. Read about it.

          • Giolli Joker

            Apparently quite a few people took the topic oretty seriously…

        • AeroAtlas .

          Yes, its never a good thing. However its almost always the same type of people doing it. For some reason they always have really thin lips and hooked noses and look like alot of the writers in Hollywood.

      • Austin Mabry

        Notice that all of the statements about it say “As far as I know” and “Proving to me beyond reasonable doubt.”

        Statements of OPINION are not subject to defamation lawsuits.

        The key elements of a defamation suit are that it has to be UNTRUE. The person writing/saying it has to KNOW that it’s untrue, or have a reasonable belief that it’s untrue, and choose to say/write it anyway, with ‘malice aforethought’ and it has to cause harm to the ‘defamed’.

        If any of those elements isn’t present, then there’s no case.

        The article words it such that the author is saying “I believe it’s canola oil” (opinion statement). Provides evidence of WHY the author believes it (reasonable belief that it’s true). And you would have to prove that he did this with malice.

        There’s NO case here, even if they could prove that it ISN’T just vegetable oil.

        The jig is up.

        Ironically, I held off on actually buying any for a couple of years, hoping the price would come down. Just ordered a couple of bottles a couple of months ago. Guess I got taken too. Oh well… Like somebody else said, I see a silver lining. The good news is, I now know that vegetable oil is a great option for a gun lube.

        • M1911

          Actually, anything can be the subject of a defamation lawsuit. It might not get very far, but you still have to defend against such a lawsuit, and that costs money.

          • Bill

            Suits have been filed for stupider stuff than this – don’t mention the McDonald’s coffee lawsuit as in that case the water temperature used to make the coffee was extremely high and the woman’s injuries were legitimate based on the forensic evidence, thus caused by McDonald’s negligence and recklessness – they should have known that there coffee was too hot, and that spilling coffee is a common and foreseeable hazard. That’s the problem – people think its a simple case of proving something right or wrong versus public opinion.

            “Proving to me beyond reasonable doubt.” isn’t the standard of proof in a civil action, it’s the preponderance of evidence. You could say that if you prove your side by 50.5% you win.

          • Austin Mabry

            I said they have no case. I didn’t that they can’t file a lawsuit.

            But if they file a frivolous lawsuit against TFB for this, they’ll most likely find themselves paying their own attorney fees, AND the fees of their intended targets.

          • M1911

            Maybe they will end up being ordered to pay your legal fees. Maybe they won’t. Even if they do get so ordered, actually collecting the money from them is often difficult or impossible. In the meantime, however, your attorney will require payment. Given the cost of an attorney (several hundred dollars per hour), most people will fold in the face of such threats.

            You know how the saying goes: “in the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.” From what I’ve seen of the justice system here in MA, that certainly still rings true. I would not count on getting an appropriate verdict. Your best bet is to stay out of court if at all possible.

        • Guy Slack

          Are you a lawyer?

          • Austin Mabry

            Not a lawyer, but I was one the subject of an attempt at a defamation lawsuit, and learned a TON from the experience. πŸ˜€

          • Bill

            No prudent lawyer would publicly comment in this context. It could be perceived as legal advice, without any established lawyer/client contract, and just not smart. The talking heads on TV tend to be pretty vague, which is a lot harder to be when words are committed to whatever they are committed to on a blog.

    • Laserbait

      I’d love to see the spectral analysis of CLP, and a couple of other more established gun lubes for comparison. as well.

      • jeremy downs

        I’m gonna try to do several lubes as hazmat training

    • thedonn007

      Yea, with the evidence, they pretty much have no choice but to admit to it.

    • Guy Slack

      Why don’t you learn from him then?

  • Bear The Grizzly

    I use an Ak, what is this “gun lube” you speak of?

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      If you don’t use lube, and it hasn’t jammed, you haven’t used your AK enough.

      They’re robust, but they do need cleaning, especially the piston.

      • Bear The Grizzly

        You are correct. However, AR guys seem to put a lot more thought into their lubrication than AK guys.

      • Joshua

        He sits on a square range in a nice air conditioned building. What do you expect.

        • Bear The Grizzly

          How do you know my life!? Seriously though, get a sense of humor.

    • iksnilol

      For my AK, I use diesel for cleaning and motor oil for lube. Just don’t overdo it.

  • Christopher Edward Penta

    Que the libel lawyers in 3… 2.. 1….

    • floppyscience

      It’s only libel if it’s untrue.

      • Anon

        When has that stopped anyone?

  • Major Tom

    I use a Mosin-Nagant, what is this “lube” you speak of? For cleaning all I need is some motor oil and a good non abrasive cloth. It’ll get the job done for short term use. Much cheaper too.

    • I use generic grease because it needs to be applied infrequently, but yes. Don’t use branded gun lube.

  • Giolli Joker

    Well… spending about the same, use cheap canola oil on yor gun and premium extra virgin olive oil for your food.
    No difference for the gun, better health and taste for you.

    • Bill

      Don’t forget, you’ve got your multiple pressings of olive oil, and cold pressed, and mixed, and herbed, and the wood in the storage barrel, all things to consider.

      • Giolli Joker

        Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed and nothing more.
        Then if they sell blended ones as EVO, well, that IS actually scam (and it’s illegal, but highly profitable, apparently).

  • Mystick

    Bottom line, though,,,, does it work as a firearm lubricant?

    • Almost anything does. I can’t possibly see that as a justification for FIREClean’s markup.

      • zardoz711

        LAV’s endorsement of course.

      • Mystick

        I feel the same way about $2000 1911’s. Caveat emptor.

        • Exactly what 1911 is that hypothetical gun marked up 100x from?

      • Giolli Joker

        Capitalism? ?

      • There are always fools out there who fall for pseudo science and marketing. Those fools are soon parted from their money. For years I’ve using everything but “gun oils” and I’ve taking a lot of crap from fools who shoot like a whopping 250 rounds a year. Now it’s coming home to them and they look like the fool for spending $20/oz for a kitchen cabinet oil. You know, bar oil, transmission fluid, and motor oil all work just fine on a firearm. There no tolerance that’s tight enough nor is the a temperature hot enough on a firearm to make a difference in the lubricant you use. Even going rounds between cleaning a firearms, what you find in your garage will work without fail.

        These guys and fraud-lube will be case studies in some Marketing 201 textbook.

        • I use axle grease and a tube of TW-25B I got for free. πŸ™‚

      • John Shore

        You can use the natural oils from the side of your own NOSE to lubricate a gun, or the ferrules on a fishing rod; I wonder how much per gram I could get for ‘NasoLube,’ the miracle product that helps remove carbon, makes actions slicker, and is biodegradable?

        • Bill

          My Grandpa taught me that fishing rod trick 50 years ago.

          • John Shore

            Mine, too.

      • Joshz

        Do you work for Weaponshield now or just being obtuse for the fun of it?

  • Drambus

    I use Mobil-1 5w40 turbo diesel formula. It handles high temp and pressure well for obvious reasons. It also has tremendous additives.

  • One of my old “American Rifleman” issues from the 1920s or ’30s has a relevant joke. Two good old boys were at the range discussing how another shooter insisted upon using only the brand specific lubricants on each of his different firearms…Rem Oil on Remingtons, BSA Kleenwell on BSA, and so forth. “Well, he might be on to something there. I nearly ruined my Colt by using Wesson Oil.”

  • Joe

    It is what it is, if you don’t like it don’t buy it.
    There’s a lot of good products out there.
    This is one of them!

  • Ben Loong

    Y’know this reminds of that documentary video that was posted here a bit back about traditional rifle-making in 18th century America.

    They used linseed oil a lot when they worked on the metal.

    • Whale oil was common as well.
      You can even buy synthetic whale oil for use in older or replica firearms.

      • Giolli Joker

        Without whale barbecue it’s pointless.

        • John Shore

          Unfortunately whale meat is rather unpleasant; It’s heavy, dense, chewy, and doesn’t taste all that good even fresh.
          The REAL wholesome goodness is Muktuk–the raw fresh blubber with the skin left on; IT tastes like slightly fishy, nutty nougat.

          • Giolli Joker

            I’ve eaten mink whale grilled meat in Iceland and definitely loved it… maybe there are different grades and cuts.

          • John Shore

            I admit that beluga is a little better tasting, but not great. Bowhead is sort of gamey.

          • Giolli Joker

            The idea that mink whale gave me (eaten in Sea Baron, Reykjavik) was a gamey taste with a hint of sea… like a wild hog that spent its life in the sea.
            I really liked it.

          • Bill

            Don’t you have to bury it and let it decompose fro a while to reach tastiness? Like aging a steak?

          • John Shore

            I have to draw the line at that; I won’t eat stink eggs, either. Or duck soup, where it’s the whole duck floating around in there, eyeballs and all.

      • During the early WW2 Pacific campaign, the US Army considered issuing mutton tallow to lubricate the M1 Garand’s bolt cam, before deciding upon the less effective Lubriplate instead. Conventional lubricants were getting washed off in heavy rainstorms, and the unlubricated bolt and op rod would seize together. This is also why they developed the roller cam later used in the T20E2 and the M14.

  • Jsmith

    I think the smoke is just due to the lower smoke point of vegetable oil vs. petroleum based oils. I don’t think any more carbon is getting carried out.

  • Devil_Doc

    Hey.. This is a glass half full situation if I’ve ever seen one. Didn’t anyone else read this and think, “I can now use my wifes canola oil for gun lube”?

    • thedonn007

      I agree, I just need to find some fancy bottles to apply it with.

      • Patrick M.

        I was thinking a cooking oil sprayer. Seems fitting.

      • KyleNo4Mk2

        Get some “Ketchup” type squeeze bottles from a restaurant supply house. Perfect for whatever oil you want to get for your firearm.

    • Plumbiphiliious

      I’ll raise my hand in relative shame.

      I’d really like it if other IR tests were done on other gun oils. PARTICULARLY MINE OF CHOICE IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT…Weaponshield.

      There’s a lot of marketing saying the stuff was uniquely designed by a trained tribologist, and I want to know if there’s anything in there that’s true (all I know is that it does pretty well at rust prevention).

      • prasko

        Weapon Shield was already done if you google around.

      • I’d like to see Frog Lube analyzed, as it has been rumored to be modified Crisco shortening since its release…

    • Mark Wadsworth

      That is what I was thinking.

    • dshield55

      That was the most exciting part! I had been contemplating buying FireClean for sometime, at Larry Vicker’s suggestion, and I would have actually paid full price. Now I’m going to do it immediately, but use Walmart/Great Value brand spray on Canola oil anyway. I love how canola oil really really does prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan, and it just makes soooooooo much sense that if spam wont stick to canola oil coated pans that this will prevent carbon from sticking to my guns internals as well.

      • Dawna Lockhart

        Do not use the sprays. The propellants leave residue. I like baking. I discovered there was a cooked on residue left on my pans that took forever to scrub off. Came to find out that it was due to the propellants in the sprays. My pans clean up much easier now that I put oil on a clean paper towel and wipe on my pans. Knowing this, I wouldn’t trust the sprays on a gun where residue build up could cause a misfire.

        • dshield55

          Sweet. Thanks for that.

        • Danny Willard

          The propellants are usually butane, propane, or freon (in one form or another). Freon may leave a miniscule residue, the butane and propane do not leave any residue. Just an FYI.

          • Dawna Lockhart

            Well, then I don’t know what the residue was. All I know is it had to be scraped off. Only happens with the sprays. Must be something else in there.

      • Robert Saunders

        You can buy a pump-style sprayer and use whatever oil you want in it…no propellant issues and it pays for itself if you use spray oil alot (about $9 dollars I think)

    • Charles

      I had the same thought, I’m gonna buy a bunch of canola oil now πŸ˜›

    • n0truscotsman

      I have used canola before. It was the only thing available at a gas station when i realized i left my lube at home just before heading to a range. Even used it on a suppressed SBR and thought, “oh neat. it works well actually”.

      I shouldve patented and sold bottles πŸ™‚

      • Ripley

        They didn’t have engine oil?

        • n0truscotsman

          They didnt! that was what I was actually gunning for when I went in there.

    • El Duderino

      I use lard. Only downside is every time I shoot I really want to go get a bacon cheeseburger afterward.

      • Sergio Velazquez

        hahahaahaha, thank you, now i am really hungry

    • R H

      The true test isn’t “How well will my wife’s Crisco lube my gun”, but “How good will this chicken taste if I fry it in some Fireclean!?!”

      • Ripley

        Don’t use your wife’s lube.

      • Wife’s Crisco? Hmmm. The kitchen is no place for a woman.


    • Glock Guy

      I did. LOL. Either canola oil or motor oil, 10w 40

  • floppyscience

    This is a perfect example of why I love Andrew Tuohy. <3

  • John

    This is interesting news. Since I already use vegetable oil for making knives, I could also save the leftovers to oil my shotguns with. Unless the buildup of organic compounds in a firearm is a bad thing.

  • Joe Burge

    As a fellow Chemist, I can tell you the data is very good.
    And as the proud owner of several piston systems, I can ask why would you want to dump salad dressing all over your gun?

    • iksnilol

      Because it smells nice?

    • Chi Wai Shum

      This has been said a lot of time. vegetable oil is a totally viable lube. Which makes fireclean even worse, they are not even being creative. They are just using old stuff that most people do not realized.

  • Giolli Joker

    Didn’t you guys run a lube comparison test a couple of years ago?
    Was this one there?

    BTW, I love Nathaniel’s tags to his articles.

  • NormB

    Been using mobil 1 diesel oil for years on ALL my guns. Synthetic grease, too. Think about it. What happens inside a diesel engine and what the oil protects. Learned this trick from a competition shooter friend of mine. I tried a bottle of Frog lube, used CLP for a long time. Even Slik 2000 XWP or whatever. A single quart bottle of Mobil 1 diesel is going to last me for several decades and works just as well as any other oil I’ve ever used. YMMV.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Same here.

    • Biglou13

      What about Mobile 1 oil. I’ve started using Mobile 1 Synthetic “Red” grease recently?

      • Drambus

        Mobil 1 has an amazing additive package, especially their diesel engine formula. bobistheoilguy has some great discussions about various lubricants if you’re interested. I tend to run Mobil 1 5w40 diesel formula oil and Amsoil Multipurpose grease. It’s so cheap compared to all of snake oil out there and this stuff is engineered for moving metal parts that experience high pressure and temperature.

      • n0truscotsman

        Perfect stuff for fighting rifles.

        • Bill

          Guys will open the top cover of a M2 and pour a quart or so in. Sometimes I thought they should be issued bags of OilDry.

    • sckarekrow

      mobile 1 is an outstanding lube. I run Glock mostly, so I just use Air for lube, sometimes ketchup.

      • NormB

        Haha, you joke. Glocks don’t use lube. This is a fact. Gaston Glock himself ran what, ten million rounds through one gun without any failures? And he did it on his lunch hour whilst quaffing a Sommerbock Bier or two? Glocks are perfection. The epitome of the firearm engineering art. One needs special training and permitting though to handle the fabled “Glock Fo-tee” or work for one of the federal alphabet agencies (I saw the video). If anything, Glock are lubed by the tears of their owners’ grief over the cost of stippling a decent grip on them.

        • sckarekrow

          Doesn’t cost me anything :). I do stipple work professionally. Rock on.

        • John Shore

          Glocks are capable of running on so little lube that leaving one next to another brand of gun will result in whatever lube is on the Glock migrating over to the other gun, leaving both lubricated perfectly.

          • iksnilol

            That’s what they mean with perfection.

        • AZSDFT

          It’s just a piece of hardware. I’ll keep using my Ruger P90 and P95 before I ever buy a Glitch…. I mean Glock. And I have seen them “freeze, lock, jam, etc” and need lubricant.

    • lucusloc

      ditto to both the oil and the grease. The only drawback I know of for regular old synthetic automotive oil is its propensity to attract dust in very dry environments. Other than that there is no reason not to use it.

  • Harold

    WTF. Call me duped, but happy I only bought two bottles.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Does this mean I can use Slip EWL to cook a steak in my cast iron skillet?

    • Anon

      Well you can use Ballistol as a cooking oil if need be

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I only use Ballistol on chicken.

    • Joshua

      No. Slip is not a food grade oil.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Too late.
        Steak was perfect and no jams.

  • Darrell

    Try peanut oil instead. Higher smoke point, and tastes better.

    • MarcoPolo

      Yeah, but then you can’t shoot at people with peanut allergies.

      • Shayne Jenkins

        What if I just use Pam?? Maybe the ‘grilling’ version…

      • Timothy Smith

        Oh yes you can! If the bullet doesn’t get them then anaphylactic shock will!

        Is it bad that I’m actually laughing at that thought?

      • Bruce

        People with special rights.

    • John Shore

      How about ‘Pam’ cooking spray? It’s nearly smokeless, has a handy aerosol dispenser, and is zero calories. It’s also just canola (rapeseed) oil. Isn’t that all you could desire in a gun lube?

      • SlowJoeCrow

        Pam is for bicycles. Seriously, cyclocross racers use it to keep mud from sticking to their bikes.

      • Bruce

        Get the butter flavored

      • Bill

        I’ll try it on the blade of my snowplow.

  • Steven Meyer

    Hahaha $15 for 2oz of FireClean vs $10 for a gallon of Crisco… you feel ripped off yet?

  • Sgt. Stedenko

    So it’s cool to discuss this as a conspiracy theory but talking about the collapse of WTC7 will get you banned?
    Because ‘merika!

  • Haunted Puppeteer

    Any product is ‘worth’ what you’re willing to pay for it. That’s capitalism, baby!

    But there’s a wider, and more important lesson to be learned here. Many people feel ripped off, and that’s understandable. So FireClean is quite possibly just gussied up canola oil. How many other gun oils are just repackaged, rebranded, and accordingly marked up?

    It would be nice to see some data on that. But that would be a comprehensive, and expensive study.

    What I think is important is that people be skeptical. Even if these manufacturers come up with some convoluted testing method that makes their product seem superior to product A, B, and C, what does that matter? Will it be worth it compared to a known, inexpensive quantity? To me, even a generous cost/benefit ratio would not have worked in FireClean’s favor.

    Let not best be the enemy of good.

  • Michael Jones

    Still using Ballistol and smiling. Rand CLP…I’m wondering about you now.

    • milesfortis

      I like Rand’s version of CLP over Breakfree’s. None of this shaking it to death to get the Teflon particles into suspension.
      Of course, like the earlier product, I use it because of the price point. ($0.00).

  • Are guns some kind of special contraption that requires special oils for lubricant? No, apparently not. They don’t produce the heat, friction, or compression wear that you find in things like turbochargers. And turbochargers go on for almost ever on regular motor oils.

    As far as I can see there are two reasons to oil a gun. First is rust prevention which is less of a problem with stainless steels. Second is lubrication – the prevention of galling on parts that rub together. As we have seen, almost any oil will handle the latter. I wonder how good vegetable oil is at rust prevention. I guess I prefer petroleum based oils for that reason.

    • Joshua

      Nope. A lot of motor oil with a small amount of ATF is all you need in all environments.

      • John Shore

        Didja know that ATF (Dexron A and B) used to have sperm (whale) oil in it? If you have a can from before 1971 around, it has Moby Dick’s relatives in it.

        • n0truscotsman

          Your comments about the wildlife are hilarious. πŸ˜€

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Next they will used palm oil as the next-generation FireClean. Guess FireClean is environmental hippies loves gun and money but hates pollution.

  • John Shore

    Although I would NEVER impugn the integrity of a celebrity expert operator operating operationally, should one wonder just how many OTHER miracle products touted as the greatest thing since warm buttered (well, margarine’d) toast are nothing more than snake (canola) oil or laundry detergent?
    Wouldn’t it seem obvious that, if ‘vegetable’ lubricants were really all that good, we’d still be using castor oil in our engines and keeping a special stick of high-temperature lard on the shelf in the garage for greasing bearings?
    As a general rule, if we keep petroleum products out of our diet and vegetable or animal fats out of our machinery, all will be well.

  • Evbo

    This doesn’t really mean jack to me, they compared 3 types of oil and they are similar? Why are Canola (Rapeseed) oil and vegetable oil nearly identical as well? Why would you only test 3 types, and how do you know that every single type of gunlube wouldn’t show the same results? You don’t, so until there is more than just this simple test I’m not going to jump to conclusions.

    • Joshua

      Because this guy did the work for free. You can’t go at someone willing to use expensive lab equipment for free and throw 100 products at them.

      No matter what, Fireclean is relabled cooking oil with a price of 15$/oz.

      • Andrew Tuohy

        I was quoted $350 *per sample* for a commercial lab to do similar testing. The university did it out of the goodness of their hearts.

  • allannon

    I have two questions:
    * Does it (canola, not it’s $15/oz rebadge) work?
    * Has anyone tried flaxseed on their guy? (On pans out leaves a nice hard, slick coating.)

    I mean, if we’re converging kitchen and shooting applications anyway, might as well go all-in.

  • Bob

    The question i have for people is will this work and how is it as a cleaner to get the carbon off. I use clp and am going to try slip 2000 in winter but Im curious how well canola oil will work. Guess ill have to try it.

  • USMC03Vet

    Wow. What a twist!
    – M Night Shyamalan

  • Wetcoaster

    So… did none of the Fireclean users start to get suspicious when their guns started smelling like French fries when they got hot?

    Kidding aside, since it’s not being consumed, there’s not reason to use canola (food-grade) over generic rapeseed oil.

    (The story of canola being a more interesting marketing story – a successful attempt to produce an edible rapeseed oil and the name canola created to distinguish it from conventional rapeseed)

    • jess

      if they aren’t using food grade rapeseed oil, i wouldn’t want to breathe any of that smoke.

  • Joshz

    You people are retarded. Its not Crisco. Vurrwapen blog is also is also an idiot. Actually read the patent. Its a combination of 3 plant based oils with vegetable as its base and some small additives. Go look at IS of bio diesel it it looks just like the 3 graphs above. Does that mean i can put crisco in my car now? The circle jerk is way too strong around here and The Firearm Blog should be ashamed of not looking into this deeper.

    • John Shore

      Since you bring it up, if your Diesel engine has the proper conversion, you CAN run Crisco in it. Combustible oil is combustible oil; You could run your Diesel on the oil from baby seals and Polar bear cubs, if you could get enough of it.

    • HKGuns

      Pot meet Kettle.

    • Did you read the article? I state very clearly that it is not Crisco, but that Crisco is a brand that markets canola oil, which is a primary component in FIREClean.

      I scheduled this article the night of my cousin’s wedding, so I didn’t exactly have time to run a 10,000 round test of both FIREClean and Crisco, and I wanted to report on Andrew’s article while it was still relevant.

    • is also is also–Huh!

  • Rob

    I have read that Crisco was originally developed as a machine lubricant, to replace lard. If that is true, I would say it has come full circle. Well, except for the ripping people off part.

  • spitfirerobinson

    Bwahahahaha. I told everybody it was years ago when I tasted it. “This is friggin chip oil!” And the sales rep was soooooo mad. I love having the last laugh.

  • Bill

    The BIG problem here is embarrassment; People thought they were buying some wonder NASA grade engineering marvel, so hence they’ll ignore that the product did exactly what it was supposed to do and get a huffy and whiny. I’ve got a collection of oils, greases, anti-corrosives that for all I know could be KY jelly. it’s like fishing lures – if it looks better, it must be better. On the other hand, if it sounds stupid, but works, it isn’t stupid.

    If it came down to it, you could probably run a gun with a stick of butter if needed.

    • iksnilol

      OOOOOOOoooooooh, a guy did that in Norway. He forgot his gun oil and just took the butter he had packed for the trip. It was during a competition.

      • tazman66gt

        Damn, why do I have a hankering for popcorn? Would suck to be the next guy on the line and smell that, lol.

      • Iggy

        I’m now awfully curious as to why this man was traveling with his own butter.

        • iksnilol

          Uh, lunch?

    • John Shore

      When you mention KY jelly, and a stick of butter, I think of ‘Last Tango in Paris.’ Butter has all KINDS of uses.

    • Alex

      You know…that reminds me of an interesting point. If they had priced it remotely close to the true value then people would dismiss it as junk. The ONLY way to get people to accept that it worked well was to make it seem extremely expensive.

      And now they’re mad because it was cheap all along…people are weird.

  • Bill

    This spectroscopic scan may show that Fire Clean contains Canola oil but does not rule out additives that would have signature outside of this spectral region (which BTW I can’t read in the figures). From my perspective (physics not chemistry) this test is necessary but not sufficient to say it is Canola oil and the smoke tests in the AR don’t say anything. There are many other tests that should be done to prove it is 100% canola oil. Is he sure enough that this is 100% canola oil that he would drink a bottle?

    • John Shore

      Since the bottle and ads claim that the product is non-toxic and odorless, I expect that guzzling down a bottle or two would result in nothing worse than a ‘fluid situation’ emanating from the nether orifice.

    • HKGuns

      Apparently you didn’t bother to read before posting. How typical of a Snake-Oil buyer. The Vuurp article clearly mentions the apparent lack of any additives.

    • Andrew Tuohy

      For what it’s worth I used FireClean to fry some eggs, they were tasty and I am not dead.

      • John Shore

        Did the eggs taste better than the eggs you’ve fried in other, inferior gun lubricants?

      • Iggy

        Try Mobil 1 next, I’m hearing good things about it in the comments.

  • Damocles

    I thought a similar accusation about Ballistol was made a few years ago…..? A big bottle of Crisco is about $2.50, while on Amazon, 2, 2oz. bottles of Fireclean are $31.49. I refrain from using food products on my firearms, that is MattV2099’s department.

  • Tyler McCommon

    I just use Hoppe’s

  • livingonenergydrinks

    Granted any oil will work short term, but what about for long term investment grade firearms. What kind of oils should be used on an OLD 1911 that you want to look the same in 100 years.

    Big thanks to Andrew for the excellent journalism.

    • Mcameron

      honestly, ide go to walmart and buy the cheapest motor oil they have…..and that will work just fine.

      there is no need to use superlube X or vunderlube9000……

      motor oil protects motors under high speed and high heat…..its more than adequate to protect your gun.

    • Bill

      Actually, for a unhandled and unfired gun, I believe wax is the best means of protecting the finish. Most oils eventually degrade over time, granted it may be a long, long time.

      • 277Volt

        Renaissance Wax is good stuff.

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      Lamb fat (Lanolin) is good. It is what they used for armour and swords.

  • Ben Wong

    reminds me of Christian Andersen short tale “The Emperor new clothes” I always used Breakfree CLP if its good enough for my Corps its good enough for me.. and yes I have used other brand but those were “bling” given away during gun expo

    • USMC03Vet

      I use to be a big fan of CLP too. Slip 2000 EWL is my new bae though. No smell, better operating temps, doesn’t evaporate nearly as quickly, and doesn’t attract all the dirt within 10 miles. I mainly use it with my EDC handgun and it’s impressed me a lot.

    • milesfortis

      My first armament instructor had this to say:
      “Yes, there are better lubricants out there than CLP, but I use it because it has one overriding quality that makes all the others pale in comparison……it’s FREE.”
      Later, I also had access to some of these better lubes. I used them because of the price point was the same.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Take the gun, leave the canola oil.

  • Keith Fondaw

    For lube I’ve used mobil one 5w-20 for years. Apply sparingly and it is as good as any for lube. For a cleaner Hopes 9 is hard to beat. No fires or frogs needed to clean a gun.

  • lowell houser

    Best lube for piston guns? Cheap lithium grease. Best lube for AR’s in particular is cheap motor oil, and I’m not surprise that vegtable oil works just as well.

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      Some motor oil can be bad to get in your lungs though which is a problem when they are used so close to the mouth and nose.

  • 6.5x55Swedish

    Could fireClean be forced to tell what the oil is?

  • John

    Is it fraud to say something works well if it does? No. Is it fraud to say it is super special formula better than most other formulas out there? Maybe, if your statement is not true. Is it fraud to charge $8 an ounce to put it in a little bottle with fancy words all over it? Not really as long as the words are not lies. Will people feel stupid that they paid WAY too much for this product? Yes…but did it do a decent job cleaning and lubing the gun? Yes? Well then, learn and move on, it’s not worth losing sleep over a couple of dollars given to a shady salesman.

    BTW, many bottled water companies use tap water put through a filter. Just sayin’

    • Grindstone50k

      Nobody said it was fraud, it’s just shady as fk to mark up canola oil that much and brand and market it it the way they did.

      Plus, who buys bottled water for any reason other than it’s handy to carry?

      • John

        Read the comments below about starting a class action lawsuit.

        • Grindstone50k


          Implying plural. There’s one comment at this time that may be more snark than serious business.

          • John

            All it takes is one comment to start a riot.

            Please remember, most of us on this forum are just voicing opinions. But if it makes me sound more credible….

            class action! class action! class action!

          • John Shore

            Yeah! Let the capitalist oppressors and their running-dog lickspittle lackeys feel the weight of the People’s boots on their necks! Off with their heads! On to the Summer Palace! Them that dies’ll be the lucky ones!

        • zack

          If it is proven to be a canola oil, you can be promised a law firm will have a class action lawsuit again them and I would fully support one against them if the evidence supports it. Are you truly that clueless, you have a company advertising it as special, god like oil that takes space aged equipment to make and are charging people a ton by the ounce. When people find they have been raped for canola oil, they are going to want revenge and their money back and there will be a lawfirm that will be happy to sue.

      • Mike Butler

        But I’ll bet you buy Starbucks swill.

        • Grindstone50k

          What does that have to do with anything?

    • zack

      All it takes is one smart attorney to find one phrase of marketing,
      material or backroom quote and they will have a class action lawsuit
      against them period for fraud. You have no idea how a ton of gun owners
      who feel robbed are going to want revenge and their money back for a
      product that was sold as the next best thing and find out they could buy
      it by the gallon.

  • JT

    WELP. Time to oil guns with Crisco!

  • Do this test with Slipstream Styx from Crusader Weaponry…

  • WasteYourMoneyConsumerSheep

    For all of you dipsh^ts saying “BUT DID IT WORK”…

    It doesn’t matter if it works. It’s exploitation as well as fraud. They patented it as their own formulation. As we can see here, it’s a direct fluid container transfer from one commercially available home cooking product to a gun cleaning product.

    False advertisement and consumer exploitation are both actionable offenses in the eyes of the justice system.

    I’ll admit though: I was pretty close to buying into it too, but then I saw the two f*ckheads in the larry vicker’s video which made Fireclean lose any sort of credibility they made me believe they had in the past.

    • Adam

      It’s not fraud. It would have been fraud to call it a full synthetic oil instead of a natural oil, that’s fraud. A company doesn’t have to tell you what something is made out of, nor do they have to sell you anything at the price in which you like. Most companies sell their products at a raised price to make profit, especially in the jewelry industry which has a usual markup of 200%. You can not claim something IS what it isn’t. They never did that in the legal sense. Who may have screwed up is TFB bluntly saying that it is indeed Crisco. If they said it was like Crisco, that’s a different story, but they said it IS Crisco. So, I see FireClean losing a lot of money because of this story, and then I see them suing TFB on the fact that it is not actually Crisco. A defamation lawsuit would be an easy win here if FireClean is actually not Crisco. It doesn’t matter if it is canola oil, just that it isn’t Crisco. That is where the writer screwed up and left them liable for action.

    • Hi Waste,

      We do not know what FIREClean’s source for the oils is, but I suspect they buy a couple of different vegetable oils and mix them together in a ratio. IMO that’s a pretty thin case for “a special formulation” but it isn’t at least literally buying off the shelf Crisco and pouring it into a cheap applicator bottle.

      Now, my original title for this article seems to have stirred some people up (even though I was very clear what I meant in the article), so I changed it.

  • scotchflavoredchewablevicoden

    I don’t feel so bad for sticking with Mobile 1 synthetic.

  • FlashAndPoof

    Love this article. The IR Spec is damning evidence. Still have a bottle or two left of Fireclean… and I switched to it from CLP since it was less toxic. I think from here on out, I may just use canola oil straight up. πŸ™‚

  • Rick5555

    I’ve been shooting for decades. And always stuck with what works. I use CLP (BreakFree) as a cleaner only. I lube my firearms with Slip 2000 EWL and High temp baring grease….I get at WalMart. For AR’s, I mostly use grease and then Slip 2000 inside the bolt carrier and a bit on the bolt. For hand guns I use grease on the rails and oil in the other necessary places. My under-grad degree is in organic chemistry. And then proceeded to get my M.D. Though the aforementioned test is a good start. A complete analysis needs to be conduct. To ascertain, what other products are present? if any? All these other lubes are petroleum based to some degree. So why not canola oil as it’s base. I think further analysis needs to be conducted. Before a conclusion can be made. Just my opinion. Use what works for you. If you want to spend $25 per oz. and it works. Go for it. However, most lubes will work just fine. I paid $6 for tub of grease that will last a life time. It’s high temp grease made for automobiles. Which will work just fine in a firearm. That isn’t seeing nearing the temps or pressures of a vehicle.

  • Clutch

    Thanks. Never bought FIREClean, but just sent a text to my wife to pick up canola oil!

  • Rick5555

    As far as, Larry Vickers, endorsing and approval of Fire Clean (FC). Well, I bet he’ll vet his next endorsement with more scrutiny. It might hurt his reputation. If Larry was smart. He would hire a public relations person/firm. To do damage control per se. We know Larry is an excellent instructor and is the real deal when it comes to actual operations per se. However, Larry currently makes his living in this industry. And will accept bids and contracts. Hence…selling out. Which Larry did long ago. Where I don’t fault Larry. Is he isn’t a chemist or has any real knowledge of materials, engineering/designing. Larry, should’ve asked for a chemical break down of the product. And of course sign a non-disclosure document, etc. I do believe this will hurt Larry’s reputation in the short term. And who knows what will occur over the long term. If he continues to endorse and back product like FC in the future. Then his career in the firearms industry is done. He should have proper legal representation to handle these matters. Before he goes shooting his mouth off, and endorsing items. That are Not Fully Vetted. Again, just my opinion. However, as a surgeon. I invented some surgical tools a decade ago. Would have cost a small fortune to manufacture it on my own. As well as, be time consuming…which I didn’t have that luxury. Hence, I sold the licensing rights. And now get a percentage of each unit sold…not profit..but on the sales. As well as, an annual fee for the rights for a company to make my product and brand my invention as there. The vetting process for the company making my product took roughly 24 months. Then another 9 months for the attorney’s to iron out the details. Now both parties are happy. And making quite a bit of money…together. Larry should get a good attorney to help him with endorsement deals and other things within the industry too. It’s well worth the time and expense in the long run.

    • Robert Rodriguez

      I don’t think Larry would get utterly destroyed over this as I doubt he had any knowledge of the chemical composition of the lube. FireClean played him and their customers for a chump, so I think that scrutiny should be directed towards them, not Larry.

      • 6.5x55Swedish

        Yeah, all he have to do is to make a video about it explaining that it has worked really well for him in the conditions he uses his guns and talk a little about how we sort of have forgotten about the use of normal stuff as opposed to chemical. And also say that he is sorry that he and the community was fooled.

  • Giolli Joker

    Yep, your comment was delayed but it’s in line with what I replied to Bill…

  • Thom Curry

    I hope LAV doesn’t get too much fall out from FIREclean’s dishonesty. He’s sacrificed a lot for this country, and it would be horribly unfair if this were to taint his reputation.

    • HKGuns

      I didn’t know Delta taught chemistry and lubricants. It will be interesting to hear his response to all of this since he is in it up to his neck.

      Want to bet on his reaction to your thoughts on his “business”?

    • 6.5x55Swedish

      It may be that it har worked really well on his guns. Sometimes we are a bit too quick to throw out the natural stuff. He also don’t use it in extreme cold so he wouldn’t see how it could fail in the cold. It is FIREClean who are the disshonest ones here if it really turns out there is nothing more to it than being normal Crisco.

      • dshield55

        FireClean hasn’t been dishonest. If they were purely canola oil, and not canola oil with other additives, they still haven’t been dishonest. If the product works, then it works. What you pay for it is irrelevant.

        • 6.5x55Swedish

          Just because you don’t lie doesn’t mean you are not dishonest.

  • iksnilol

    But rockets use oil.

  • iksnilol

    A competition shooter in Norway used butter as lubricant. I don’t know how relevant that is.

  • Robert Rodriguez

    If FireClean is Crisco, and Larry Vickers endorses it, then that must be pretty telling about the power of vegetable oil as a legit lubricant. I wonder if I can deep fry my AK?

    • zack

      It becomes thick during cold weather and will cause the weapon to jam. As well as it beings to break down within three days and rots. Also there is not rust protection.

  • Patrick

    So, I can fry something with fireclean if I run out of cooking oil? Awesome!

  • Nick F.

    I’m sorry but this is absolutely hilarious. CLP for life.

  • movarth

    But on the other hand if it works well as lube does that mean it’s a worthless contribution?
    >Cheap fireclean available at any grocery store!

    • Robert Rodriguez

      Don’t forget to dunk your AR in batter first!

  • movarth

    Oh, and Hoppes is scented kerosene if you believe the rumors.

    • iksnilol

      Nah, Hoppes is cologne with additional gun-related properties.

      • Dan

        I was so searching for the hoppes scented air fresheners but could never find them.

  • Stan Bundy

    Actually, looking at the right side of the spectroscopy results, it looks like it’s a plant-based oil of some sort, but not exactly canola or the “vegetable” oil. One of the numbers is off (xxx.56 vs. xxx.72 vs. xxx.88). I wonder if it would be better compared to pure corn oil (which “vegetable” oil hasn’t been for decades), peanut oil, or something else (kelp? algae?)? Either way, it’s close enough to where only the flash point would be different.

    If it’s a common oil, just the custom packaging costs would make it cost 2-3 times more than the equivalent oil in cooking spray (due to market size), and 2-3 times more than that from the tiny packaging costing more. So, it’s really about a 500-1000 x markup, not 10,000 markup, maybe less if if it’s some fringe oil type (imagine if it’s secretly drug grade hash/hemp oil, and the real scam is that the “gun lube” angle was a ploy to sell it OTC to drug addicts? πŸ˜› ).

    • Read the patent, it’s a blend of rapeseed/canola and soybean.

  • Vorant

    The term “Snake oil salesman” springs to mind……….

  • Ken

    Black powder shooters have known for decades that petroleum products gum up when they get burnt and carbony. They only run vegetable or animal based oils. I’ve been using Bore Butter on my AR with the same results.

  • KyleNo4Mk2

    In all honesty I truly believe most “gun oils” are snake oil. Go get some high quality, synthetic, 5w-30 motor oil and you’ll be all set for years. Heck, go get some Crisco too if you want. Personally the only types of “firearm” specific lubricants I will buy are those for the reloading bench; case lube, and bullet lube for cast bullets.

  • Troy Garrett

    The best gun oil on the planet – synthetic 5w-30

  • James

    They responded on their facebook page. Basically saying their product is special and not Crisco and they’ll sue anyone who says otherwise.

    • Adam

      Yep, I saw that. They have all rights to do so also. All they have to do is come out with their actual data sheets on what it is, prove it’s not Crisco, and TFB is screwed. This is why TFB’s Nathaniel needs to learn how to word things correctly. Saying FireClean is like Crisco is way different from a legal standpoint than saying it IS Crisco. Hell, if Crisco wants to get in on the action, they very well could also because of the wording. When being a writer, one should know how to get their point across without getting themselves in hot water. I don’t believe that FireClean is Crisco just rebranded, that would be incredibly stupid. I do believe the chem. makeup is very similar, but they probably changed the formula, or put in an additive which makes TFB’s article basically slander. It WILL cost FireClean money, and they DO have very real grounds to sue on. This wouldn’t be a problem if they said “FireClean was like Crisco, and other canola oils”. However… they didn’t say that.

      • dshield55

        I was thinking the same thing about an hour ago. Nathaniel really smeared them good, and kept it going in the comments. LOL.

        • Adam

          Ya… he did didn’t he. lol He failed at knowing the info he needed to though. The test he based his whole article on only showed the base of what FireClean is, not what it actually is. Then to make such a judgment and to call FireClean out… was just dumb. Then to keep it up was hilarious! Anyway, I’m guessing this is going to get ugly, only time will tell.

          • The guy with the Ph.D said he found no evidence of additives, and the Sugg patent exclusively rules out oils with enough additives to change its properties significant.

            You would know this if you had read the supplementary material.

      • Don Ward

        The word is “Libel” not slander. And in this country it is essentially impossible to prove a libel case. You must prove that the author and TFB acted with malice to intentionally defame.

  • Vorant

    “Gun oil matters” LMAO

  • cs

    Oils are not all made equal.

    • Chi Wai Shum

      This is exactly the problem with Fireclean: they try to tell you they have something better but really it is no better than these cooking oil.

      • Giolli Joker

        Well, not all cooking oils are the same as well.

        According to wikipedia, canola oil has good properties for some industrial uses (and for other, more personal, ones).

        “The oil has many nonfood uses and, like soybean oil, is often used interchangeably with non-renewable petroleum-based oils in products, including industrial lubricants, biofuels, candles, lipsticks, and newspaper inks depending on the price on the spot market. Canola oil is also recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine for use as a vaginal lubrication.”

        • Heartland Patriot

          Yeah, that’s why you shouldn’t eat canola oil. It wasn’t intended for human consumption, but as an industrial lubricant. They later deemed it safe to consume.

        • mxprivateer

          Reminds me of a joke…

          Q: What do you do when your girlfriend starts smoking?

          A: Slow down and use some lube.

        • Ced Truz

          So anyone try coconut oil with their gun? It works great as a “personal lubricant”.

          • TBW

            It makes my gun hard as a coconut shell!

        • Thomas Stuart

          This explains the old saw about treating your gun like your mistress.

  • Thomas S

    Another reason to use Mobil 1

  • Actually the first and most out front person making the statement is…/ir-spectra-fireclean…/

    • Andrew Tuohy

      I state in my article that I do not think FireClean is Crisco.

    • Adam

      You point to an article in which this is said “I did not – and still do not – believe that FireClean is Crisco…”. Nathaniel at the TFB specifically says that FireClean is indeed Crisco, or did you not read the title “Yes it’s true, FireClean is Crisco”. Wording is everything and as a publication, you should know that. Now this article including the title has been copied by everyone needed and you can’t do anything about it but work out crap between you and FireClean TFB. As I said to others before, saying FireClean was like Crisco like Vuurwapenblog, and saying it IS Crisco like Nathaniel did are two very different things. I’m guessing this is going to be pointed out to you in the coming days. Also, the testing done doesn’t actually prove anything other than it is made of vegetable matter, Nathaniel should have been smart enough to research that. The tests that FireClean I’m guessing will provide will prove it is different from Crisco and take the wording used by your writer and greatly use them against TFB.

      • I was using “Crisco” as a general term derived from a brand name – a very common practice (see: Band-Aid, Coke). I am very clear in the article that I do not mean it was literally Crisco.

        Also, everyone who thinks that Andrew’s tests only prove it is “made of vegetable matter” should really read the patent, where it states very clearly that FIREClean is a mix of vegetable oils, chiefly canola and soybean.

  • Southpaw89

    I’ll stick with mineral oils, don’t want my gun lube biodegrading or going rancid over time.

  • I use Wilson Combat oils and grease as well as TW25 on my M1. I don’t use Fire Clean so I can’t speak to this subject.

  • whodywei

    FireClean can always re-brand their product as “tactical cooking oil” and hire Gordon Ramsay as their spokesman.

  • Mrninjatoes

    Thank you Andrew! Fireclean works awesome! Can’t wait to clean my guns with good old store bought Canola oil. I can’t believe all the people defending Fireclean on their Facebook page.

    Andrew keeps it real!

  • Charles E Yow II

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Fireclean works very well. If Fireclean is canola oil and you don’t like the price use canola oil. Snake oil doesn’t work fireclean does.

  • Trust but verify

    And this is why I stayed with Weaponshield through all the hub bub of this brand new stuff! If they can’t be bothered to prove their products, why should I bother to trust it on my firearms.

  • Overthetop

    I’m an organic chemist by training, and I wouldn’t recommend getting too excited about IR spectroscopy. It isn’t very good at determining structure, just determining what type of functional groups are present…and most oils are going to have alkane, alkenes, acids, and ester groups. Until somebody takes a mass spec or NMR, we won’t know anything definitive. Why the good professor didn’t use either of these common techniques is a bit puzzling since neither are expensive or time consuming.

    • boostercup

      Maybe because using the more accurate methods would have been contrary to a possible agenda?

  • sureshot

    Veg oil, when old, breaks down into glycerin which will gum up anything it’s in contact with.

  • Jim B

    mobile one and Ed’s Red should cover most if not all needs.

    • It is interesting to note the ingredients of the original Frankford Arsenal bore cleaner that Ed Harris updated with modern analogues to create Ed’s Red.

  • kabekew

    This isn’t much different than $1 bottled waters that are just filtered municipal tap water.

  • BobMD

    If they’re actually awarded their patent for the process of “depositing a vegetable oil composition on the mechanical component of the device… where the depositing step comprises one of spraying, immersing, or brushing the oil composition on the mechanical component of the device”, I’ll be applying for a patent for the “process of depositing a vegetable oil composition on the surface of a frying pan” and you’ll all owe me royalties.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    This. I’ve been wondering about Froglube since this all started. I bought two oils before getting smart; Kroil, which I do not regret as it’s a good penetrating oil if you don’t want the spray application of PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench, et. al., and I picked up Slip2000 EWL from reading both the Filthy 14 story and the good info from the arfcom posts (surprising) by the owner of Battlefield Las Vegas. Although, he found that Lucas gun oil was possibly better solely on the point of first-round spatter.

    I still haven’t opened the Slip2000, by the way. My current favorite is Ed’s Red, and not just because you mix it at home from known ingredients. I knew ATF was highly detergent from a lifetime of automotive work but never thought to use it on my guns, but I’m glad Ed Harris thought of it. It has replaced Mobil 1 as my “known-good” lube.

    • Dan

      I like Lucas oil products, so when I seen they made a gun lube I bought a bottle if for nothing more than brand loyalty fanboyish reasons. It works well, i used slip before because of availability.

      • Sheldon Robertson

        Just use their upper cylinder lube. Its pretty similar in consistency to military CLP. I think it’s closer than civvie CLP brand CLP. I use brake cleaner to clean metal parts. The only firearm specific cleaner I use is WW2 U.S. Army bore cleaner which is based on cresyllic acid. (I might have spelled that wrong ) It smells like an arms room and shreds copper fouling. Its also cancer in a bottle.

        • Dan

          Interesting i might try that. Ive used their synthetic oil stabilizer as a lube. Also I think now days at least in California everything is cancer in a bottle.

  • Hey doctor

    My weapons specialist of choice Doctor T. Con esquire the third, prefers this. If he says it’s good, then I’d have to agree.

  • mosinman

    Motor oil looks better and better, figures the Nicaraguan army used motor oil to lube their AKs back in the 80’s (cheap and effective)

  • jdhorndog

    LARRY Vickers, You & your sales buddies for FireClean out to Hang.

  • Dan

    To quote someone who’s job it is to analyze these things, “I work on analyzers such as infared spectrometers and gas chromatographs for a living. Do not be fooled when someone shows you a graph like that. Look at the transmittance ranges between the three graphs. There are varying amounts of each components in each type of oil and they will be made up of the same type of components because they are all oils, therefore they will all elude out at the same wavelength. This is simply another case of the media showing you what you want to see and not the whole truth.”
    Dont believe bullshit just because it claims to be amazing and ground breaking

    • Bill

      Not all science is good science and there should be binders full of controls and methodologies in a proper test. Someone’s already pointed out that there wasn’t a control, It wasn’t blind, there isn’t discussion of sample size and no one has replicated it, so it’s an interesting experiment, but doesn’t meet the level of scientific rigor and validity to be called conclusive.

      Sill, it’s probably canola oil.

      • The patent explicitly says so. Everyone seems to be missing that fact. Andrew’s post is just the cherry on top.

    • JNilla

      Except, of course, for the fact that they contacted a professor at the University of Arizona that specializes in organic chemistry, not to mention there is no need for control as this is just telling us what it is. There is nothing to test here other than an identification of the material.

  • Nomar Abdiel Vazquez Vazquez

    wonder if some genius will try to use bacon grease…

  • Abram

    Next they’re going to tell me that it’s not vegan, fair-trade, shade grown or gluten free. And I’ll laugh harder.

  • Jim

    How much was Larry Vickers paid to endorse it?

  • WYates

    This is old news to black powder shooters. Plant and animal based oils for lubing guns – it’s what’s usual if you are burning charcoal, since any petroleum-based oils tend to create harder fouling and jam things up. I think its actually kind of cool that so many people have now unwittingly validated one of the old stand-bys as a modern firearms lube. I suspect, as others have suggested, that Froglube’s time will come when it will be shown to be ‘old tech’ as well. Makes a good patch lube though, and also seems to do well over the round balls in an 1860 Army.

  • Limousine Liberal

    Oh, man, lots of organic chemists on gun blogs these days who can look at spectroscopy for the first time and conclude “beyond any doubt” that Fireclean is canola oil. Lol. Gimme a break. The proportion of people that can look at those results and conclude anything of merit is very slim and I’m pretty sure that not a single person that writes for TFB ranks among them.

  • oldman

    This is no different then calling recycled cooking oil bio diesel.

  • cons2p8ted

    Today’s special! Buy a bottle of Fireclean and get a free “pet rock”!

  • Content not available—

  • Barney Samson

    Lav hawking this swill saddens me about the same way as when Carroll Shelby was hawking that for-crap z max. Saddens me but in no way surprises me. Just goes to show that most men have a price, nothing new here.

  • Tess T Kohls

    I believe their patent is a special blend of both canola and vegetable oil. In what ratio? We may never know. LOL.

  • Jeff

    Seriously, who cares what it’s made of? It works exactly as advertised. The only reason people care is because for some reason gun guys lately have attached our gun lube to our egos, acting like children arguing about “whose dad can beat up everyone else’s dad.”

    While all of us internet commandos are arguing about it, you know who’s been happy with FIREClean? SOCOM. They love the stuff. A forrmer SF guy was the one who turned me onto the stuff.

    • Dan

      For the record my dad probably can’t beat up anyone, he’s quite old and frail.

    • I wonder how some of those guys in the field feel about being charged $8/oz for a canola oil/soybean oil mixture.

    • CommonCents

      Water keeps you alive too, you gonna pay 10 bucks a bottle?

  • Ethan

    I’m a chemist and specialize in chromatography, gas and liquid. For the laymen out there chromatography is separation and isolation chemistry. I actually measure fatty acids in my lab, and can definitely devolope a method to test these two oils very easily. May be a few weeks, but I will have results that will probably match the OP.

    • CommonCents

      Would be an interesting video!

      • Giolli Joker

        Probably a boring one, but very interesting results for sure.

    • If you go forward with this, please send me the results via email.

    • n0truscotsman

      That would be super awesome. Im curious as to what results other testing will yield.

  • Gun_Collector

    Do bloggers have any journalistic integrity? The title of this article is Slanderous, Sensational and Misleading. Even if the product were made from a blend of vegetable oils as the patent would detail, it is not Crisco. The title of the article is click bait and opens the author and the Firearms Blog up to a serious slander and defamation lawsuit that they will likely and should lose. In addition to the click bait title, the whole impetus of the article is based on allegations made by a competitor (George Fennell of Weaponshield and formerly FP-10). The graphs show similarities between oils. Why not do the same test on other oils as well to see if there is a similarity? I am not an organic chemist, but I know enough that the slightest change in a molecule can have a dramatic impact on the structure of matter. Even a slight percentage change is enough to make the difference from a failure to a success.

    I have used FireClean for 2 years now. Guns that get heavy use and guns that are stored for long periods of time. FireClean has worked where many others have failed. I trust my EDC and therefore my life to it everytime I leave my home. If it contains Vegetable oil, so be it. It is a proprietary blend and formula that works and it is certainly not Crisco. I am commenting because a competitor driven hatchet job of an article like this can ruin a good company, with good people over nothing more than click bait.

    If the author of this article asserts that FireClean is Crisco I challenge him to stand by his claim and deep fry a serving of French Fries in FireClean and eat them all. Post a single cut video opening sealed bottles of FireClean and cooking and eating. I’m sure that your editors would spring for the bottles. Heck I’m sure FireClean would provide them.

    • Don Ward

      Slander is verbal.The word you want to Google is “Libel”. And when you find the Wikipedia entry for “Libel” you’ll learn that in this country it is pretty much impossible to carry a libel case through to its conclusion.

      • Gun_Collector

        Ahh you got me, I made an improper word choice. I may have even used a than instead of a then, at least I didn’t use clip instead of mag……..

        • Don Ward

          Indeed. But the main point that I made still stands. Libel is almost impossible to prove in this country nor do I believe TFB and the author acted in a malicious way to intentionally defame FireClean. That is the key point.

          • Gun_Collector

            And my main point still stands that this is a poor Click Bait title for an article that undermines the credibility of a blog many go to for advice and information on firearms. Also the motivations and intent of the author are suspect given the involvement of a competitor in the research process. It’s like the Coalition for Gun Violence paying for a study on how evil are guns. Sure it is filled with glossy charts and pictures and “facts,” but it was still commissioned by a biased organization.

          • Don Ward

            Fair enough. And that is the correct tact to take if you disagree with what Nathaniel wrote.

          • Abram

            What’s that shrill, buzzing sound?

      • Adam

        Well… all they have to do is prove it isn’t Crisco. TFB kinda screwed themselves by naming the oil by name that FireClean is supposed to be… That was the mistake. Crisco could probably get in on the action also since their name is now roped in with firearms and what they can make that out to mean.

        • Gun_Collector

          Some guy on Instagram already did videos of him frying eggs in FireClean and eating them based on this article. If he gets sick……….

    • Cooking food with FireClean has already been done according to some comments. I believe Andrew mentioned it.
      You’re just angry because you us FireClean. Hey if it works for you great. Nobody ever said it didn’t work. Read the patent app.—3 kinds of veggy oil.
      We won’t be having a cookout just because of a silly challenge.

      • Gun_Collector

        I am angry because your original Article Title said: “Yes, It’s True: FireClean is Crisco.” That was a bold faced lie. It was sensationalist click bait similar to the strategies used by the anti-gun crowd when they spout their misleading and untrue rhetoric. You were playing with people’s emotions in the title trying to get them stirred up and think that FireClean is the same thing they have in their pantry. You say later in the article that Fireclean is not Crisco, yet still chose to run that as the title. That is item that makes me angry. You are using lies to get attention for a hatchet job article on a member of the 2A community. With that I strongly disagree. The article would have stood well and on its own with the current title. It still would have gotten your point across just fine and still caused much controversy.

        Yes I use FireClean. I also use Breakthrough clean, Remmington Oil, Hoppes #9, Italian Gun Grease and All Star Tactical’s Snake Oil. I Do not use Frog Lube because I have had issues with it, but I respect the company. if you had lied in an article title about Frog Lube I would have been just as angry. This is not the editorial standard for which your blog should be known.

  • Adam

    A spectroscopic test is not good enough to tell you anything other than the bases. Yes, it is a natural oil, big whoopty doo. To say it is Crisco (read the title, wording is everything in court) is where the writer went wrong. It was a stupid mistake, and I think they will pay for it. FireClean isn’t doing anything fraudulent. Unless they said it WASN’T vegetable oil, they have done nothing wrong. Every type of oil, lubricant, or viscous fluid is made of something already on this earth, nothing is new. Motor oils are all about the same, as is gas, and sunscreen, and pretty much everything else with very little differences. This is the way the world works. This is why some people don’t patent their recipe/formula of their product… it allows other companies to nearly duplicate it and get away with it with very little changes. Basically, the gun owners can’t do anything because FireClean didn’t do anything illegal. TFB said FireClean is Crisco (again, read the title, point blank, that’s how it reads). Now rather that was an overlook by the writer is neither here nor there, but it happened, and it can be shown in court like that. As a writer you have to be careful about how you word things… what you write and what you mean can be different enough to get you into trouble.

  • Tassiebush

    I’m really enjoying the discussion of alternative lubricants.

  • Don Ward

    For all the would be keyboard lawyers bandying around the word “Libel”, I’ll remind folks that libel is almost impossible to prove in this country. More important, you must demonstrate the individual who is committing the libel is doing so with malicious intent meant intentionally to defame. I don’t believe that this is the case with Nathaniel or TFB. I’d direct individuals to take a gander at the Associated Press Style Book and Libel Manual for a refresher on media law.

    • Adam

      Actually… it would be easy in this case as they specifically named what they say FireClean IS in the title and then said this: “FIREClean was canola oil, commonly sold under the brand name β€œCrisco”. Then, they say that FireClean cheated its consumers. It is also not “almost impossible” to prove, especially when FireClean has such an easy case with what was said in this blog. I’m guessing however that the actions and outcome that are to follow this whole thing will prove who is right.

      • Don Ward

        Are the author and the editors of TFB trying to intentionally defame FireClean in a malicious manner? That is the key to a Libel suit. And it is difficult to prove in this country.

        • Gun_Collector

          It depends if they have ever accepted advertising dollars or are actively soliciting a FireClean competitor.

      • Don Ward

        Again, it is the acting with malice in an attempt to defame that is the issue. That is an issue you must take up with Nathaniel and TFB. As for the word “Crisco” yes there is the actual brand name of that product with its proprietary formula. Or are we talking just a general usage of the term. Kind of like how the word “Coke” is used to describe a variety of Cola soft drinks in the South.

  • Adam let’s not insult our writers.

  • Giolli Joker

    That was the great comparison I remembered.
    Actually I think it was posted on TFB as well.

  • me ohmy

    thanks.. I’ll stick with CLP.. been using it since I found it in the USMC, and will continue to use it. canola oil is crap with bad health issues, too much heat damaged omega 3 OMEGA 3 is bad..but oxidised Omega 3 is even WORSE for you.
    bad for your heart, and totally unworthy of my guns, and their upkeep.
    I AM NOT IMPRESSED…PASS, and use cold pressed olive oil instead,for your food…not your guns

    • TJbrena

      What about using olive oil to clean a Beretta?

      • lowell houser


      • CommonCents

        Only if it’s cold pressed extra virgin!

      • me ohmy

        excellent, with garlic and a nice Chianti and fava beans

    • CommonCents

      Exactly, coconut oil is much healthier.

  • zack

    Well Fireclean is scrubbing their face book post of any questions and all negative comments and then blocking people. I simply asked for “does it contain any canola oil, that their PR response has refused to even refute the findings.” The way they are handling their customers question tells me enough.

    • CommonCents

      Bingo, it’s not often the “crime” that does you in, but the coverup.

      Their reaction has confirmed the story 100%.

  • fridaysmyday

    I use 10W30 motor oil in all of my firearms, cheap and does the job. We used it in Iraq with all that sand and never locked up, worked like a charm then and still does now on my personal firearms, good enough for my car’s engine that gets just as hot as my firearm if not hotter, it’s good enough for my guns.

    • Alex

      I use the same food grade machinery oil for EVERYTHING in my house. I just figure for things your’re handling often or items around pets and children, food grade makes sense.

      I dunno…something to think about.

      • CommonCents

        How is it for high temps, smoke point?

  • fridaysmyday

    Is that so, “oil is oil”? Would you use canola in your new Mercedes Benz?

    • sckarekrow

      I don’t have a mercedes. I prefer cars that run. Same reason I shoot Glock.

      • Heartland Patriot

        Sorry to tell you, but Mercedes run great. In fact, very few makes/models of cars have serious problems anymore, thanks to new engineering and testing techniques. You are most likely to have accessories break down on you versus powertrain components…why do you think that companies are cool with those longer powertrain warranties? They don’t give those out of the goodness of their hearts, they know you are unlikely to need it.

      • cs

        Mercedes diesels are known as the million mile cars. And its widely regarded that the 300d from the 1980s had one of the best diesel engines of all time.

      • Eric Shearer

        I have an ’83 mercedes diesel with over 300,000 miles that’s running still. I also have a glock 17, but rarely shoot it, don’t like the feel of it

        • Matt Bennett

          Is how a gun feels more important than how it performs? Hey, it’s your life not mine, but people’s priorities confuse me sometimes.

          • Eric Shearer

            You are assuming I’m shooting something else that’s not as reliable

            as my Glock. That’s not the case.

    • Matthew

      Yes I can use canola in my new mercedes turbo diesel engine as fuel, not as lubricating oil.

  • bushisan

    OMG people its not food safe cooking oil.
    if you use cooking oil its going to dry a tacky film inside your gun.
    That yellow crusty stuff in the corners and crevice of your cooking pans is what will happen to your gun. Like the yellowish brown ring around a well used deep fryer.
    The slightest change on that graph they posted makes it no longer cooking oil. And I would not be trusting bloggers.

    • CommonCents

      Larry is that you? πŸ˜‰

  • Rick O’Shay

    I’m pretty certain froglube is just coconut oil with some kind of mint extract added for scent… they have similar melting points.

  • Ripley

    I used dry lube (wax or glyceryl?) on my bike chain in the 90’s but I didn’t think it lasted long, especially in rain. Don’t think it handles heat well either.

  • Alex

    My rule of thumb is the availability of ASME test data. If they publish it, the product is legit.

    If they don’t, then they’re hiding something. Either they couldn’t pass, didn’t pass, or didn’t even try. If they didn’t even try to test it, then what are they basing their claims on?

  • Heartland Patriot

    Firearm lubrication products come and go…I’m sticking with CLP.

  • tony

    motor oil is what I use, a tiny bit goes a long way

  • Except for the one guy who copied and pasted part of Nathaniel’s article.

    • drew

      It was not me, I did the one using every single hipster buzzword and catchphrase I could think of

  • CommonCents

    I’m gonna try some astroglide!

  • Sheldon Robertson

    Why is everyone looking for miracle non toxic food grade (snake) gun oil? A seMi automatic firearm is an internal combustion engine. It is made out of the same materials to run at the same tolerances under similar conditions. Uuse the same chemicals as cars use.

    B-but-but Sheldon, those is toxic! So is the lead you are exposed to when shooting. Wash your hands.

    In b4 “I only shoots copper boolits…”

    • Alex

      Because most people handle their guns a lot more than they shoot them ;-p

      There are excellent products marketed as “food grade multi-purpose oil”, but without a sexy trouser-tightening name people don’t get very excited. The ASTM test data reveals all mysteries lol.

    • n0truscotsman

      LOL so much truth there. You are getting far more damage from lead in an indoor range, than you are from the ‘toxic lube’. Outdoors, the risk is negligible.

      I’ve seen others make that “oh but motor oil/grease is toxic when heated!”. SO what? wash your damn hands and stop licking your guns. Or shooting with your mouth open.

  • Dawna Lockhart

    While there are distinct similarities in the spectrometer results between canola and Fireclean, there are also discrepancies that lead me to think Fireclean is a blend of plant based oils.

    I would hazard a guess that graseed, safflower, and linseed oils are worth investigating as possible ingredients. Grapeseed oil is used as the carrier oil for essential oils in the heated inscense pots due to high smoking point. Safflowe oil is used for sauteeing and searing without producing smoke. Linseed oil is used as the base for oil paints where the artist mixes own pigments and in leather and wood conditioners.

    • docmerlin

      linseed is a drying oil, it doesn’t work well as a lube.

    • Zebra Dun

      We used to spread sticky linseed oil on our wooden M-14 stocks.
      Sticky and weapons operation are terms best avoided.

  • Dawna Lockhart

    No, don’t. The cooking sprays have propellants that can leave residue and build up. Ask anyone who bakes cookies regularly. Sprays leave a film that takes steel wool and lots of elbow grease to scrub off. That doesn’t happen when wiping on oil with a clean paper towel. I don’t trust the sprays on guns due to possibility of residue causing misfire.

  • Yes indeed we will be testing just as you described.

    • Abram

      If you quacks at TFB don’t use Fireclean, CLP, Remoil, and Froglube and Astroglide in a side by side bakesale cookoff comparison, you’re all a bunch of faux-journalist sellout internet shills…..apparently:)

  • Yes indeed we will be testing various oils just as you described. Plans are already in the works.

    • n0truscotsman

      I will be eagerly standing by then πŸ™‚

  • Rock or Something

    The next time I run out of cooking oil, I guess I can throw fireclean into the pan.

  • Adam

    Just remember, you can’t patent something that’s already out on the market…

  • Chris McConnell

    I’ve spent a fair amount of time using high end spectroscopy equipment in a lab. Those samples look similar, but there are differences between them. There isn’t enough information in this article to tell anything definitive.

  • John McPherson

    Two words “Eds Red” all you need to know.

  • Mish

    This is like repackaging sugar and calling it a new improved sweetener and charge $100 a pound. The product may do everything that it claims but you still feel ripped-off.

  • Greg

    Froglube is actually made out of plant esthers, that is where they get the smell from. That is also why it is bio-degradeable, and why it freezes in the cold.

  • Jerry

    Plant based CLP’s (Froglube), and Canola oil based oils (FireClean)?!?! What are they trying do, oil guns or make salads?
    Honestly, that is why I’m glad that I found this stuff found Breakthrough Clean. They make solvents, oils, and greases. My range started carrying it, and at first I thought it was another hyped up snake oil. I can attest that it is great stuff.

  • Gun_Collector

    Journalistic integrity is not using a lie in the title of the article to get it to go viral. “Yes, It’s True: FireClean is Crisco” was not true. It misled people to believe that FireClean was no different than what is in their pantry. The current title could very well be accurate, but there are many types of vegetable oil and many grades of vegetable oil. There is nothing wrong with the current title, but are you going to defend the original lie?

    • n0truscotsman

      Only the TFB crew can know why they changed the title, but Im going to guess its because of litigation happy asshats and guys like you that cannot read or understand context; personally, i would have left it. Like how they used “crisco” to generalize vegetable oil in the same manner one generalizes carbonated drinks as “cokes”. “Crisco” the name brand isn’t the only canola oil out there, but many generalize it as “Crisco”, capice?

      “It misled people to believe that FireClean was no different than what is in their pantry.”

      It is essentially the same, according to the data. Its basically canola oil known by “crisco” and other brands.

      Funny thing, FC didn’t refute any of the chemistry.

  • Danny Willard

    Ok, so if it works, use it. Either as canola oil or as the gun oil product. If you feel screwed, deal with it and move on. It is probably not the first time and is not likely to be the last.

  • Michael A. Loomis III

    Next thing you know, Andrew is debunking Liberal Tears and telling us they’re not actual tears of libs.

    • CommonCents

      Crocodile tears.

  • Alex Woinder

    Look man I’m not saying it is or it isn’t. But to settle things one should compare them directly in the field, words are words. Try to shoot 3000 rounds with pure canola oil on a m249 and then 3000 rounds with FireClean, check the results, end of history. Regarding this specific case to get to a conclusion is so much easier to do practical comparisons then argue in an endlessly discussion.

    • Zebra Dun

      I volunteer to shoot the weapons if somebody provides them, the oil and the ammo!

  • n0truscotsman

    “So we were in the middle of baking
    some gluten free, sustainably sourced, all organic, artisinal Banana
    Bread and the recipe called for Rapeseed Oil, unfortunately when we rode
    our dutch-style single speed bicycles to Earth Fare and Whole Foods we
    found out that the mouth breathing cis-gendered sithlords there had not
    stocked any Organic Rapeseed Oil that day πŸ™ (micro-aggressions
    triggered!) Luckily, I had two 4 ounce bottles of Pure Rapeseed Oil
    courtesy of the great people at Fire Clean LLC, and it only cost me
    $31.49 (and free two-day shipping!). The Banana Bread turned out great,
    Rapeseed Oil is good if you want to cut back on your bad cholesterol
    levels and still enjoy all organic, gluten free banana bread

    One “reviewer”

    Dear god, Im dying of laughter!!!

  • blogagog

    Crisco Pure Vegetable Oil is soybean oil, not canola oil (aka rapeseed oil).

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Maybe you should do FrogLube next. It’d be interesting to see if its just “i cannot believe its not butter” + mint and green dye.
    It’s my favorite lube but I have my suspicions now with this.

    • CommonCents

      I read it was soybean oil with mint added to cover smell.

  • joedeats

    Mobil 1 synthetic, 4 bucks a quart, won’t freeze, won’t cook off, protects for months when left on. Frog lube is nice but in cold climates it gets sludge prone. Never bought into the fireclean thing.

    • CommonCents

      Notice fireclean has 1 yr shelf life like veggie oil does.

      I think I’ll start a new lube company, cocoClean! Smells good too!

  • 2hotel9

    Y’all all do know that grease collected from cooking a pig, or any pork cuts, is excellent lubricant. Right? You should be far more concerned with what cleaning agents/solvents you use, and be absofukinglutely sure to THOROUGHLY lubricate after cleaning.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

    • squareWave

      During WWII civilians were encouraged to donate leftover grease and fat from cooking for that very reason. They were processed into lubricants for the military.

      • 2hotel9

        And let us not forget the Sepoy Mutiny.

        The rendering of various animal fats was the only source for oils/greases used by humans for the vast majority of our history. Use of petroleum type oil products was very limited, though not unheard of until recently, historically speaking.

  • Jamie Clemons

    I wonder if it works similar to seasoning a cast iron skillet. Where the oil burns off but leaves a protective coating behind.

  • Beyondbreakeventrading

    I’m adding just a dash of lemon salt to all my guns, and maybe a drop of balsamic.

  • Beyondbreakeventrading

    I once researched this “miracle” diswasher rinse guaranteed to make your glasses shine. It was just citric acid.
    I read somewhere that WD40 is just fish oil.
    This has been going on for a long, long, time.

  • Margarine=puss,,,

    So I guess my “Gun Butter” idea isn’t going to fly now? The stick was really…handy. Bummer.

  • OldNorthState

    Never ceases to amaze me how so many are ready to jump on the “I’ve been victimized!” bandwagon, even with something as innocuous as a gun lube, for heaven’s sake. So, someone discovers that a non-petroleum based oil makes a good firearms lube, works out a marketing plan, sells the product and everybody’s happy – UNTIL some “helpless & victimized” schmuck decides “somebody’s done something to me, and actually made money off of me!!!” – sob, sniffle, sob – and all the rest of the crowd “goes lemming” and gets their panties in a twist, too. As a corollary, our country is practically in ruins because of this sort of BS, and all else that it relates to. (And it does ultimately relate to our “let the government take care of me” and anti-capitalistic attitudes.)
    God help us.

    • J S

      Snake oil selling Carpetbaggers in the west pretty much thought the same thing.

    • Zebra Dun

      Amsoil, was Peanuts if I recall.

      • OldNorthState

        I believe it might have actually been, or is, soy-based, though it’s highly formulated/modified, obviously. Good product, regardless; I run it in a really “serious” 2300cc motorcycle (yes, 2.3 liter).

        • Zebra Dun

          Was this related to the Amway oil replacement product of the mid 70’s?

    • CommonCents

      Would you like to buy some bottles of dihydrogen monoxide from me? Only 10 bucks a bottle. It works keeping you hydrated too.

      • Zebra Dun

        I heard California wanted to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide because people get killed when exposed to large amounts of it with out protective gear, life vest and such LOL For the Chillern’s they said.

  • E.D. Sartin

    Would you like Fire Clean and vinegar on that salad Sir?

  • J S

    Quick question, I am Italian. Should I use Olive Oil in my firearms? Will Prego work as well also?

    • CommonCents

      Only cold pressed extra virgin πŸ˜‰

  • Jenny Everywhere

    Crisco is not made of canola oil. It’s made of soybean oil and palm oil, most of it hydrogenated so it’s solid at room temperature.

    Did anyone think to do spectroscopy on some actual gun oil OTHER than FireCLEAN, as a comparison? Maybe that’s just the spectrum of a whole class of hydrocarbons.

    • CommonCents

      They aren’t talking about that but crisco vegetable oil/canola oil

  • Zebra Dun

    I’ve never used the stuff on anything.
    It doesn’t sound to me as if it is a product I would trust putting on a firearm.
    Then again I ain’t no rocket scientist nor firearms expert.
    I do recall the Peanut motor oil during the 70’s oil crisis said to be better for a car’s engine than regular oil.
    The fellow selling it used it in his car which blew up.

  • desert

    I wil stick with “Silver Bullet” gun oil, because ALL muslims are running short of a bit of pig juice!!

  • 1911a145acp

    1st time I used Fireclean to clean Wolf ammo fowling off my weapon light- I was amazed! I told my shooting buddy who had suggested it to me- “It smells like corn husks or corn oil.” He sez” I don’t know, but it works!” I ordered 2 bottles at $13 a bottle. Have I been duped, fooled or taken advantage of? Not really. The marketer never claimed anything other than performance, which it does. I have been using Mobil 1 Syn engine oil and grease as weapon lubes for 30 years- works for me. I was cleaning wood stocks on an old gun with Orange oil a few months back, peeked down the bore, saw fouling and 20 years of gunk in there, had the spray bottle in my hand figured what the hell. Squirted some down the bore, forgot about it, pushed a patch through about 2 hrs later- Surprise! Looked like new!

  • Steven Parker

    I don’t always make comments on these blogs but on this I have to.I use to assemble turbine engines and to prelube the parts as they were assembled we used crisco. When you first started the engine it smelled like you were making cookies.I watched the video and read all the comments and My 2 cents is I would rather not pay the high price for fire clean. I also have watched Larry Vickers on a lot of show’s and he seams like he will endorce anything as long as they are paying him.So if you want to pay a lot to do the same thing you can doo for a lot less,go for it.I am also a piston type so I only have to clean the piston and just wipe down the bolt.I think the big thing here is clean your guns when you can and lube what you have to lube ,but don’t over do it.

  • walt12

    Can’t trust anyone anymore.

  • Dragonheart

    Do any of you guys actually cook? If not I do and can tell you Canola Oil smokes like crazy at high temp so I use Peanut Oil, like most of the fast food establishments for the same reason. Maybe we should all be using Peanut Oil on our guns instead? LOL

    There is a difference in oils and it is typically additives, but if you want the best luberication for your firearm try Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil. It’s thick and very slick so it stays where you put it to provide lubrication where it’s needed and not all running down the outside and other areas.

  • CommonCents

    Half the guys defending the product won’t buy again. The other half are too stubborn lol. The company better deal with the perception problem quickly instead of being defensive and censoring comments on their social media.

    Their reaction makes them look really guilty. They Need professional PR advice.

  • Big R

    Wouldn’t you know, I fell for it. I read an article in Guns Magazine about Fireclean, and bought an “iddy biddy” bottle of it to try out. I even had to pay shipping! Just my luck! My wife had a half gallon jug of Crisco Canola Oil in the cabinet. It could last me another 20 years! I’m going to quit reading these gun magazines touting new products. Their wanting these companies to advertise in their mags to make profit at our expense. This fish “ain’t gonna” bite the first worm I see, until I read about it proven by years of research that says worms are really all protein. As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a Maroon”! I’m so embarrassed!

  • Eddiespaghetti

    Did anyone stop to think that the extra smoke coming out of the ejection port was the fireclean being burned up???

  • anomad101

    Snake oil.

  • Isaac Arnold

    Ballistol has been around since 1904 and is today still an excellent product. You can use it on metal, plastic and leather. It will bring out the color and grain on finished and unfinished wood. It will clean rubber and prevent it from drying out. BUT YOU CANNOT FRY CHICKEN IN IT.

  • Noel

    I’ve been using Mobile 1 synthetic motor oil in my guns for years after I clean them. I will continue to do so. It way cheaper per ounce than all that high priced garbage and I have never had any problems with any of my guns.

  • Ced Truz

    On the bright side, I can now lube my guns with cheap Crisco and never have to by expensive gun lube again!

  • FinallyFree

    Here is the IR spectra for linoleic acid….. so the above article proves absolutely nothing!

  • FinallyFree

    Here is the IR spectra for dodecanoic acid, tri-methyl ester with glycerol. The above article simply shows that the FireClean containes a bio-based lubricant. The IR spectra is not good enough to identify differences between closely related chemicals. It is NOT a good way to determine what is in the product.

  • Well, oil is oil is oil right? Not all oil is created equally for sure, but they all have similar properties. Some are better in different applications than others as well. Are some oils developed specifically for firearms? Yes. Can you use them for other stuff? Yes. Will those oils be better in some applications? I think so. I’ve used synthetic motor oil to lubricate tiny precision ball bearings in my model cars. I will probably start using it on my guns for the small parts in my AR or the slide on my Kimber. I used special oil designed specifically for electric motor bushings on them as well. I’ve used lots of firearms specific oils on other stuff too. My M 7 Pro and FP10 work fantastic as a household lube for just about everything. FP 10 will clean bearings and bushings out and lube them at the same time like crazy. Hoppe’s gun oil is good for guns, but also works good on worn out bushings and plastic parts. Some oils aren’t good for plastic or rubber as it will make it swell. There are exceptions. You wouldn’t use oil designed for a jet engine in your car because it wouldn’t provide enough lubrication. In the jet engine, it’s designed more to carry away heat and not lubricate because jet engine compressor and turbine shafts are supported by roller-bearings. For firearms though, you can get away with certain things. Can you use canola oil on your gun? For sure. Will it work as good as FireClean? I think so. Will I try it? Probably, but I have about $25 in other oil I need to use up for now.

  • Richard Chelvan

    I can’t believe that Larry Vickers is pushing this snake oil. I wonder how much his cut is? Why pay for the Fireclean markup when you can go to a store and buy Crisco instead? LOL!

  • Eric B.

    THANK YOU for this info. I guess PT Barnum’s dictum, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” still holds true. Maybe even Barnum would have been taken in by the slick ads.
    Lordy, it takes brass balls to promote vegetable oil this way!

    I hope this de-bunking of FireClean gets around to all shooting websites.

  • smartacus

    Which is better for my Saturday Morning Unspecial?
    Soybean oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

  • Joe

    Sorry to burst ur’alls bubble but ir spec is NOT a definitive id tool. It’ll tell you what types of chemical moities are present but not their concentration.

    Think of it this way. Hdpe, ldpe, and ultra-high hdpe will all have the same ir spec but VERY different properties.

    Additionally, ir spec won’t capture most inorganic compounds.

    I’m not defending cleanfire. I’ve never used their oil before, but people need to know the limitations of the analytical method they are looking at.

    A GCMS or other mass spec method would give a more definitive answer.

  • Michael Valera

    Sooo… if oil is not made from dead dinosaurs, whales, or other dead animals, it’s made from plants. I really, really do not understand what the issue is.

    Does it not do what it says it does? According to the patent it’s a blend of multiple oils, so sorry it’s not straight crisco.

    Its seems like the internet is getting its panties in a wad over nothing.

  • Zoroaster

    Hoppe’s #9 = Paraffin Lamp Oil

    Just sayin guys