Taofledermaus’ Vapor-Trail Shotgun Slug

You can always count on YouTuber Taofledermaus for new, interesting, and/or random shotshell creations. This time he took another shot at creating a shotgun round that would leave a visible vapor trail, utilizing the bulb of a transfer pipette to contain the liquid.

How would you guys create a vapor trail?

Oh, I don’t have to add the “do not try this at home” disclaimer, do I?


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  • Don Ward

    Not for use in E-Cigarettes.

  • GaryOlson

    The way that projectile wobbles you’d think it’s been smokin’ something.

  • Broz

    Normally keyholing is not desirable…but for a shotgun at ‘social distances’ – typical room size engagements – keyholing is a damn GOOD thing…the perp most likely will comply with a lead based restraining order rather than one written on paper or papyrus…

  • Broz

    SCIENCE!!!! SCIENCE!!!! She Blinded me with SCIENCE!!!!

  • Avid Fan

    That brings up an interesting question. How about someone making an encapsulated birdshot round. Something strong enough to withstand being fired but that would deliver the entire load of shot to the target with practically zero spread.

    • Giolli Joker

      I had the same thought, but if you load birdshot you usually want the spread, if you want a solid bullet you load a slug.
      What you describe can be accomplished with a wax slug.

    • Jeff Heeszel

      Sort of a frangible round. That’s pretty much what this is. The liquid just had some wonky effects, but using just shot would have stayed encapsulated.

  • Devil_Doc

    Why can’t someone do this for duck hunters? Make a non-toxic, non-flammable tracer round for a shotgun..?