Concealed Pistol Concept Design

A reader emailed us about a compact firearm he has designed. I like the design. My only concern would be the choice of the Chinese 5.8x21mm round, a round not manufactured outside of China, but the idea is intriguing. The 5.8x21mm is substantially more compact (overall length of 32.50mm) compared to Western body armor piercing ammunition such as the FN 5.7×28mm (overall length 40.50mm).

Ahmad writes …

I set out with the objective of designing an extremely slim concealed carry handgun. A handgun that not only is compact but also could penetrate body armor and reach targets behind cover.

For those reasons I chose the Chinese 5.8x21mm DAP-92 Round.This allows the weapon to have a class leading total width of only 18mm, making it great for concealed carry.

Ahmad Issa 5.8x21mm concept 3

Designed to be very durable, every part in this design is metal, except for the magazine base plate,magazine base plate lock and the grip.The entire grip is a single piece, easily exchanged by the removal of one bolt(using the disassembly lever or a screw driver). This allows many user customization options including grip lengths,widths,girths,colors,styles and textures.

Other notable features include a unique no-snag accessory rail,ambidextrous/single magazine release,a low bore axis, dovetail sights,tactile and visible striker indicator and a flush non-snag slide stop.

Safe to carry: it has a trigger safety and a striker blocking safety.

Uniquely the barrel drops parallel with the slide/bore, not needing to tilt because the magazine is built so high up.

Ahmad Issa 5.8x21mm concept 2

The Front top of the slide and the the trigger guard have been angled for smooth holstering.

To allow easy maintenance and customization, this weapon can be completely disassembled without tools.I have designed the spring guide rods to be used as punches and a screw driver.

I have developed a whole range based on this design.The 9mm and .45acp have very similar external dimensi
ons but with more features and safeties.The 9mm has a width of just 20mm and the .45acp is just 22mm wide respectively.

I have many other great innovative designs ready for production.Thanks to Steve I am posting this design in an attempt to start a career in the firearms industry.It would be great if this design and all my concepts could go into production.I hope we could all shoot them soon….

Any manufacturer of firearms wanting to get in contact me can email me at

Thanks Ahmad Issa

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • ostiariusalpha

    Set up a H&K P7 style grip safety as the trigger safety & striker deblocker, and I’d be sold on it.

  • May

    I wonder if the Russian 5.45x18mm round might be better suited, that’s even shorter. Premade stuff is really expensive but reloading gear is available.

    • Flounder

      I’ve heard the russian 5.45×18 was a joke as far as bullet weight and velocity were concerned. It is also just as hard to get a hold of as the chinese round.

      I also think he went with the chinese round to keep the frame slim while retaining the length needed for a 9mm conversion.

      • May

        Neither of the rounds are all that good for terminal ballistics, although the Russian one is supposed to have enough velocity to go through soft body armor and the 5.8 is touted as being able to penetrate steel plates. But I would have to say that the 5.45 is easier to get, to my knowledge the full specifications of the 5.8×21 aren’t even known, and the ammo has never been exported, compared to the 5.45 round which has been exported (albeit in fairly small numbers) and has available reloading dyes.
        Honestly of these tiny little PDW AP rounds 5.7×28 is probably the best you can get but it sounded to me like he specifically wanted to avoid its overall length.

      • El Duderino

        Out of a PSM it was a 38gr bullet making 1,000fps. So, pretty much a .22 Long Rifle out of a full sized pistol. I’ll just carry a Beretta 21, thanks.

        Small caliber pocket pistols are what they are. You’re only going to get so much velocity out of a 2″-ish barrel. So the design is neat but for a gun that size it needs to be a .380 or 9mm.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Maybe inviting existing gun manufacturers to check out all of your great ideas isnt such a great idea.

    • iksnilol

      Maybe he has already patented it? I really hope he did.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I hope so.

      • kipy

        Kel tecs probably like “dear lord don’t let Ruger see these designs”

      • Bronezhilet

        Sadly patenting isn’t a cheap thing to do. It’s probably a bad investment if you can’t find anybody actually willing to make the thing for you.

    • Flounder

      Maybe he has a whole lot of ideas and needs someone to make them happen.

  • Lance

    Stay with 9mm .45 or .40 this AP pistol crap does not produce the knock down power you want in a CCW pistol.

    • Dracon1201

      Agreed. It’s far more of a security detail pistol, or officer’s pistol.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Wha?! Why would an officer want to carry a single stack, concealed carry pistol? They don’t have to be sneaky when a full-sized service pistol would fit their needs better.

        • tazman66gt

          think he means military officer/paper pusher more than police officer

          • Tyler Clemons

            True, but the same goes for a military officer. They would be open carrying so a full size double stack should be quite doable.

        • Dracon1201


          • ostiariusalpha

            They’d still be packing a double stack even if they felt the need for a backup.

          • Dracon1201

            Not necessarily. That’s far more weight and bulk.

          • ostiariusalpha

            You really think that someone who’ll go to the bother of carrying a back up pistol for military use will care about the slight difference in weight between a double stack compact and a single stack concealed carry?
            HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Heh…


          • Dracon1201

            Yes, in fact, I do. Why wouldn’t they?

          • ostiariusalpha

            Why? Because no professional soldier with an undamaged brain has ever said to himself, “Gee, I wish I’d brought less ammo to this fight; could of saved a whole 6 oz.!”

          • Dracon1201

            Why would a soldier take a bulky double stack that he is not really planning on using? Hell, he is probably not even going to get to it ever. Besides, the weight difference between this design and a double stack would probably be more than 6oz alone. Oz = Lbs, Lbs = Pain.

          • ostiariusalpha

            No. This design is a metal frame, any back up double stack would probably be polymer. That makes the weight difference minimal. If he doesn’t think he’ll ever have to use it, he wouldn’t carry it and just use the space for more magazines. If you think a compact is heavy & bulky than you need to get off the computer and go do something outside.

          • Dracon1201

            A polymer version of this reduced to the weight of a Keltec would not be out of the question, this design could always be improved upon. I don’t plan on using my CCW, but that doesn’t mean I leave it at home for more tic tacs. Heavy and bulky is all relative, I think you lack perspective on that. Imagine how this would be stored; as an ankle or pocket gun, waistband, etc. The difference in width from a G19 to this would make a difference. A last ditch gun is always a good thing.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’ doesn’t matter, the design is a metal frame and that’s that. The metal frame will always be thinner in profile than a polymer, and the designer seems well aware of that. My perspective is based on the reality that the vast majority of commisioned pistol packers don’t feel the need for a back up in the first place, and certainly wouldn’t be worried about how much one would print if they did bother. Why in the hell would an on duty military officer be tucking a pistol in his waistband, pocket, or ankle? Get another friggin’ holster and open carry that MFer where you can reach it quickly!

          • Dracon1201

            I would disagree that the miniscule difference between the width of polymer and metal makes my point void. I would argue that the reason most don’t carry backups is due to not having an option at this point for one. I was never talking about printing. I was talking about storage space. The width makes it far easier to carry. As a last ditch gun this makes a lot of sense. If I can keep it off of LBE, that’s great. An ankle gun to stave off some of Murphy’s law? That sounds pretty good to me.

    • no

      No pistols produce knock-down power.

      • Don Ward

        Pistols have plenty of knock-down power…

        • no


  • Dracon1201

    I see a few improvements that could be made… hmmm…

    Also, 4.6HK is easier to get than Chinese ammo…

  • Anomanom

    I like it. But i have a few questions. Would an extended magazine with finger rest be available? Also, given that the slide is pretty squareish, how do you avoid getting sued by -blam!-ing we-trademarked-squareness Glock.

    • Don

      He stated that he designed the grip so that you can change it out so I am guessing you could probably just switch the grip for one that is a little longer and or one with finger grooves. As for the finger rest on the magazine, I’m sure if this were to be built someone would come out with that as an accessory. As for the slide part… There are several companies that make replacement Glock slides and they haven’t been sued, so why would this guy? Besides, Glock is too busy fighting his wife right now to worry about anything else 🙂

  • Some Guy

    If I’m interpreting these drawings correctly the barrel is unsupported at the front of the slide?

    Relying on the locking block and barrel hood / slide fit to keep the barrel aligned and secure sounds like a questionable decision.

  • Don Ward

    It needs to be drawn on a Mead PeeChee.

  • Mechanical Engineer

    What’s up with that impossible to manufacture firing pin? This looks like lunch hour napkin work.

    • sam

      o.O Is there some reason milling would not do?

  • no

    I’m way too ignorant to critique anything, but I like what the kid is doing and hope this gets him the attention me needs to get started in the firearms industry.

  • Grindstone50k

    Have you considered curving it? You should make it curved. I bet it would be great if it was curved.

  • tbreezie

    Would love to see prototypes and extensive testing. The key to making this big would be an extensive YouTube/Vimeo/Full30 T&E campaign as the weapon progresses and as the final product comes to market.

  • Jeremy Star

    Unfortunately, drawing on paper and actually having a working prototype are worlds apart. I can tell you just by looking at the design that the slide would cut your hand when you fired it.

    • Benedict Tan

      With respect, you need to appreciate the paradox that observations such as the one you made is precisely why design is presented on paper first.

      • Jeremy Star

        No, I really don’t. You don’t publicly unveil a design and ask firearms companies to contact you about your designs based on your ability to doodle on graph paper.

        • Don

          And how do you know he isn’t an engineer with years of design experience behind him? And where are your design credentials, what makes you so special that you can tell something won’t work just by looking at a piece of paper? His ideas are well thought out, more so than any “doodler” could ever do. Show me a “doodler” that would think to design parts of the firearm as tools to disassemble/assemble the firearm. My guess is that he is some type of engineer looking for a change.

        • Benedict Tan

          No one will disagree with you that blog posts are unorthodox job applications.

          But my point was that design typically starts on paper to save resources.

    • Dan

      Definitely needs a proof of concept, maybe 3D print a model so he can hold it in his hands work the slide etc.

    • ghost930

      Actually the grip angle is very similar to several pistols already on the market, and very near the angle and grip depth of the Steyr series of pistols which don’t bite your hand at all. At the most, the addition of a small mini-beavertail tab, ala’ Glock would mitigate this problem. Doodle?? Sport I would like to see you “doodle” this good. I was a machinist at one time in my life, and these are excellent pre-engineering design proof of concept drawings that appear to be to scale, and show all the working parts and engagement surfaces. We all should be able to draw this good. And lastly, here is a guy that is trying to boost the industry, and make a “better mousetrap” and should be applauded by all gun enthusiast, and all you got is to heap some crap on him. As your Mother probably told you at one time, if you can’t say something nice………..You hopefully know the rest. This really has become a world of negative people. Sad that.

  • John

    Trademark the pistol and find someone to make a prototype. See what your design needs then.

    • Bill

      I think you mean a patent. A trademark would not protect the design.

  • Matrix3692

    First, you might want to register the 5.8×21mm caliber with SAAMI or C.I.P. first……

  • Sulaco

    Unless as unlikely as it seems this design was picked up by some government agency for specialist tasks it will never be built in the US as the caliber would preclude it from civilian sales just for starters.

  • Ajax

    This is a pretty neat design. Hope it succeeds! Though I will say, it would be nice if it was in a caliber such as 5.7, or even better 4.6.

  • John

    A gun that only uses Chinese ammunition…what do YOU know that we don’t….

  • If only somebody would make a modern ASP…

  • JSmath

    The slide lock/release will need to be moved forward. With the dimensions this is planned in, most people’s thumbs will not articulate in a way that’d be required to use it for either action. Plus, due to most grip styles, it’d be prone to unintended, mag-loaded slide-locking. Plenty of people with plenty of guns know what I’m talking about.

  • Bronezhilet

    So whom should I be emailing to have something like this published? I have a few interesting designs as well, but living in the Netherlands basically means it impossible to manufacture or even prototype things. I’m basically limited to blueprints and art. Which is okay untill you get ideas that spark the interest of firearm experts at the MoD. But even they aren’t allowed to prototype things. So yeah… crap.

  • roguetechie

    Don’t be discouraged, disappointed, or discontinue your efforts based on the mostly unhelpful comments in response to your SUPERB and pretty innovative design! I’m going to email you a link to a site that might be able to get you help building your designs at least informally.
    Honestly, I’d be very interested to see your other ideas. I’ll put my disqus user name and in the subject line of the email.

  • Nathan Means

    All metal? What is this 1990! Guns are not supposed to be sturdy! and whatever you do dont let hi-point make these

  • Jamie Clemons

    Build it

  • MrApple

    Why bother? Just get a Glock.

  • Paul J

    It may have a jamming issue because of the placement of the barrel cam and it’s geometry.
    Impressive drawing and beautiful design though.