SilencerCo hints at product release: Oculus-type HUD & True Digital Camouflage?

Just hours after my initial SilencerCo launch event TFB post went live, SilencerCo sent out an email announcing the formation of “SilencerCo Weapons Research” which has its own spiffy logo. I initially thought a new shotgun suppressor product to complement the Salvo product line was in the works, but it looks like I may be way off the mark.

Their email notes:

SilencerCo Weapons Research (SWR) was created with the intent of making hunting and shooting technologies accessible to everyone.  For too long, certain technologies have been unnecessarily prohibited from commercial sale or priced out of the attainable range of most civilians.

SWR not only believes that you deserve better – we plan to show it.

SWR is designing human augmentation devices that are both affordable and capable in order to enhance the shooter’s ability to engage targets, positively identify prey in multiple spectrums, and reduce shooter signature.

Breaking this down, they want to make new shooting and hunting technology affordable for the masses. They are releasing some kind of Oculus-Rift type device capable of delivering an augmented reality that can help us more easily 1) Hit our targets 2) Identify prey in multiple spectrums like infrared, etc 3) Reduce our shooter signature (some sort of true digital camouflage? Not the analog ‘digital camo’ pattern).

Here are some screenshots from the teaser video that just went live:

Screenshot 2015-09-10 09.46.33

SilencerCo’s supposed new product in a hard case.

Screenshot 2015-09-10 09.46.45

These look like an Oculus Rift-type device for HUD (Heads Up Display) functionality.

Screenshot 2015-09-10 09.47.10

Is this the UI (user interface) or just a sketchup? We can see 1) a reticle 2) ambient environment conditions such as temperature in addition to elevation, distance 3) Vital signs such as heart rate and oxygen levels 4) Rangefinder 5) and more?

Screenshot 2015-09-10 09.47.38

The product alludes to allowing the user to view targets in “multiple spectrums” so we’re talking about the possibility or IR and maybe others.

A SilencerCo Weapons Research HUD along with a weapons integration system could make sense, seeing as the weapon may need to send information to the HUD. The teaser video shows two hunters with AR-style guns taking aim at a hog, and so I’m thinking about how wearing a HUD can negate needing to look through the scope if the HUD is connected to it. But maybe it’s not connected and so looking through the HUD is one view, and then looking through your scope is a regular sight picture.

Now #3, this potential digital camouflage. They only give about 2 seconds to it in the teaser video but it could be the most radical new consumer product in a long time. The shooter turns a ring on his watch, and then the shooter digitally disappears.

Screenshot 2015-09-10 10.11.32

User turns an outer ring on the watch to engage a product that will “reduce shooter signature.”

Screenshot 2015-09-10 10.12.08

Guy on the right side is visible. But…

Then he digitally disappears.

Then he digitally disappears.

I suspect we may just be seeing some video editing magic, but I sure hope we see something magical on Monday during their release event.

I will be at the SilencerCo event Monday and will be live blogging out, but you can also sign up through SilencerCo’s website at for updates. Come back to TFB this Monday evening at 6:15pm Eastern Time where I’ll be live blogging (and hopefully video streaming) from SilencerCo’s launch event in Key West, Florida.

Full Teaser Video:

Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.


  • Mike G

    Honestly the one thing SC loves is over-the-top marketing. Ignoring the cinematic they released and focusing on the wording of their press release, they are probably releasing some form of affordable night vision or thermal, whether in monocular or weapon sight form.

    • Mike G

      Honestly there’s just no way they have an electronic active camouflage product, to think so is just foolish given the amount of money and time that has been invested by DARPA and others with just marginally passable results on vehicles and such.

      • KestrelBike

        Digitally disappear using this one WEIRD OLD TRICK! DARPA engineers HATE SilencerCo!

        • Dan

          Lol I see what you did there.

        • First lol of the day

    • If I wanted to go whole-hog into the NV game, I’d try to figure out some way of innovating with digital NV. The current solutions aren’t very mature, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason they couldn’t be greatly improved.

  • Dave Parks

    Not sure if Mr. Cheng missed the over-the-top silliness in that video, or if I missed the sarcasm in the article.

    Either way, this is Poe’s Law in press release form.

    • Holy After-Effects Batman…. Good cinematography and post-processing I’ll give them that. If they end up just releasing a silencer shaped bottle opener on Monday I’ll be disappointed.

    • But Poe’s Law makes things ambiguous and mysterious!

  • Lance

    Little to sci-fi to be a real for 2015. Think they want to wet the tacti cooler’s appetite.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Yes, I’m sure this will all be available down at Academy at an affordable price.

  • Dracon1201

    Similar camouflage has been in the works for years.

  • Friend of Tibet

    A cloaking device? Oh come on….get real……..

  • michael escamilla

    This is a joke right?… Right!

  • Joshua

    really…do they really expect anyone to believe that trailer?

  • Pseudo

    Too dense for the joke, I guess. The article read deadpan to me. I’m very interested in what they’re going to put out but I’m already SUPER impressed at how much they’ll disappoint me after that teaser. Sweet video though, great production value.

  • nobody

    >SWR is designing human augmentation devices that are both affordable and
    capable in order to enhance the shooter’s ability to engage targets,
    positively identify prey in multiple spectrums, and reduce shooter
    >human augmentation devices
    I never asked for this. Ah hell, what am I saying, how many organs do I have to sell.

    Also, I can’t believe it took me this long to realize that Silencerco and SWR were the same company.

    • Cymond

      SilencerCo bought SWR a few years ago. I guess they’re redefining the SWR acronym now.

  • Don Ward

    “I can carry nearly 80 gigs of data in my head!”

  • SlippedThroughTheCracks


    For people who make $250K a year, maybe. Something like this isn’t going to retail for a penny less than ten large.

    Just like Tracking Point was going to bring “affordable” precision shooting to market with twenty thousand dollar rifles.

    • This is a really good point. “Affordable” is of course relative, and whatever they are releasing I’d like to see it around the $500 price point which is the price of a decent firearm or scope. I have a feeling something around the $1-2K mark may be closer to actuality.

      • Oakleys “AirWave” Snowboard goggles are the closest thing to what they are showing in the above video and retail for ~$650 without all the sensor networks necessary to do anything very useful with firearms. Thermal imaging, range finding, machine vision, environmental sensors, night vision would all require individual subsystems that would not fit neatly on your face. The Oakleys use a small prismatic display on the bottom of the lens, nothing like the Deus Ex style HUDs they have in the video.

        TL:DR – Cool idea that isn’t new, no tech currently exists to actually do it for a consumer product.

        • nobody

          >The Oakleys use a small prismatic display on the bottom of the lens, nothing like the Deus Ex style HUDs they have in the video.

          Microsoft is working on the HoloLens that would allow for a full HUD. BAE also makes the Q-Warrior that only goes over your left eye but still covers a decent part of your field of vision.

          • The HoloLens looks great but they still haven’t released much aside from a few staged demos and a “tear down” of a photorealistic render. It’s still prismatic if you look at the exploded view, clever design…. definitely not in the sub $1k range.

  • Iggy

    Reminds me of something…

  • Grindstone50k


    Timed right with the release of MSGV

  • TJbrena

    The Crosscom can’t be real soon enough for me.

  • Justin Roney

    The Seek Thermal camera I recently bought for my iPhone was around $200, until recently an unheard of price point due to new technology for thermal imaging. I wouldn’t put it past them to develop a stereo thermal imaging system for $500-600, or based on the promo video, even a stereo lidar imaging device. They certainly have the corporate culture to go out on a limb and attempt such a feat.

  • BillC

    Don’t over think it. It’s a damn marketing video.

  • tt_ttf

    nice fiction on that HMD. HMD’s is what I do for a living and that field of view and resolution makes a nice image for a render but actually doing that is entirely another thing.

    What they are showing is WAY beyond the AR state of the art. Not even the new ENVG III and FWS system is close to this and that system is many many MANY thousands of dollars.