Handgun Sling

Here is a different method of carrying your handgun for self defense. It is a simple design. The handgun sling is a loop of cord, that looks to be elastic. The ends are joined by an 8mm tube and looped onto the cord is a coin tab. You loop the Handgun Sling around your belt, insert the tube into the muzzle of your handgun and tuck the pistol into your pants. Then you use the coin tab to lift the cord up and over the rear of the slide. Thereby securing the pistol.

Handgun sling 2

This style of sling just looks complicated and it takes too long to get the gun out compared to other weapon retention systems. My biggest concern is that there is nothing to cover and protect the trigger guard and the trigger. Also, you are shoving a foreign object inside the muzzle of the pistol.

Nicholas C

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Dudes got muffin tops.

  • Will

    Not only no but HELL NO!!!!
    I’m not shoving a pistol, with an uncovered trigger guard, down my pants!!!!! Put something into the barrel of the pistol that’s shoved into my Fruit of The Looms? Deface federal currency???
    Who, on earth, sits around and thinks this crap up????

    • Mcameron

      do just want to point out that it is not actually a US monetary coin……so no federal currency is being defaced.

      • Will

        I should have looked closer. I was just amazed by the sling itself.

    • You forgot muzzling your hand in order to insert the tube while also fondling your trigger while not seeing what you’re doing behind your back….. without a trigger guard

  • The holster market has more and better options now than at any time in history. Why the heck would I put a stick in my gun and stick the gun in my trousers?

    • Gene

      All while requiring two arm motions to draw.

      I really see no tangible benefit to this carry method compared to IWB.

  • B.malloy

    That’s full derp. Never go full derp.

  • squidward47

    Ummmmmmmm…Never point your firearm at anything your not willing to destroy. I cherish my fingers/hands too much. This is the most retarded thing ever.

  • Turner

    The only people dumb enough to buy this are the same people most likely to blow their own nuts off regardless of the circumstances. I guess this product just speeds the process up.

  • The Dude

    A solution looking for a problem. Use a holster.

  • Limousine Liberal

    In a world now devoid of evolutionary selection pressure, I am happy to see a product so likely to render the dumbest humans unable to pass on their poor genetic material.

  • Jay

    Wyldestyle: That is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Vitruvius: Let me handle this. That idea is just…the worst…

  • Chris L.

    Zero trigger protection?!! If I wanted to carry in this fashion I’d use a MIC or Vangaurd Holster on a paracord loop!

  • Here’s Tam’s take on this little piece of derp.

    I don’t know what was so wrong with a holster that you had to invent a pair of shoelaces tied to a coin to replace it. This “handgun sling” is an accident waiting to happen.

  • Anon

    They actually found a worse method than Mexican carry. That’s impressive.

    • iksnilol

      Momma was right when she said you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


  • mooseforce

    I believe this was a hasty means of retaining a handgun by the British, from WW2.

    • Bill

      If you were an intelligence agent behind the lines and caught with a gun or holster, you were dead. This allowed the spies to get rid of anything incriminating fast.

  • Tom

    If only someone could make some sort of case type thing that covers the slide and trigger guard. It could have some sort of loop you put a belt through or a tension clip, It could be made out of leather or some sort of modern synthetic material. A man can dream…

    • MRHapla

      I see what you did there. Well played, sir. Well played.

    • Will

      Google the MIC it’s pretty close.

  • Bosley

    Kind of a variation of the already crappy OSS shoe lace “holster,” but crappier.

    • Bill

      The OSS holster wasn’t “crappy;” it was a solution to a problem. In some places just getting caught with a holster, let alone a gun, was Not Good. It provide a modicum of security of placement of the pistol while allowing it to be quickly ditched and the string discarded.

      • HSR47

        In other words, it was a wartime compromise made by government agents where the risk of death at one’s own hands with a method like this was offset by the risk of death from being captured with an actual holster.

        People in the the U.S., by comparison, do not have the latter concern, and as such have no legitimate reason to use a firearm retention method as crappy, slow, and patently unsafe as this.

        • Bill

          Look dude, I’m not saying it’s a great idea, and I’m past the point of ever needing such a thing, but I’ve also never heard of anyone dying of a bullet-crease butt wound. People do stupid things with guns and shoot themselves, and others, negligently on a regular basis, and in 3 – 6 months these will be off the market. But if it strokes your ego and sense of superiority to point out the blindingly obvious, have at it

          Of course, we could mandate safety training before allowing anyone to handle a firearm and teach people what’s wise and what isn’t, but we all know how well THAT would go over.

        • Bosley

          Bill wanted to be a spy when he grew up. Where high quality/safe holsters aren’t required. Only hacks like
          Paris Theodore wear them.


          • Bill

            Uh, guy, if you’d read my other comments you would have seen that I put this style of rigs’ use in historical context, and also explained why I, and other cops, have done the same, or similar, like wrapping rubber bands around handgun grips so that the friction would reduce the likelihood of them moving. I don’t know exactly what the difference between being a spy is versus being an undercover cop, but when you’re carrying beaucoup cash to by drugs from outlaw bikers or state secrets from the commies, they think you’re stupid if you show up unarmed, but they think you’re a cop when they frisk you and find a gun, particularly a common cop gun like a GLOCK, in a holster. And when you’re doing the same thing with amateurs and they want to search you and you know they’ll freak out if they find your gun you really can’t call a time out to unthread a holster from your belt, particularly because you are busy trying to discretely shove a Makarov or a nickeled BHP under a bar booth seat cushion, while being distracted by the digital transmitter or recorder that’s concealed on your thigh that’s poking you in the nuts.

            But I’ll defer to your expertise and experience.

          • Bosley

            OK, Mr Mitty… now lighten up Francis.

          • Bill

            I’m not the one flipping out over a piece of string, so who’s the one who needs to lighten up, Hulka?

          • Bosley

            The overall tone and verbiage in your posts would lead many to disagree. Thanks for the feedback.

          • Bill

            Actually, only one has disagreed, and all you’ve done is made ad hominem attacks. Here’s some actual feedback: if you don’t know what you are talking about, and have no actual experience in the subject matter, you can have an opinion, but it’s essentially worthless, so you might as well save the bandwidth and keep it to yourself. Your hole is deep enough, you should stop digging.

          • Bosley

            [/I rest my case]

  • Bill

    There is actually a simpler way to do it with string or 550 cord that has been around forever, and no currency is harmed in doing it. I wouldn’t stick a striker-fired pistol in my waistband like that with the trigger guard unshielded, but a DA only, DA/SA, C&L or revolver, unless you’ve got something wiggling around your hips that can get into the guard and exert 8 to 10 to 12 pounds of pressure, your trigger guard is effectively covered. People shoot themselves regularly wearing holsters anyway.

    But it is sort of specialized, the only times I’ve done it was when I was considerably thinner and there was a really possibility of a waist gun becoming an ankle gun, and I was working undercover. A holster was a dead giveaway that you were a cop, and may still be. It allowed me to either ditch the gun and cord if I thought it would be a problem, or I’d look like any other hood with a gun stuck in my waistband.

  • Patrick R.

    Keep a lookout for a full review from me on this product in the future!

    • I’ll make funeral preparations.

    • Tassiebush

      Spice it up with a type 14 Nambu… 😉

      • Patrick R.

        You must not like me much.

        • Tassiebush

          Definitely teasing! I would sincerely urge you to avoid trying this with that gun! I want to be reading your work and seeing you on videos on an ongoing basis 🙂

    • HSR47

      Why the hell would you promote patently unsafe products?

      • Oh ye of little faith. I am sure Patrick will give it a fair and honest review.

        • HSR47

          It doesn’t require physical inspection to determine that this product is patently unsafe, and should receive nothing but mockery and scorn.

          • Patrick R.

            You should probably get your sarcasm meter checked. It appears to be out of calibration.

          • You’re not telling me nuttin I dun already know. 🙂

        • Patrick R.

          It was a joke. I would have turned down the review.

  • iksnilol

    Judging by the name I hoped it would be some sort of sling to stabilize the pistol. Sure, it would have been silly but way more useful than this.

  • Don Ward

    Yes. But can it also double as a garrote?

  • Zebra Dun

    It’ll never work on my pistol with it’s bayonet attached and forget it if I have my Grenade Launcher on it also!

  • Beju

    Should I buy one to get in on the inevitable class-action lawsuit?

  • Mike

    Holy mother of catfish, I didn’t think that I could ever see a gun video that stupid. No, no, no, a thousand times no.

  • John

    Put the string thingy onto your belt so that the wizbit is facing up! Loop the wizbit throught hole part thing. Take the frazzamuduzal and push it up the wangafutzitz (WARNING: Do not blow off your nuts during this phase of the procedure!). When removing the gun, explain to everyone that you are removing a gun and will be with them in a minute. Yank the doohickey off the back area of the gun (hammer, beavertail, slide, whatever). Do not get the doohickey caught on your thumb, pants, belt, other parts of the gun, chair you are sitting in or anything else.
    When the gun is completely free of the gizmo, shout “TA DA” and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

    Repeat the above steps to go completely insane. JK

    • Sulaco

      Do the hoky poky and ya turn yr self around, that’s what its all about….

  • DIR911911 .

    uncle mike’s iwb , under $20 trigger is covered , keeps gun from touching skin. easy as pie.

  • Cal S.

    Thought it was going to be something like this, but it turned out to be derp instead…

  • HenryV

    One of things that annoys me about films and TVs with gun action is when one of the characters stuffs a gun down the back of their pants. It is near the apogee of stupid.

  • Ripley

    Every time I read about a ccw story on tfb I find comments obsessing about draw time like everyone works as undercover cops in a cartel drug lab or regulary have to shoot through carjackings and robberies.

    Just carry with no chambered round and nothing can happen, not with this string, not while reholstering a regular holster. There are police forces around the world where this works well. Avoid situations where you don’t have one second to rack it. Get to cover before you try to be a gunslinger. Perhaps move to a nicer neighborhood where ccw is not a must. Join a LEO where you can find an outlet to your fast ccw drawing skillz.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Carrying chamber empty works for some. But I dont want to be caught in a scenario where I have to use my other hand to do something like protect myself or call 911. By doing so, I cannot rack a round in the chamber.

  • Glocker

    Yeah. Worst idea ever! Lets cover off on our own hand while we monkey with this thing behind our backs. What could go wrong?