A handgun class, in 60 seconds

Andrew Tuohy has come out with a Youtube video tthat is rudimentarily simple, but excellent in execution. He challenges himself to explain the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship within a minute time frame and does so while demonstrating with his 9x19mm Glock 19 on camera. Could any competent and well versed instructor accomplish this? Probably, but it makes for a great short video that is entertaining. In addition his choice of words is excellent as he covers concepts such as proper grip placement, sight alignment, and trigger control. Although he doesn’t cover sight picture at all. I personally would be hesitant to show this to my own students, for the simple fact that he doesn’t cover a number of other topics that I would want them to understand, such as foot placement, sight picture, trigger reset, follow through, eye dominance, etc… However I wouldn’t mind showing them after a shooting class as a sort of, look how another person explains the basic fundamentals. A number of viewers were happy to see Andrew back in the Youtube game as well.

Then in classic Andrew sarcasm, he leaves this in the video description-

This video is not a substitute for proper instruction from a qualified instructor…It’s probably better.


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  • TheSmellofNapalm

    No need for any new instructional vids. It is done.

  • Some Guy

    “Although he doesn’t cover sight picture at all.”

    Did you even watch the video?

    • He covered Sight Alignment, which is completely different than a Sight Picture. He talked about Equal Height and light, but didn’t mention anything about a 6 o’clock hold, center mass, etc… In essence he is telling you how to acquire the sights, but not how to place the sights on target. My point stands.

      • If your trigger control and sight alignment is already on point, that will sort itself out.

        Even with gross errors in sight alignment and sight picture you can still make respectable hits at up to 10 yards (depending on your rear sight width), as long as your trigger control is good. In my experience trigger control is almost always the problem with poor marksmanship.

      • Ripley

        Anyone trying to hit a target will try to hit dead center. It’s human instinct.

        • stephen

          No, its not. I have had students that didn’t aim dead center and had to be taught that – don’t assume anything when teaching.

          • Ripley

            Were they going for headshots or film-noir-in-the-shoulder?

        • I disagree, I had a class of brand new shooters from Senegal, who were getting everything but sight picture, and couldn’t put anything on paper from 5 meters away. I put them on steel, something in them clicked and they hit paper and were grouping just fine afterwards. Point being, sight picture is extremely important during initial instruction. Sure to us as experienced shooters, we think it’s intuitive, but to someone just starting out, they don’t know the difference.

          • Ripley

            Aligning three dots and putting it in the middle of a close range target should make a hole whatever picture the sights are set up for. I don’t know what they did wrong but it sounds like they learned how to overcompensate a bad aim (align), more than understood a correct sight picture.

  • USMC03Vet

    Handgun trainers hate this one simple video….

    • Nicks87

      Yeah, I just threw my lesson plans in the trash and updated my resume. Time to look for a new job I guess. Thanks Andrew.

      • Zebra Dun

        It’s the Doris Miller, Messman Third class US Navy method of weapons handling.

  • Shmoe

    Hah! Distillation: it’s not just for beverages anymore.

  • Vitsaus

    Twist ending: The gong he shot was 2 feet away.

  • Clint P

    What do I do when the magazine is empty?

    • Grindstone50k

      Use your will powers to conjure up a new gun.

      • iksnilol

        Worked in BF: Hardline, occasionally

    • anomad101


    • Zebra Dun

      “Grin em to death.”
      >Davy Crockett<

  • Greg

    Who is Andrew Tuohy? That is Rick Taylor with an M&P19.

  • AC11

    Great video! Is this available on DVD?

  • Blake

    Excellent vid.

  • KJQ

    While I admire the idea of trying to simplify things, some things aren’t
    meant to be rushed. Firearms training is one of them. My first
    impression is this was a pretty cool video. Then I showed it to someone
    without firearms experience. Their response: “What’s a round?”,
    “What’s a backstrap?”, “What’s a slide?” etc. etc. See my point?

    • Excellent point, that’s why I mentioned that I would show this to people after a legitimate class as a sort of rounding everything off, instead of beforehand.

  • Chuck Wagon

    This video makes the “news”????? Seriously, WTFrick??? Apparently, there’s once again, no other topic to write about in the author’s mind. Lame.

  • anomad101

    The leg shot was nice.

  • anomad101

    I can show you all I know in ten minutes. It takes ten years to learn.

  • Zebra Dun

    K.I.S.S. demonstrated in detail.