SCCY Turquoise frames

Through Davidson’s distributor (which runs Gallery of Guns), SCCY is introducing some of their 9x19mm  handguns to market in a turquoise frame finish that they are labeling as Blue. They are offering it in both models (CPX-1 has a manual safety, CPX-2 does not) and with either traditional slides or in stainless steel versions. The choice of frame color is certainly interesting, and begs the question of why turquoise? My initial guess is that it is almost unisex in appeal, because the color could appeal to both men and women, where SCCY has had some success with pink colored frames, aimed at women shooters. However I can’t see men choosing this for the color alone either. Either way, it was probably a move at some new colors to try out on the market, in addition to the array of colors they already have out. From the Press Release-

Davidson’s is now offering an exclusive line of SCCY Blue (turquoise) pistols. The four new Davidson’s Exclusives are the SCCY CPX-1-CBSB and CPX-2-CBSB along with the two-tone stainless slide versions of each, the CPX-1-TTSB and CPX-2-TTSB.

“The SCCY Blue pistol is the newest color option to hit the shelves at Davidson’s.  This very unique color option presented on the reliable, affordable SCCY pistol design is going to be a fast mover for us,” stated Vice President of Sales at Davidson’s, Matt Nicholson.

The  CPX-1 in stainless with turquise frame.

The CPX-1 in stainless with turquoise frame.

After this introduction of turquoise, I really don’t know what SCCY is up to next, seeing that they offer a handgun in almost every major color group: Crimson, FDE,orange, black, purple, and white. Also these colors appear in both models of the CPX 1 and 2, and in both slide finishes of traditional and stainless. My guess is that if the actual handgun doesn’t quite do it for you, then the bedazzling array of color and finish choices absolutely will!


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  • USMC03Vet

    No OD green 🙁

    • KestrelBike

      In the twilight zone, your monkey-paw wish giver would deliver the horrific Glock OD green.

    • anomad101

      Do they come in black?

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    They call this color combo “Reno Working Girl”.

  • Just sayin’

    I like SCCY pistols, just not the trigger. Long, mushy then like 8 lbs and “bang”.

  • Nashvone

    I would believe that it’s an inside joke on the vodka people since they originally spelled their name the same.

  • anomad101

    oooooooooooooh. No.

  • Fred Johnson

    Looks . . . like . . . Comet.

    (The cleaning powder, not the thing hurtling through space.)

  • John Browning

    Absolutely looks too much like a toy.

  • If it were the 1980’s and I lived in Miami I’d consider it as my ‘something to do blow off of while listening to Tangerine Dream’ gun.

    But it’s not the 80’s and I’m well north of Miami so I’m going to pass.