New Savage Arms FCP-SR Box Magazine Addition

Savage Arms, which was first started back in 1864 by founder Arthur Savage, has an addition for their new FCP-SR rifles. The Law Enforcement series rifles will come with a 10-round detachable box magazine. The rifles are chambered in .308 Win and feature Savage’s 110 action with a floating bolt head and precision button rifling. They also have adjustable AccuTriggers, as well as AccuStock bedding systems. Features are as follows:

10-round detachable box magazine

· One-piece EGW scope mount base

· Black synthetic beavertail AccuStock

· User-adjustable AccuTrigger

· Fluted, matte-blued barrel

· Threaded, suppressor-ready muzzle

· Tactical bolt handle

· Three swivel studs

· Left-hand model available

Part No. Description MSRP
22442 10 FCP-SR; 308 Win.; 20-inch barrel $761
22441 10 FCP- SR; 308 Win.; 24-inch barrel $761
22194 10 FLCP- SR; 308 Win.; 24-inch barrel, left hand $761

Savage Arms has more than a century’s worth of experience manufacturing firearms. Visit their website at

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  • Bill

    Maybe 15, 20 years after the Savage Scout comes out, finally magazines that are useful, that probably won’t fit.

  • Jim C

    My 22442 10 FCP-SR mag fell apart and I had the new and improved mag.

  • SeaRant14

    Very intriguing. Until you find out the mags are $100 each! Call me when Savage releases the model that uses PMAG’s… That I already own… For <$20 each… Sheesh…

    • That Guy

      Tell that to the Sako TRG owners. $250. Each.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Definitely seems pointless when you can buy a rifle with AICS mag compatibility and get the Magpul AC PMags for <$30 MSRP.

    • El Duderino

      Gillette razor blade sales model. Inexpensive rifle, wildly expensive magazines.

    • Adam aka eddie d.

      Or at least AI mags.
      Since Magpul’s polymer offering -the PMAG AC- is around the corner
      (actually overdue for shipping, if my facts are straight), it makes life a whole lot easier for any shooter around the world, who’s using an AI compatible gun.
      Magpul exports all over the world, their products are great, and the mags are well priced. The SR series would also benefit from an AI compatible bottom metal.

    • This guy

      Maybe you shouldn’t be using a bolt gun if you require multiple high capacity magazines?

      • SeaRant14

        Seems like a failure of imagination to think there will never be more than 10 things to shoot at… Plus, as I said, I already own these other mags…

    • Treyh007

      I paid $58 for my Savage 10PC 308 mags…..

  • Joe

    Hopefully Magpul’s Hunter stock will be released for the Short action Savage rifles. The problem is Savage keeps changing thier reciever design every few years, then changing back to older variants dimensions