New 1911 From Turnbull

Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing Co., the founder of which, Doug Turnbull, was recently Man of the Year by Bullet Magazine, has announced a new 1911 Commander Heritage Pistol. The new gun will be a part of the company’s BBQ line and will, of course, be chambered in .45 ACP.

The new pistol is designed as a classic 1911 and will feature a blued slide, nitre blued parts, and Turnbull’s unique color case hardening. Doug Turnbull is well known for the process.

Founder Doug Turnbull had this to say of the new 1911: “”The 1911 is genuinely the most beloved and known pistol design in the world. “Over the years, we have worked to improve the inner workings while maintaining the look and feel of the classic original. The 1911 Commander Heritage does just that. I am proud to put my name on this pistol.”

Specs of the new gun include a 4.25″ barrel, an 8″ long overall frame, and an unloaded weight of 34.5 ounces. Also included are walnut grips with double deep diamond checkering and Novak 3-dot sights. Sights can be customized as can serial numbers, and each gun will be stamped with Turnbull’s logo.

As with all Turnbull firearms, all components are made in the U.S.A. and assembly also takes place in the U.S.A. The gun will be officially unveiled at SHOT Show 2016 and carries an MSRP of $2850.

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  • BattleshipGrey

    LOL. $2850 for a gun that looks like it’s been welded together with pot metal…

    • anon

      Case hardening looks gorgeous. Stay pleb.

      • iksnilol

        Eh, traditionally it was a cheap finish. So some of us associate it with cheapness due to that. Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my opinion, it looks ugly, in your opinion it might be beautiful. Neither is wrong.

        • Jim_Macklin

          Case hardening was a required construction step in using soft iron or low carbon steel to manufacture a firearm such as the 1873 Colt SAA or the Springfield M1903 rifle.
          Case hardening infuses carbon into the top layers of a surface. Color may or may not happen.

        • angrymike

          I personally love it, but the price tag in this economy is way to high .. I guess he’s not running a big production run to bring down the price, but if I had the money burning a hole in my pocket, I’d order one ……..

    • As an owner of a Turnbull refinished shotgun, I can assure you that their color case hardening is stunningly beautiful.

    • HKGuns

      Wow, way to completely out yourself in only one response. “LOL” isn’t a word btw….nor does it form any part of a complete sentence.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Battleship isn’t a member of the fashion police, and you’re not a member of the grammar police. Especially when you use a net acronym yourself.

        • Jim Burke

          Only a basement troll would correct someone’s speech on a web page. You’ve done a good thing calling out the troll! Lmbo

      • BattleshipGrey

        You must keep really busy attacking people’s grammar these days with all the texting lingo that spills over into the internet, oh wait, “LOL” originated on the internet.

      • Grindstone50k

        “btw” isn’t a word either.

        • WFDT

          Oh snap.

    • Bill

      Maybe pot was involved in your thinking, but it wasn’t metal

    • Daniel

      I bet if they offered case hardening on your hi points or sig pros you’d love it! Seriously, of all the dumb things I’ll read on the Internet today. ..

  • 6.5x55Swedish

    If only all of these companies could create new designs instead of just iterating old designs…

    • Beju

      If more people were willing to spend $2500+ on handguns other than 1911s, we’d probably see more variation in ultra-high end handguns.

      • anomad101

        I would probably be strapping together zip guns.

  • Bill

    Do you actually touch that? With your hands? I’d keep in in a hermetically sealed, climate controlled display sepulcher, where it would be lowered into an underground blast-proof vault at sundown, and raised up at dawn.

    And I detest pretty guns, but like a girl with a fat butt, I may make an exception in certain cases.

    • Shooting gloves are enough. I think we’re conditioned to avoid using beautiful tools and in the process we sanctify the ugly.

  • Mystick

    So… we have to pay extra not to have advertising billboards on the side of the gun now? [sigh]…

  • anomad101

    Neva been done befoe.

  • Beju

    I think you mean the MasterShop versions, as the Custom Shop smithing services seem pretty reasonable to me. At $145 for new night sights and springs all around, I may send in my P226 for that and some other things one of these days.

    I never said that nobody else is selling expensive non-1911 handguns (Korth, anyone?), but 1911s do seem to be the most prevalent in that department.

    I’d put those outlandishly expensive rifles and shotguns firmly into the old-money style, Veblen good category.

  • RICH


    • angrymike

      ×10, Rich, its beautiful, but way outa my price range………

  • Jim Burke

    Way over priced for someone else’s build to just get jacked with a little. I just gussied up an old 1911, it should be worth the same! Lmao yeah right!