Maxrounds Saiga Muzzlebrake

My friend Brian told me about this. What a strange looking muzzle brake design. It looks like origami folded steel sheets. It is made by Maxrounds and is available on saigacustom.



Nicholas C

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  • Mystick

    It looks like one of those “just add an outer case” muzzle brake/proto-suppressors that everyone got all up in arms about a while ago.

    • would you just cnc your own outer case to make it suppressed?

      • Mystick

        It probably wouldn’t function all that well as a suppressor… there’s just not enough of it. It just thought the general geometry of it reminded me of the muzzlebrakes that…. Steyr, I think? …made that were almost literally bare buffers just awaiting the can itself that the ATF got their collective panties all up in a bunch about.

  • Erik (from Sweden)

    I use it in IPSC Shotgun. It’s very effective. I’m not really alone using it.

    • Anomanom

      It looks like it would be prone to get the wad lodged in the brake as wide open as it is. Does that happen?

      • Erik (from Sweden)

        Never, to my knowledge. I Clean it for powder/smoke residuces, that’s all. I’ve got a Poly Comp insinde mine, just switch it 360 for full choke or open. And mine’s a bit different, different welding and turned 45 degrees to the one in the video. More to come in a few days. But as already mentioned, used by the World champ and others.

  • ufo

    Used by IPSC Shotgun World Champion Ivan Hos, used by European top ipsc shotgun shooters. Made from T6060. One of the best muzzle brake / compensator fot russian shotguns – Saiga 12 and Molot Vepr 12 – in the world. Maybe like origami… But when you try it you open new world for semiatomatic shotguns. Reduced recoil, flat barrel movement after shot, shorter splits, etc.

  • paulm53

    Ammo would have to be smart to find the right way through it…………..or do you use cheese targets?

  • Dracon1201

    I’m plasettered,. but this looks good.

    • sam

      Go home, you’re drunk 😛

  • greekpreparedness

    It make sense to me. We have 3 chambers. the forward one vents gasses upwards and pushes down and forward a bit.
    Right behind it there are the two 45 degree chambers. The one farther from the viewer pushes the gun forward, and the one closest to the viewer pushes the gun to the Left. Exactly like the AKM slanted break does.