Andy writes …

My little SBR collection, includes a bunch of SCARs, my SIG 550 SWAT and last but not least an HK243. Greetings from Switzerland!

What a awesome collection! Thanks for sending it in.



  • Swissguy

    Vo wo heschs churze Scar bezoge?

    • Jeff S

      Swiss German? Yikes.
      Also, I love that 550… As the owner of a 556 Rifle and 556 SBR I am insanely jealous.

      • Swissguy

        ja, Schwiizerdütsch 😉

        Its actually a 551. i am getting an 550 issued next Year.

        • Jeff S

          I thought so… I’ve never had the ear for it – probably because I studied in Leipzig (4 months) and then lived in Bremen (5 years). Put me in Bavaria after a few liters of beer and I can get by… Switzerland on the other hand? LOL No way!
          What do you mean by issued? For reservist status or are you buying one for personal use? Another question – how hard is it to find a green stock for the 55_ series of rifles? My 556 came with green furniture and a collapsible “Swiss-style” stock that I don’t like very much. The black version can be purchased from SIG USA, but not the green one.
          Sorry about all the questions!

          • Swissguy

            I get one because we can serve the Army in this Country. Its not that hard to find this Stock nut i dont know if a Swiss Arms Stock fits on a Cheap American Sig.

          • They fit. I have one on my Sig 556R.

          • Jeff S

            Do you know any .ch websites that sell the green stock? Thanks again!

  • OMFG ! An HK243!

    HK243 FTW ! ! ! Of course, being as you are in Switzerland, you don’t get the “cool kid points” you would get if the same collection was here in the US 😉
    And spare us a picture of your suppressor collection – again, points only awarded if the collection is from a US-based reader 😉

  • TheNotoriousIUD


  • Vitsaus

    … so… jealous…

  • no

    I kinda feel like I just walked in on this guy banging my girlfriend, so much jealous…

  • KestrelBike

    On the ar upper, is the optic an elcan specter??

    • Andrea F.


  • zbaer

    What flag is that?

    • Andrea F.

      It’s the old swiss flag 😉

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    If Andy is in here, or any other Swiss, do you know if B&T makes a dedicated suppressor for the G28? I plan on suppressing mine… Needs for QD-mount to the long flash hider.

    • Andrea F.

      Hey, i think yes. The rotex suppressor basically can adapt to various platforms. You need to change the black part at the beginning which is quick detatch. i’m sure there is a dedicated QD for the g28. All of the h&k suppressors are outsourced from b&t!

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        Thank you! I tried telling my local dealer that B&T most likely have one made already due to Germany having this thing in inventory, but he could not find it in the ordering system. I´ll try giving B&T a call and see if I can track down a part number.

        • Andrea F.

          I had some bad experience with b&t. Waiting since months for a rotex compatible g36c muzzle breake. They have probably plenty in stock but pretend they don’t. They make your life super complicated – when it comes to h&k made b&t stuff. Was told they do it due to h&k becoming mad of too much stuff lands on the civ. market. B&t is a smAll company and they don’t wanna piss h&k off…

  • Wolfgar

    Nice looking collection. Are some of those rifles done in Cerakote? Beautiful!

  • Yohei556

    and now I have to wash my shorts….