Put a Nub on it!

One of the instructors out of a training company called Oregon Trail Defense LLC has come up with a modification for the Safariland ALS series of holsters. It’s called the “Nub Mod”, because essentially that is what it is, a small plastic piece that replaces the stock retention button on the existing holsters, in order to allow for a quicker and more natural flow of withdraw while keeping the advantages of handgun retention. It goes for 32 dollars, and they also have them in aluminum. This is what they have to say about it-


The reversed angle matches up with the pad of your thumb sooner than the factory button. You will find the gun in your hand just by grabbing it.  Weak side draw becomes much faster as well.

More Reliable:

The wider release button means you have even less potential to miss the activation, especially on thigh rigs or mounting systems that push the holster away from your body.

If you have ever found yourself  pulling up on the gun before hitting the release you’ve noticed that gun is difficult to almost impossible to get out. The additional leverage of the Nub Mod fixes this stress induced or poor training problem if it ever arises due to the increased surface area for the thumb to engage.


Many find the button too small and glue or plastic weld onto the button to make it larger. This has the potential to make the typical homemade button get pushed over into the body of the holster rendering it inoperable.

The machined aluminum piece is indexed in part by the outside edge of the factory button. It will not come over the edge of the holster. It is bead blasted then hard anodized.


The Nub Mod as packaged. 



They included a description of some of the holsters that it won’t work with as well-

The Nub Mod will not work with the Safariland ALS Guard.  It will work with the ALS Hood only.
The Nub Nod will not work with the 1911 ALS holsters, the portion of the holster that protects the safety inhibits the Nub Mod install.

The Nub Mod will not work with the older style ALS holsters that have the ‘step’ into the holster body without a fair amount of work. See images at base of page.
It will not work with the SLS without some modification to the holster and/or nub.  If you were to modify your holster slightly to increase the standoff space it would still be a tight fit, tight enough that your draw would be signicantly slowed down if putting down the SLS hood then activating the Nub Mod/ALS. Leaving the SLS hood down would result in the same benefits as the ALS only.  Do so at your own risk.  I do not recommend it!

A dedicated SLS version is in the works and should be available October 2015.

I really like this little tidbit here-

Apply LocTite or your favorite color fingernail polish to the threads and insert screw in the large tapered hole. If you try to screw from the gun side please sell all your guns.


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  • David K

    So I’m a little confused here. You quoted the product information page in your post but incorrectly stated that A.) The nub replaces the factory button, it does not and B.) That it is made of plastic, it is machined from aluminum. You might want to update the post with the correct information.

    • JLR84

      The site lists an “aluminum” and “black” version, so the author probably assumed that the black one was plastic. When they’re really both aluminum, just with different finishes.

      • Much apologies on that one, I got a little caught up in transferring the information to the post, and missed that crucial piece.

    • otdefense

      To clarify- it does not replace the factory lever but modifies it by fitting around it enlarging the button and fixing the angle. It is made of aluminum, and available in black, grey, and non anodized.

      • David K

        Sorry, when I mentioned I was confused I was referring to the author’s statement. He clearly read part of the information as he draws attention to the last paragraph from the product page but somehow fails in his opening summery to correctly describe the use and material of the nub. The author needed someone to edit his writing.

  • dhdoyle

    Darn! The Nub can’t fit ALS holsters for the 1911. Unfortunately, I can’t reach the existing lever without radically modifying my grip – short fingers and thumbs. I have to crank my wrist and climb the grip safety in order to get my thumb close enough to push the lever.

    Oh, well. I don’t need a retention holster that often.

  • Will

    Everything old is new again…..
    When I was a working cop our Safariland duty holsters had a VERY similar “Nub” on it to release the snap on the retention device and I’m telling you it was GREAT!!!!
    I’d love to see and try this but I don’t carry anything that large anymore.

  • Thomas Carr

    Can’t say I have any problem manipulating the ALS holster as it is. Personally, don’t see a need for this. YMMV.

    • otdefense

      The same can be said for an extended bolt release on a Remington 700. Is it a ‘need’, no. I have quite a bit of time on a bolt gun and I have never had a problem with it, but threw a KRG Bolt lift on there to try it out and am more then pleased.
      Same story here, it’s not that the ALS is bad, just that it could be better. Thomas-
      I challenge you to buy one and try it out. As stated on my site if you don’t like it send it back. Have yet to have somebody install it and say anything other than ‘love it’.

    • raz-0

      yeah, especially not at about 80-100% of the price of the holster.

  • Bill

    I just couldn’t get the ALS system to work for me, mainly because the lever was tiny and incredibly hard to manipulate. I may have to give this a shot, if I buy back into an ALS holster. SLS-only holsters seem to have been pretty much discontinued.

  • Sam

    I love that it’s a kid doing the how-to in the video.

  • Tate

    The Nub Mod is a must have! It has all the security of a retention holster without hunting for the release. The natural feel and confidence it gives me when I draw are worth every penny. Buy this product you will not be disappointed!

  • DataMatters

    $32 LOL

    • otdefense

      One way to look at, (aside from production cost of a machined part in the US) is how much is a tough smart phone case? $50 for a case that protects a phone. A spendy phone, but a phone nonetheless. I realize that to most modern American men the smart phone is a mighty weapon, and needs protection so they can text and instagram in austere environments, but the Nub Mod is not for such men. The Nub Mod is designed for men who use their weapons and rely on them.

      • Core

        Arr you trying to say I’m less of a gunfighter because I like to stay engaged with my brand? Hahaaa real men don’t carry retention holsters unless theyre jumping out of airplanes..

  • David Needham

    Galco Matrix holsters have had these for years.