Enter to win a PMR-30 from Kel-Tec!

Kel-Tec has partnered with TFB to give you the opportunity to win a PMR-30! Bonus entry points will also be given away so make sure to share this giveaway with your friends!

*** Before entering, please take note that the PMR-30 uses and ships with 30 round magazines. Please check your local laws. ***

Prize: PMR-30 – View product page here.

How to Enter:
1. Enter your email in the entry form at the bottom of this blog post (please wait while it loads)

For Additional Entries:
1. LIKE both company pages
2. Share the giveaway with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

Giveaway ends on September 30, 2015. One winner will be chosen the week of October 5th. Make sure you read the giveaway terms and conditions before you enter.

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  • Andrew

    It only gave me +1 bonus entry for sharing on twitter. Didn’t get them for following the 2 twitter accounts, even though those say +1 bonus entry too.

    • Andrew

      Also, the share link just goes to the main page, not this page.

      • Tom Currie

        And even if the friend manages to navigate here, there is nothing that gives you credit for having referred them. Either the whole thing is bogus or they contracted it out to the world’s dumbest programmers.

        • Tom Currie

          Or maybe they had some of the same design “engineers” who developed their pistols design the website for the giveaway!!

  • MrEllis

    Heh, didn’t give me a bonus for anything. Oh well. Good luck, these are fun guns.

    • Cymond

      Me either. I just have one entry despite following both on Twitter and liking birth Facebook pages.
      Maybe it’s because I’m on a smartphone instead of a proper computer.

      • Tom Currie

        It doesn’t matter if you are on a computer — none of the extra entry stuff works on this promotion. Not the follow, not the likes, not the share link.

    • denbrem

      If you are already following on Twitter, login to Twitter, click unfollow, then click follow. You will get your extra entries.

  • Turner

    Can we get a CMR-30 giveaway next?! (Fingers crossed for .22 mag carbine goodness)

    • Chrome Dragon

      How ’bout one of their bullpups instead? I can see them not wanting to give away an RFB, but a 556 or their shotgun would hopefully be within reason. I’ve been lusting after both of those since they were announced.

  • Cal.Bar

    um……. yeah, a Kel Tech pistol….. can I have the cash value instead?

  • Cal S.

    Lucky thing is, even in CO, FFLs can accept high-cap magazines. I’m set to go, lol.

  • Tom Currie

    The link to “share” doesn’t work.

  • Kelly

    Unfortunately I live in Commie-rado. The potheads can do whatever they want, but I can’t have a magazine over 15 rounds.

    • grifhunter

      its for the children.
      By the way, before you further feel bad for yourself, I’m in New York and can only have 7 rounds.

  • thedonn007

    I did not get bonus points for the twitter tweets either.

  • Muscoe

    Just bought one last week. I had been on order since January, 2011! It was worth the wait.

  • R. Browne

    Just FYI. My “extra entries” worked. Not sure why you guys having trouble. Maybe when entering again, keep clicking until it “takes”?

  • denbrem

    If you are already following on twitter, click unfollow, then click follow. You will get your extra entries.

  • RegT

    You folks did better than I did. The entry form never loaded, even after refreshing the page several times.

  • Danney Perdue

    Somehow I got 2 entries after doing everything I was supposed to do. Hope I win it I’ve heard it’s a fun fun to shoot would like adding it to my collection.