New BLACKHAWK! Logo Honors Their Military Roots

BLACKHAWK! was founded more than two decades ago, but the idea for its existence started a little earlier, in 1990. At that time, the company’s founder, who was a Navy SEAL, was attempting to cross a minefield, and his pack failed. As the story goes, he watched his gear fall from the useless pack and vowed to one day make his own truly durable, reliable equipment – should he get out alive, of course. He did, and made good on his vow, founding BLACKHAWK! which has gained an undeniably solid reputation in the industry for everything from packs to holsters to boots.

Although this isn’t an announcement of a new holster or stock, it’s still noteworthy because it comes from a company that manufactures great gear for firearms and their use, and it honors our military. BLACKHAWK! has decided to change their logo, altering it to include an angled trident, which honors both the company founder’s SEAL service as well as the teams in general.

Chuck Buis, product director, said “While BLACKHAWK! has progressed from a small nylon company to a worldwide provider of tactical and duty gear, we still have that same passion to produce only the highest-quality gear. The original vow still exists in everything we do.” Of the new logo, Buis added, “Our new logo is not only a nod to our past but a promise to continue this dedication in future endeavors.”

Although it may not be the typical gun-related news, it’s worth taking note. It’s always nice to see a company make an open, positive gesture towards our military.

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  • The_Automator

    “BLACKHAWK! which has gained an undeniably solid reputation in the industry”

    Haha, yeah, about that….

  • 2wheels

    Sounds a little like change for the sake of change. Why mess with something you’ve had for 20+ years?
    If the founder, a Navy SEAL, had wanted his logo to look that way I suspect he would have done it from the start!

    • Kivaari

      Sometimes it takes time to grow the idea.

  • 11B

    As much as people hate on Blackhawk for being made overseas, I’ve never actually had any of their gear fail on me. I deployed twice with their riggers belt, and it did the job. Used it to hook in to an (actual) Blackhawk where it was basically the only thing keeping me from falling out of the open door to my death. Also had several of their pouches, and they never broke either…. maybe I just got lucky. Not my first choice but it does the trick.

    • Beju

      I had their duty belt harness tear after a little over a year. Perusing reviews on Amazon revealed it to be a common issue, which is a shame, because I definitely preferred the function of it to traditional suspenders.

  • Mr_X

    I’ve got some flashbang pouches and a few other items from them that are almost 15 years old now, and still holding up quite well (albeit getting kinda grimy). I know it’s made overseas, but I haven’t had any issues with breakage, wearing out, etc…. unlike another well known overseas company, AKA Condor, who’s sh*t I have witnessed to fail more often than not.

  • Nicks87

    Serpa FTW!

    • Raven

      Aren’t those the holsters famous for causing people to shoot themselves in the leg?

      • Paladin

        They’re famous because one guy used one improperly and shot himself in the leg, then posted a video on YouTube of it.

        Used properly they’re safe. Using them improperly can result in an ND, but the same could be said of many holster designs.

        • Christina Leah

          The fact the design of a holster allows it to be used improperly is the problem.

          In the end, it comes down to choice. Know what you’re getting into before buying gear.

          Holsters gotta holster, operators gotta operate.

          • Paladin

            Any holster can be used improperly in much the same way as the Serpa. The problem is people hooking their finger as they draw the pistol, hooked finger slips into trigger guard, hits trigger, gun goes bang, pain and suffering for all, and yet another piece of material for people to use to rag against Serpas.

            The major issue with Serpas, as the detractors would have you believe, is that the release mechanism is actuated by the trigger finger, which makes it more likely for that finger to end up on the bang switch, but that only applies, again, if you hook your finger. The proper use is to keep the finger straight, in which case it indexes on the frame, exactly where it’s supposed to be.

            There is no idiot proof holster, every time someone tries to make one the universe comes up with better idiots. Use your gear properly and you wont have any problems.

          • Dan Kim

            “If everyone did what they were supposed to do there would be no accidents” isn’t a suitable defense for poorly designed gear. Some designs facilitate user error while others facilitate the proper use of the gear. This is a fundamental concept in product design that gets lost more often than not.

          • Paladin

            The question then is, how much does the Serpa design really facilitate improper use? I’m not really sure it does so to a significantly greater degree than traditional holsters. In either case your finger ends up in much the same place, more as a result of the design of the gun than that of the holster, so training for proper grip and finger placement is necessary regardless of which type of holster is used.

      • Kivaari

        No, people shoot themselves when they fail gun use 101.

      • Nicks87

        Nope just idiots that don’t practice proper weapons safety.

  • USMC03Vet

    Have used magazine pouches, gloves, breacher kits, and slings from them. All great products and held up under crazy conditions.

  • Glock Guy

    I don’t think the new branding is going to effect sales at this point.

    • Kivaari

      It’s just a good thing. Roots count. All the Blackhawk gear I bought or was issued was superb.

  • no

    Gotta do something to something to shake it up now that the deal with Tactiwal-Mart is done.

    • zardoz711

      they’ve just got to make everything camo and say it’s for “hunting” to appease the lords of Bentonville

  • Kivaari


  • Hal price

    Hmm…close the VA facility, rebrand…and ask chuck why people can’t email about all the issues on the Sherpa in house….and I’m pretty sure the minefield story is like much of mikes stories…koolaid

    • Nicks87

      What Serpa issues? Like people not knowing how to use them properly?