POTD: Can you identify this SMG? (You can’t)

This SMG was developed by a large firearm manufacturer a number of decades ago. It was entered into a competition to be adopted by the armed forces of a large country but lost out to a submachine developed by Beretta.

If you think you know what it is, its not that gun but clearly based on it. If anyone can figure this out …. well … I guess I will have to find a small prize for you.

Good luck!

Steve Johnson

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  • Chris Johnson

    It looks like a Smith & Wesson model 76. The picture quality leaves something to be desired though.

    • Michael

      Except for the mag well: way too long for aS&W M76…

  • sstrd

    Egypt port said?

    • No, the Port Said and Akaba have the same pistol grip as the Swedish M/45.

  • Magazine well is too long to be a S&W76, and the sights are different as well. Also, it does not appear to have a trigger guard.

    • Flounder

      I’m 90% sure it is a homebuilt M76 clone. I mean what manufacturer in their right mind would design a gun without a trigger guard?

      • Giolli Joker

        To name few examples, the Tavor, the AUG and the FAMAS technically have no trigger guard, rather sort of a bigger guard covering the fingers, that in this case would be somehow provided by the closed stock.

  • mssuzieq


  • Giolli Joker

    My head says Franchi prototype…

  • Chad Shuman

    Swedish k gun

    • Jay

      Reread this line: “If you think you know what it is, its not that gun but clearly based on it.”

      It’s not a Swedish K.

    • Simcha M.

      If it were that easy, it wouldn’t be in this forum. This is a forum for serious gun-nuts, bigger geeks than even myself………………

  • shrnz@germany

    Carl Gustaf M/45?

  • Ron Sinclair

    I see some answers for SW76 -I don’t disagree but I don’t want to use a previous answer. My answer: Stemple 76/45.

  • James

    According to my reverse Google image search it appears to be a paint gun. Lol.

    My random guess is fn or cz made it for… umm… Argentina. Who the hell knows.

    I just hope it’s cheap and reliable because it sure is ugly as sin and can’t be comfortable to shoot.

  • Lance

    Carl Gustaf M-45 or Swedish K

  • It’s definitely not a Swedish M/45 or M45/B. It’s also not an Egyptian Port Said or Ankara. It’s not a S&W M76 either. Just look at the position of the sights, the pistol grip and the mag well. It’s more akin to the Stemple 76/45, but looks different from that too. I’m stumped for once. 🙂

  • Tomas

    Zagi M-91?

  • William

    MK Arms MK760?

    • Sianmink

      Those all have short magwells like the S&W

  • Darkpr0

    Just for giggles, I’ll take a shot and the dark and bet on it being one of the caseless prototypes of the S&W M76. Can’t find any evidence that it was offered in competition of the Beretta M12, but it appears that some of the remaining 9mm Caseless ammo is hanging around in Brazil… A place that DID use the Beretta.

    The caseless guns also had a mechanism on the trigger guard to hold the batteries, so its absence here certainly helps my hunch.

    • Giolli Joker

      My money is on you. 🙂

    • Rich Guy

      IT is a M/45 variant of some sort, who made it? Don’t know. It is not the cashless one though because AFAIK they all had a battery pack in front of the trigger guard.

      • Mr.Volt

        Don’t want to being mean but it happens sometimes that some batteries are detachable.

    • PK

      Especially since Beretta also played with 9mm caseless with the CB-M2.

      • Giolli Joker

        That was a Benelli-Fiocchi project that predates Beretta’s acquisition of Benelli.

  • Big Kat

    This could either be an early or prototype Croatian LIKAWELD/ZAGI M-91 or a Bosanski (Bosnian) Zagi that was produced in very low numbers. At least thats what my Croatian friend says.

    • iksnilol

      Oh no, we were rich enough to have trigger guards.

  • Wetcoaster

    The sights, barrel shroud, pistol grip, and stock all look exactly like the S&W M76! I don’t put much stock into the missing trigger guard – guns meant for arctic use often have removable guards to facilitate use with heavy gloves, but that extended magazine well is very reminiscent of a Madsen m/46, m/50, m/53 or a Peruvian MGP-79A or MGP-87.

    The backstory is similar to that of the Brazilian INA M953, but that’s a Madsen derivative with a shorter mag well, square receiver, and different details…

  • imachinegunstuff

    Smith and Wesson M76?

  • Major Tom

    SCK-66. Or a derivative/modification thereof.

    • CJS3

      SCK type 76 variant

  • mlk18

    It’s a Glock model 2, invented when Gaston was a young man by his Aunt Helga and his Uncle Helmut. They scrapped the design because the grip was too comfortable and they didn’t want to produce a carbine until decades after everyone else came out with one.

    • DIR911911 .

      I was going to make a joke about it being an early glock 🙁

  • Mr.Vot

    I suppose it could be a CS 76 that was produced in very limited numbers in undetermined time by Adobe.

  • Jonathan Ard

    Port Said

  • barry soetoro

    looks like a Swedish K

    • Ripley

      The m/45 has the front sight on the barrel shroud, no safety selector, and a square wooden grip, just to mention some differences.

      • 6.5x55Swedish

        It also lack a trigger guard

  • Ripley

    I think the trigger guard is just lost in the details of the overexposed photo.

    Is this a MAT-49 converted M76?

  • ghost930

    SW M-76 9mm. Air Force actually bought some at one time (had a couple in our armory at Hurlburt Field way back when). Once you fixed a couple of teething problems they had, they didn’t work to bad, not a Swedish K by any means, but out to 40 yards okay, and pretty comfortable and easy to shoot for a “tube” gun.

  • Sianmink

    It’s not the Swedish-K, I’m too late to get in.. It’s identical to a S&W M76 except the longer magwell, some kind of prototype?

  • Riot

    TZ-45 / BA-52?

  • me ohmy

    SMITH AND WESSON M76..OR the cousin Swedish Carl Gustav m/45.

    • Kivaari

      The M45 was sturdier in looks and action.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Hey Steve, off topic question: what’s the law say about letting other people fire my MG? I live in Texas and haven’t had an issue but I think it’s a grey area that I haven’t heard addressed.

    • Cymond

      Of course , I’m not a lawyer and can’t give legal advice. I’m just repeating what I’ve read.
      You cannot loan it to your buddy and let him walk out the door with it.
      Other people can fire it as long as you’re with them.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Yeah that’s the rule I’ve been going by.

  • bharvey

    Swedish K

  • dsylva

    early Stoner 63

  • 5flytyr .

    S&W M/76 9mm para.

  • Bushmaster .The Bushmaster did inspire the Korean K2 assault

  • bushmaster

  • The Bushmaster did inspire the Korean K2 assault rifle

  • Gwinn Firearms Company

  • David Hardy

    INA M953

  • MattPelter

    I’m losing my mind on this one… I’ve spent the past 5 hours looking for this firearm… It is clearly a derivative of the S&W M76 (the handle, folding-stock style, and very similar markings on the receiver) but the elongated magazine well, lack of a trigger guard, and different sights coupled with the fact we don’t have a view of the other side has me completely stumped.

  • Ronnie Bollinger

    you know I have been look at this and I have to wonder if it aint an Israeli gun if you notice the barrel and receiver all look to be from a sten except for the fact that it has a folding stock and loads from under the barrel instead of on the side so it could be an Israeli design.

  • kind of looks like a walther mpl but different. I guess kind of characteristic of subguns of the era.

  • Fruitbat44

    My first, top-of-the-head guess would have been a S&W M76. However firstly that’s waaaaay too obvious and secondly, as pointed out, some of the details don’t match.
    So . . . errr . . . Swedish copy of M76????

  • Jas

    If I would have to venture a guess I would say it is somewhere in South America. It might be one of the first versions of the Peruvian MGP 79 however, the shoulderstock is different.
    Then again, it could be a very early version of the Japanese SCK 65 but they never went to Beretta. There were many countries that tried to produce a gun like this even including Libya and Nigeria.

  • Wayne E. Chan

    Per Enciclopedia De Submetralhadoras by Ronaldo Olive: (translated from Portuguese)
    This curious prototype was made by Forges Taurus based on the American sub-machine gun Smith & Wesson 76. It is speculated that it was an attempt in the early-1970’s, to create a locally fabricated weapon to offer the Brazilian Army, which, at that time, was evaluating a caliber change to 9mm to replace the INA MB 950 and M 953 in .45 ACP, then in use. The subsequent adoption of the Beretta M12 (MtrM M1972) certainly watered down the company’s manufacturing plans.

    In comparison the original submachine, the specimen (prototype “02”) had various modifications. One was the magazine housing, longer (111mm) and wider, but with the blade-type release retained in the same position, on the back. The ejection window received a heavy metallic cover that when closed, also worked as a latch bolt. remaining motionless forward when firing. The sights (tilting and post type) were also redesigned and began to protrude above the side of protection tabs. Otherwise, the SMG kept the same original components and also the basic disassemly procedures.

    With a 204mm barrel, it had a total length of 770 mm (512 mm, with the butt stock folded) and weight of 3.8kg, without ammunition.

    • Tom

      Maybe a bit presumptuous on my part but I think ladies and gentlemen we have a winner.

    • Micki

      Good call! I was betting on Mekanika industria e comercio myself, but I think you’re probably right.

    • Diver6106

      Yah, we had it in SEAL Team ONE along with the Carl Gustaf. It was replacing the old WWII Grease Gun, all of which were good guns for dragging thru the surf and beach for swimmer scouts.

      • Mr. Clark

        That’s really cool. One question: did you guys have to anything other than disassemble, dry and re-grease after missions to ward off corrosion from the salt water?

        And thank you for your service.

    • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

      …Taurus. Of course.

  • Jas

    well, I was close…. 🙂

  • Wayne E. Chan

    More from Enciclopedia De Submetralhadoras by Ronaldo Olive:

  • Wayne E. Chan

    Sorry, didn’t realize they would turn out so small:
    Enciclopedia De Submetralhadoras by Ronaldo Olive: (translated from Portuguese)
    The unusual prototype of Taurus, with the magazine out of the elongated housing and without the perforated mantle protection of the barrel. Observe the “filler” in the upper half of the external charger to adjust it to the new extended accommodation. 300x magnification

  • Wayne E. Chan

    Magnified of last image from Enciclopedia De Submetralhadoras by Ronaldo Olive:

    • felixd

      Port Said/Smith 76/Swedish K

  • Mr. Clark

    Interesting note: While Taurus’ S&W M76 variant was not chosen as part of the Brazilian Army’s sub-machine gun in favor of the Beretta M12, Taurus came out a winner anyways because it was chosen to the manufacture the Brazilian-licensed version of the M12 adopted as the M972 in 1972. Probably also why they didn’t end up selling their M76 version commercially.

  • Grindstone50k

    This is so obviously simple, I don’t know why you thought it would be some sort of challenge. It’s a late model Rooty-Tooty-Point-and-Shooty.

  • Matty

    Carl Gustav M/45 now that was easy

  • FiftycalTX

    It’s a suomi, that S&W copied.

  • RICH


  • Jon

    Swedish K or it’s clone the S&W 76

  • Tim Barrera

    Easy. Smith and Wesson 76 – a sad but not horrible copy of the special forces loved Swedish K M45

  • Donald Darr

    Bit late here. I’m gonna say that it’s the prototype to Smith & Wesson M76. The folding stock, sling loops and barrel shroud holes are exactly like a M76. The rear sight, even though not in its original place, looks like it’s off a Gustav M45 (M76 copied from) but the front sight is S&W M76. The receiver, other than the longer magwell, is exactly like the M76 with the selector switch in the same spot. I believe it has a thin trigger guard that just doesn’t show up on the photo.