Browning Introduces Two High Grade Citori 725 Sporting Models

There is the “tactical” side to beautifying a firearm (depending on what you appreciate).  And then there is this kind of detailing…  Browning has two new Citori 725 Sporting 12 gauge over and under shotguns.

These High Grade models receive as much as 30 hours of hand-engraving and touch-up prior to being precisely set into finely wrought, high-grade walnut.

The new Citori 725 Sporting Grade V is built upon a deep-relief engraved receiver with a silver nitride finish. The stock and forearm feature oil finish Grade IV/V walnut with close radius pistol grip and palm swell. A fitted canvas/distressed leather case is included. The Citori 725 Sporting Grade V will be available with 30″ or 32″ barrel lengths.

The new Citori 725 Sporting Grade VII stock and forearm feature oil finish Grade VI/VII walnut. The Grade VII also has a close radius pistol grip and palm swell on the stock. Adding to the beauty of the gun, it will showcase a richly blued receiver with deep-relief engraving and gold accents. A John M. Browning Signature fitted case is included and will be offered with 30″ or 32″ barrel lengths.

Just like the other Citori 725 models, these include the FireLite Mechanical Trigger, a full-width hinge pin, tapered locking bolt design and the Invector-DS choke tube system.

These beauties are a bit out of my league, but I can still appreciate the workmanship:

  • Citori 725 Sporting Grade V Suggested Retail: $5,339.99.
  • Citori 725 Sporting Grade VII Suggested Retail: $6,269.99.

You can find more information at:

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  • USMC03Vet

    Do these increase in value like a comparably priced automatic would?

  • Evan

    If I want to spend an insane amount of money for a gun I wouldn’t take into the field for fear of damaging the finish, I’ll go with a Holland & Holland.

  • How about Browning putting out a lower cost Over Under down in the 800 dollar price range? Come on… Field Grade finish on synthetic stocks.

  • Mark

    Are these made in Belgium? Hand engraved or machine engraved? If I had the money to spare I’d commission a Superposed from Belgium and I support the tremendously expensive ornate models because you’re a patron if you will of hand engravers. It’s an art and buyers deserve a thanks for keeping the craft going.