HiperFire Releases New EDT-2 AR Trigger

HiperFire has announced the release and shipment of the expansion of their EDT (Enhanced Duty Triggers) into the new EDT-2. The new trigger features the same multi-spring selection and the hammer itself adds mass compared to the EDT.

The EDT-2 ships with two hammer springs, a 4.5 lbs and a 5.5 lbs pull weight system, which when combined with the geometry, heavier hammer mass, and high performance sear ensures the a solid, small creep pull and shorter lock-time trigger.

Retail pricing is set at $94, with triggers already shipping to distributors.


Technical Details:

Nathan S

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  • Adam aka eddie d.

    I’ve watched the video, interesting product and a very nice, competitive price!
    That’s Rock River/Del-Ton pricing range.

    They talk about stronger springs and more powerful hammer action
    with the same pull weight.
    Does this mean it would be more suitable for 5.45x39mm builds?
    I’ve read several accounts about regular AR trigger groups and firing pins having a problem with igniting 5.45 primers.
    I know that both problems can be solved (longer firing pin+stronger hammer springs),
    but as far as I know, it usually results in a noticeably havier trigger pull.
    A trigger that can cope with harder primers, while more or less retaining a light pull weight would be nice.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Yeah, the Hiperfire will get the job done on hard primers that other match triggers can’t handle.

      • Adam aka eddie d.

        Thanks for the help!

  • stephen

    Seems like they produce a ‘new’ trigger every 6 months or so. With that said, I’ll wait a few years till they put out the Hyperfire E9-D9-T9 12,000!


  • Dan

    Wow! After all these years of thinking my highschool math teacher had passed away. He apparently rose from the dead to be the voice on these videos. I just could not watch them with out immediately falling alseep, thankfully he cannot throw chalk at me this time.

  • jerry young

    can’t you just buy the springs?