Beretta Thornproof Jacket

Beretta has a new hunting jacket made of some interesting materials.

Experience total freedom of movement even in the most hostile environment, unaffected by climate, harsh vegetation or body constraining gear. The B-Active kinetic structure, with preformed sleeves and knees featuring elastic inserts that can be combined with the first two layers of Beretta’s BCMS modular clothing system, will provide unmatched comfort and freedom of movement in any weather. The waterproof insert and antiabrasion Kevlar® and Cordura® for the body regions at greatest need will protect you even in the thickest and harshest undergrowth. Everything is designed to allow you to concentrate on your adventure: from the B-Active pockets (patent pending) on the front to the B-Balanced game bag with its revolutionary adjustment system, to the inside pockets on the shoulders to house the Beretta Recoil Reducer.


The Jacket has some interesting pocket designs. Almost like a ScotteVest. I am not sure if I like the shoulder straps concept but then again, I don’t hunt and when I need to take my jacket off, I take it completely off.

The shotgun velcro cards is interesting but they don’t go all the way and show it on a shotgun with velcro. However, I have not seen a hunter use velcro cards on their shotgun. I usually see that on tactical shotguns.

The jacket retails for € 729,00. You can buy it on their website.

Nicholas C

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  • TangledThorns

    729 Euros?! I guess only the rich kings of Europe hunt.

    • USMC03Vet

      I’m sure models with a jaw line that large don’t come cheap!

    • cmbv79

      In Portugal…yes. I’m a middle class family men, and I can hunt because it’s just
      too expensive. Having a gun, of any type, its becoming harder and harder, only
      in taxes and insurance you have to pay money that you don’t have. BUT 700€ is
      ridiculous, you can have a nice jacket for less than 100€.

  • looks cool but a bit too tacticool for my tastes. also expensive

  • Kevin Riley

    729 Euros is $ 839.84. Those Italians need to stop smoking crack and drink an Expresso or something.

    • KestrelBike

      Ah hell I can buy a used HK at that price!!

      • TomOakheart

        a vp9 maby….

  • Southpaw89

    Wouldn’t have much use for a thorn proof jacket, but I could use some thorn proof pants, I rarely run into any thorny bushes that are over waist high. However that price will keep me away.

    • GaryOlson

      If you go shopping for this unique jacket on the Beretta website, they helpfully suggest you purchase the thornproof pants also. Only EU 489.00.
      With some shirts, boots, and other accessories you can get a matching hunting outfit for under EU 2000.00! What every style conscious hunter should be wearing this fall season.

      • Tassiebush

        How lovely of them to be so helpful…

    • wetcorps

      It would probably be cheaper to buy new pants each time you run ^^

  • John

    I’ll say it again, for almost a thousand dollars, it better protect against 9mm thorns and .45 caliber thorns!

  • John

    You know, I think companies like Columbia and North Face make full-length jackets like those, that are thornproof, waterproof and actually keep you alive in minus-30 degree Fahrenheit weather, for about half the price.

    Just saying.

  • Ian Jordan

    I thought the price was a typo so I clicked the link and started giggling, over 800 dollars for a jacket? A plate carrier and plates are half that.

  • john huscio

    If your gonna drop that kind of coin on jackets, go arcteryx….

  • Mark

    I watched the video and it’s actually a really cool jacket with great adjustments and well thought out pockets/features.

    I’d pay $299 for it and feel there is plenty of value at that price. They’ll discount them and close them out at authorized Beretta dealers in spring at $299 I bet.

    • raz-0

      I’d agree with you. Nicely thought out. Absurd at $800. But that’s what I expected Beretta clothing is always stupidly priced.

      The other thing I expected was no tall sizing, which also was the case. So…

  • DIR911911 .

    step 1 start video , step 2 scroll for price , step 3 stop video at 3 second mark. step 4 pick self off the floor stop laughing and move on.

  • RickH


    • TomOakheart

      Carhartt jeans $50+
      Realwork Jeans $10, Check out your local rual king. I’ve still have pairs that I’ve had 8 years, back when they were only $8. I’m a rail road conductor and my jeans get greasy, oily, dirty, muddy, and I always have a bad case of swamp ass, yet my $10 jeans are still chugging and havn’t had to replace 1 pair yet. I do like my Carhartt jacks and coats though.

  • Matt R

    May have considered this until I saw the price. Also why do they use a model that looks as if he has never been outside a large city?

  • Friend of Tibet

    729 Euros,well, I am sure Chinese factories can make these for 179 dollars……….

  • Chase Buchanan

    That model looks like he can’t decide whether to kiss me or sneer at me. Why do models, whatever their sex, always look so creepy and pissed-off?

  • Chase Buchanan

    I’m pretty sure I could get the finest UHMWPE armor plates, and a plate carrier for them, for €729. These Europeans…

    • iksnilol

      Well, not our fault we have the money for it.

      Poor people, invading my firearms hobby. *smh,


  • Pranqster

    Over $800.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ghost

    I could have used that with some women I have dated.

  • iksnilol

    It is well thought out, I especially liked the shoulder straps. Though it is way too expensive.