Kahr Firearms Moves into Pike County

We had previously mentioned that Kahr Firearms was looking to move to Pike County, PA, and it looks like they finally did just that.

The owners picked Pike County because, according to them, they want to be where it’s gun friendly, and where half the county residents are members of the NRA.


Justin Moon, who started Kahr Firearms in the 1990s, followed up his brother’s blessing and spoke about the move to northeastern Pennsylvania. He saw heavy restrictions on his firearms business in other states, including nearby New York.

“We had to look for more gun-friendly state in the northeast. Pennsylvania as a large state is the most gun-friendly northeastern state,” said Justin Moon, owner of Kahr Firearms.

With this move they should be able to manufacture a number of different items that would have been more difficult in their original location in New York.  The move should bring 200 new jobs to the area (though I would assume at the loss of a similar amount in NY).  They will keep their currently operating plant in Massachusetts running after the new location in Pennsylvania comes online.

Gun Maker Moves into Pike County

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  • Hal P.

    Why keep the plant in MA? After the new plant in PA is up and running the MA plant should be closed.. Why support states that do not suppot the 2nd amendment.

    • kregano

      It’s probably making things that aren’t heavily regulated and aren’t worth moving to another state for. Moving tons of heavy duty manufacturing equipment is probably super expensive, so Kahr probably doesn’t want to do that unless it’s absolutely necessary.

      It’s also possible that Kahr will do a gradual shifting of resources from the Mass. plant to the PA one, once the PA plant is fully up and running.

      • Hal P.

        A company that I worked for packed up s t whole manufacturing plant and moved to another state. Only 4 weeks down time….
        It was like it never mover at all.

        Expensive, in most cases yes, this company had Huge machines some the sizes of a standard garage, but it was done and done quickly..

        I know that the machines used to make forearms are alot smaller and could be done much quicker…

        We shall see whay the future holds

    • micmac80

      As a bussines they are looking at taxes , wages and posibble benefits they gain from the state believe me Gunfriendly reasons are way down the list.

      • Hal P.

        I agree with you, a business must make money.. but in most every case a company will save money from leaving the northeast.. unless it is being subsidized by the taxpayers

      • Read-Read-Then-Read-Some-More

        Huh? Try READING first, then comment. From right ^ up there…

        “We had to look for more gun-friendly state in the northeast. Pennsylvania as a large state is the most gun-friendly northeastern state,” said Justin Moon, owner of Kahr Firearms.

        See how easy that is?

    • me ohmy

      some parts might need the equipment on site there and will be a gradual phase out most likely

    • supergun

      They will close the plant. The idiots in MA keep shooting their selves in the foot, no pun intended.

  • Too bad PA is just one election from being an unfriendly state. Our current AG is/was bought and paid for by Bloomberg and our Governor is no friend of the people of the gun. Now the AG is facing felony charges so she may be out sooner than the next election. But a few seats in the PA house or senate flip and it could be a much different landscape in PA. I sure as hell hope not, but, we are an island here in the Northeast.

    • jjpaul

      This isn’t far from me, next county over.

    • no

      Over here next to the ohio line, it ain’t too bad.

      • Most of the state isn’t but Allegheny, Monroe, Dauphin, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware counties have a lot of influence in Harrisburg. It only take few retirements or seat flips and the legislature in PA is radically different. Plus we have three seats up for grabs on the PA supreme court this November. Those three seat could make a major difference in PA gun rights.

  • me ohmy

    oops… anti gunners lose ANOTHER cash cow

  • desert

    He thinks there are no heavy restrictions in Pa.? Why didn’t he move to Arizona, or Texas?

    • John

      What restrictions does PA have that TX doesn’t?

    • The Believer

      From a mid-long term view, why doesn’t he move to Wyoming, or anywhere else in the salvageable PNW? You have seen the gun laws in Mexico, right?

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    It seems odd to decide to relocate to another state in an effort to find a gun-friendly environment but insist on the north eastern US… like trying to pick up a turd by the cleaner end. It seems like an irrational constraint to me. There are plenty of truly gun friendly states that aren’t on the verge of flipping to an anti-gun state at the next election, and the taxes are lower and the labor rate and cost of living are less expensive. Justin Moon should have watched a few YouTube videos that demonstrate the very anti-gun attitudes that prevail in Philadelphia, as well as the other attendant big government attitudes in the City of Brotherly Love that are anathema to business.

    • The Believer

      Yeah, but, who are the problematic Philadelphians going to have in the next election? Those people come out for presidential elections, and there’ll be no half-Kenyan on the cards this time round. And the next election after that is a midterm so Kahr are safe for at least five years.

      Obviously Wyoming would be better, but as micmac30 points out further up, the saveable states tend to be free and open for business, but they don’t hand out many perks.

      • LetsTryLibertyAgain

        The point I was trying to make is that “should be safe for the next five years” is not the best way to plan for the long term success of a company. I’d be making longer term investments than that. I wouldn’t be jumping out of the fire and back into the frying pan because it’s a little bit better.

  • Triplanetary

    There are no restrictive gun laws to speak of in PA. It doesn’t matter who is Governer. the legislature is pro2a and anti urban all wthe way.