No, You Cannot Over-insert a Glock Magazine

While not a raging debate recently (although I have seen a few instances on various forums), I believe it is important to ensure gun fallacies are put to bed, permanently. Let me say it clearly: you cannot over-insert a magazine in a Glock handgun.

For example, many said that using a 17 magazine in a 19, or full-size in a compact gun, would have the magazine over-insert as the base plate was not there to stop over-insertion. While on its face, it makes sense, it shows a significant misunderstanding of the design of the Glock platform.

Every Glock magazine and frame have shelves built in to the left-hand side of the magazine and magazine well-respectively. The sole purpose of these shelves is to ensure that magazines cannot be over-inserted, in much the same way the Gen 3 PMAG has the shelf on the rear of the magazine.

It takes an incredible amount of force to bust through polymers that are loaded against one another vertically. By incredible, I mean more than anything a human could ever exert. As such, use longer Glock magazines anytime.

I carry a 17 magazine as a spare when carrying my 23 (converted to 9mm).

Don’t believe me, take it from some guys who do it for a living:


Nathan S

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  • BattleshipGrey

    Wow, as if we don’t have enough things to debate, like 9mm vs. .45acp (jk), someone decided to claim this was an issue? Are we sure it wasn’t a troll that brought up this “issue” or could it be someone that’s never even handled a Glock?

    • It is an issue with some pistols, like compact 1911 variants.

    • Kelly Jackson

      Internet experts, likely the kind those theater of operations has never extended beyond AR15 dot website.

  • DannyBoyJr

    I am not a Glock guy so I’ll take your word for it.

    I’m here to comment about Lenny Magill. Wow, time has not been too kind on him. I’ve watched one of his videos from the 80s or early 90s (judging from his wife’s hairdo), and boy he hasn’t aged well. At least he still makes informative gun videos.

  • When I say the headline, I first thought of Gomez’s video.

    I miss the Gnome. 🙁

  • no

    Would I be safe to assume this is the case for XD/XDM Springfields too? I would think so, being as they supply two different sized mags with the compacts…

    • Shmoe

      Nah, those ones aren;t covered in “magical polymers”. That’s where the strength comes from, donchaknow? It’s not a Glock unless it;s as thick as possible!

    • USMC03Vet

      Well since the mods won’t approve of the post I wrote with a picture included of why it works and you can’t over insert XD mags I’ll just say it again.

      The XD magazine lock on the magazine just like most well made magazines prevents it from occurring.

  • Bill

    With all due respect, ANY magazine can be over inserted given sufficient motivation and parts that wear or break. It’s just hugely unlikely and rates down there with being killed by a chunk of blue ice from an airliner on my list of things to worry about.

    • Swarf

      • USMC03Vet

        I seriously hope 100 years from now people are still posting Futurama memes from their brain implanted mobile devices.

        • Ted Eng

          100 years from now…

    • nobody

      It’s actually quite possible with an M&P shield, helped someone out several months ago who was using the 8 round magazine without the spacer and managed to over insert it, then complained online that S&W made a bad gun and that his magazine release stopped working (it didn’t even occur to him that he might have wacked the thing hard enough that it got jammed in there).

      • Pranqster

        yep, its VERY easy to do in the Shield if you remove that spacer, AND will bend the extractor!!!!
        The Glock does it right.

  • Fruitbat44

    Interesting. Confession time: as a, these days, completely armchair gunslinger I did think that with running full size mags in a compact Glock, over insertion might be a problem. Always nice to be enlightened.
    Of course there is always running a magazine from a Glock 18 in a Glock 26 . . .

    • Nicks87

      Do you mean the 30+ rnd stick mags? They work just fine in a G26.

      • Fruitbat44

        I’ve no doubt those 33 round magazines would work fine in a G26, but you gotta admit they would look bloomin’ odd.
        Okay, there’s no real “gotta.” Probably more a “I personally would consider . . . ” 🙂

  • Shmoe

    “I carry a 17 magazine as a spare when carrying my 23” You carry 17 magazines! That takes EDC to whole new level! But seriously, it;s good to know that I can do pushups on a Glock’s magwell…just like an AK! Cool..if you;re into that sort of thing ; )

  • Swarf

    I would just like to acknowledge the respectable lack of sexual innuendo in this thread.

    Such restraint, given the obvious opportunity, is admirable.


    • BrandonAKsALot

      I was thinking the same thing here and I just wanted to say that your mother never complains about over insertion.

      • Swarf

        That’s because you’re Califonia compliant.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          You sir, win the internet for the month. I graciously bow out.

  • Echo5Charlie

    Yes, you can. Keeping in the faith of the article, not all Glock 17 nor Glock 19 magazines have the over-insertion notch. Granted, those magazines will, in the case of the Glock 17, pre-date 1989, and in the case of the Glock 19 are limited to 1989 production only.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    Well, he is in the adult film industry under the alias Buck Angel, so he probably knows a thing or two about over insertion.

    • noob

      shots fired!