New Colt LE6920MPS Rifles


Colt is now offering a pair of new variants in the LE6920 line. Called the LE6920MPS, the new rifles feature slim furniture from Mapgul. One rifle is fitted with black parts, while the second has flat dark earth (FDE) bits. Both rifles carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $1,049.

Both guns will have 16.1″ barrels with a 1:7″ twist. The metal will be finished in matte black on both guns.


“This is an evolutionary step for our Magpul Series,” said Colt Product Director Justin Baldini. “Magpul continues to offer a truly functional, durable line of products, which we’re able to kit with our standard LE6920 to afford our customers an incredible value. This is a great opportunity to own a quality factory customized rifle, right out of the box.”

Richard Johnson

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  • Vitsaus

    I see Colt is once again revolutionizing the AR platform.

    • Paul Dawson

      By using off the shelf Magpul parts on their existing rifle? Sure it’s a decent rifle, but I don’t see anything revolutionary here since anyone can buy this and slap this on their 5 year old rifle and end up with the same thing. And it’s not like every other manufacturer who sells rifles with Magpul furniture aren’t starting to build rifles with these parts. I would barely call this “evolution” even noteworthy let alone revolutionary.

      • iksnilol

        Psst, sarcasm.

      • Tom

        but Colt really needs the money 🙂

      • Anonymoose

        Their OEM models are pretty revolutionary as far as marketing is concerned. You buy it and put whatever furniture you want on it without having to pay for the regular old M4 furniture that everyone seems to despise.

    • Capt. Obvious


    • Friend of Tibet

      Colt is redefining the AR platform by switching cosmetic parts.

    • Bill

      But it’s “customized.” They say so. With parts you can get at Cabela’s.

      • Anonymoose

        It saves money for the consumer in the long run, since many people buy a furnished 6920 and then change out the standard wafflestock, grip, and fat handguards for Magpul stuff anyway. I prefer the CTR over the MOE-SL stock though.

        • Bill

          You are right. However, I think a lot of stuff on ARs gets changed just because it can be. Sort of like customizing cars and motorcycles.

          I don’t want to do a build, because I’m not a gunsmith, but if Colt, Daniels, SIG, LWRC, Smith or any reputable manufacturer would sell a “guts gun” – finished lower and upper without furniture, sights, muzzle device or all the other stuff that’s typically monkeyed with, I’d buy it. I could then set it up exactly how I want it without worry about reliability of quality control. Well, no more worries than usual.

          • Anonymoose
          • Bill

            EXACTLY – is that a normal Colt thing, or something they did on their own?

          • Anonymoose

            It’s a normal Colt thing that they started offering in the past year or so.

          • Ben

            Ironically enough Colt does offer almost exactly that, but with a carbine gas profile barrel and stardard FSB.

    • Nicks87

      Having one of the best factory AR15s on the market for less than $1K may not be revolutionary but it’s a win in my book. I have an older 6920 and it’s an awesome rifle. It’s more reliable than my $2K+ piston gun.

      • iHAL

        That’s because piston guns are garbage. Solution looking for a problem.

        • T Sheehan

          Funny, our $1100 piston AdamsArms/AeroPrecision is the most reliable gun in the arsenal.
          2500 rounds in, 2 misfeeds in all that time, and that was the first 30 round green top mag after it was purchased.

        • Nicks87

          No, it just has a weak extractor or an overly tight chamber. It doesn’t like cheap ammo. It’s super accurate and cycles match ammo just fine. I actually use it in competition.

        • RickH

          You’re right, all those piston driven firearms are junk………………………………………………………………yes, this is sarcasm.

    • Doug73

      Maybe that’s why their spokesman used the word “evolutionary” instead of “revolutionary”.

  • John





    Bring back the revolvers. Bring back the Python and the Peacemaker. Diversify your goods. Invest in hunting rifles. Invest in shotguns.

    And you can even invest, if you want to, in a modern striker-fired pistol.

    This will give you want you want again. This will bring you back into the fold and everyone’s good graces again. This will allow you to be who you were, again.

    • Bill

      You forgot the D Frames. Smith and Ruger have snubs for every day of the month now.

    • Tom

      I think the simple painful truth is that there is no way you could make a Python today at a price that would work. Maybe as a custom shop option much like the Colt Army, but then it would be priced like one. No matter how much people love the Python and beg Colt to bring it back are those people going to drop 1500 plus bills on one?

      • Beju

        FWIU, you’re dead on with the Python. They could, however, make a “Python” that’s really a scaled down Anaconda, but then the question is if enough people would accept it as a ‘real’ Python.

      • ostiariusalpha

        $1500 on a real Python? I wouldn’t even hesitate. When you have goofballs paying $3000-$6000 on a 1911 that doesn’t work any better than a $1000 pistol, even $1800 doesn’t look so steep.

        • Curious_G

          Great. So they have at least one customer. I mean, that should do it right?

          • ostiariusalpha

            Please don’t give anyone market advice. Ever. Mint condition Colt Pythons sell quickly at +$6000, and those companies selling the $5000 1911s aren’t going out of business. You are utterly clueless about the true value of a new Python, and should stop projecting your skinflint myopia as if everyone else in the world is as lacking in perspective as you. The Python cost $125 back in 1955 when it was introduced; with inflation to 2015 that comes to about $1113. You got what you paid for back then, you’d get it just the same today.

          • Chameleon

            Lol… Nice burn.

        • Core

          I’ll take a $700 1911 to carry over a revolver any day.

          • ostiariusalpha

            And I’d carry my VP9 over either one any day. What’s your point?

        • Tom

          You make a good point people do seem willing to pay silly money for 1911s so maybe there is a market for a custom shop Python even costing several thousand dollars. If they can make a SAA for 1500 – 1800 then they should be able to make a decent Python for nor much more. the later figure is for the nickel, so is probable a better benchmark than the case hardened version.

          IIRC the machinery for making the Python is no longer operable so there would be a start up cost (but then modern CNC machinery can be reprogrammed? I am no machinist). But then I could also see a market for decent solid frame Magnum calibre DA revolver with a superior fit and finish, no MIM and no lawyer lock.

          Perhaps if the new run of 1903s sell well Colt will consider it. With the trouble they are in they have very little to use and looking back at the history of Colt its kind of clear that whilst government contracts bring in the big bugs and shift lots of units whenever they try and concentrate only on those and neglect the shooting public things go bad. The government is never going to buy a 5 000 USD pistol but just maybe enough civilians will to make it worth while.

          • ostiariusalpha

            You have it spot on. As for the old machinery, they’d not only be unnecessary, but slower and more expensive to maintain due to their obsolescence. A CNC machine can do all the same work automatically, and have a secure supply of replacement parts.

      • Core


      • Coltlvr

        I think John is right. I would pay (and I think alot of folks would)$1500 or so for a new python. Heck auctions are getting upwards to 5000 for them now! Bring back the old colt lineup and add shotguns and hunting rifles. If the quality is there Colts will sell!

    • nadnerbus

      The problem with your strategy is the word “invest.” The vultures that control Colt now are not about putting money in, but taking it out. Nothing will change until there is no more money to be sucked out, and the husk of Colt is cast off for someone that gives a crap to rebuild it.

      • Curious_G

        How do you know that? It is a private company, so their finances are not public. That is just supposition.

    • Curious_G

      No one would pay what it costs to make a Python. They would sink even quicker on your advice.

      • Chameleon

        You’re high, right? I’d trade in all three of my wheel guns for a Python. Anyone who’s shot the original and likes revolver, would want one.

        • Curious_G

          Not high at all. By the way “anyone who’s shot a python” is becoming rarer by the day, and the market already tells you “who likes a revolver”. If colt could make them for the same price as S&W makes their comparable frame then – maybe. But they can’t.

    • Snap Dolphin

      Python, Diamondback, would be big hits. At least two generations of gun fans have been born since they quit making them in large numbers.
      Gotta believe younger guys would love them.

  • drambus

    I firmly believe that in order to become relevant, Colt is going to need to come out with a polymer wonder 9mm striker fired pistol that does something competitors can’t (I don’t know what that could be). Also, they’ll need to come out with a non-ar platform tactical rifle (again I don’t know what that could be). They need something new and truly innovative or at the very least novel in order to break free from their stigma.

    They also need to bring back their snake guns and perhaps some modernized classics.

    Quality and diversity in product offerings will be key.

    • we need an american bullpup rifle that isnt the deserttech mdr

      • KestrelBike

        Kel-Tec RFB. Not impossible to find.

        • R H

          We all know Kel-Tec has issues with availability and quality control. If colt designed an reliable, American made bullpup rifle that accepted P-Mags and was priced at or under the Tavor, it’d be a huge hit. There’s still a market segment that loves American made guns and would pay over $1000 for a rifle with the Colt name on it. The problem is that the standard AR market is saturated with cheap options, and Colt doesn’t do anything exceptional beyond the basic 6920.

          • nadnerbus

            Colt licensing a design from KelTec, then mil specing the thing would be really intriguing. Alas, not going to ever happen, on either of their parts.

          • T Sheehan

            Tweakability. That’s what kills them. The AR and the Rem 700 are the Novas/Vegas of the gun world. A million ways to change the grip, receiver, mags, ergonomics, etc.
            When you design something that is largely monolithic and unchangable, you’ve trashed the cult popularity that would make it a staple item.
            That being said….*yawn* Another AR, another day on TFB.

      • Squirreltakular

        What’s wrong with the MDR?

        • it looks to be too expensive and overly complicated

    • Vitsaus

      The only wonder 9 striker fire they would be able to bring out with something that their competitors can’t do is have a Colt logo on the slide.

    • Bill

      They proved that they couldn’t do that long before GLOCK, with the All-American.

      I love Colt, but it’s a company that seeks out new and innovative ways to step on it’s own phallus, with cleats.

    • janklow

      perhaps a polymer wonder 9mm striker fired pistol that can take you back in time to buy a reasonably-priced Python

  • such much innovation, much wow from colt.


    who are we kidding here

  • Dracon1201

    Jesus. Colt with the suck again. I mean, seriously? Way to be stuck in 2005. Colt, you’re going to go under because of crap like this. You’re losing in your own market. There are dozens of companies doing what you do, but better, and cheaper. Alas we are seeing the shambling remains of what was once a great company who just couldn’t evolve.

    • John

      What’s better and cheaper in the AR space than the 6920 ?? 100% real milspec.

      HK, LMT, KAC all cost more.

      RRA, Sig and S&W aren’t better.

      • Beju

        Closest equivalent I can think of are the FN15s, which seem to be going for pretty similar prices to Colts.

        • Brian Nunes

          And FN actually manufactures the government models now, so… Are Colt’s rifle barrels cold hammer forged? I believe FN’s are. I love Colt, but like so many people have said already, they need to diversify.

          • Curious_G

            Don’t think they are hammer forged (that is not mil spec), but that is overhyped anyway.

          • Doug73

            SOME of the FN15’s have CHF barrels. But only at the $1250+ price point. The base FN15’s use regular ol’ barrels.

      • Dracon1201

        That’s subjective.

        You also forgot BCM, among others.

        An entry level AR is an entry level AR. I’ve seen so many through the shop, and guess what? They are pretty much all the freaking same. The only difference I can tell is when someone gets an AR in that isn’t as basic as these Colt builds.

      • iHAL

        Not milspec. Not in any way milspec.

  • CrustyAngry

    COLT just die already…

  • Mark

    It offers some good value with some nice furniture upgrades for the money. I’ve had a 6920 for a few years and really have no complaints. It works every time and isn’t picky on the ammo. You could do much worse at that price and short of a well done home build it would be hard to do better.

    • Scouse

      You do know it is all about cost? Colt bought parts, most likely at a base price, that saved them manufacturing dollars!
      Better looking than theirs. A little criticism from a AUG Guy? Why have a cocking mechanism, that has you firing it back over your shoulder?
      I wonder how many head shots that ended up with?

  • felix

    So if I slap that there furniture on my or any AR do they sue me for infringing on their design 🙂

  • ghost

    Something different. They can’t just make a good rifle, and sell a lot of them. Too boring.

  • turbo38gn – JC

    Big difference in evolution and revolution… Justin is talking about Colt evolving deeper into the civilian market. An area Colt now knows needs to be serviced if they are to grow. Knocking around Colt for getting into the game serves what purpose…. I’ve shot Colt ARs, and many other ARs…. for the money… nothing out there compares. If they make a Ma. Legal one… I’ll be adding one to the vault..

  • cmiller706

    Nothing special here, I got the Colt6920 with all the new MOE SL furniture in OD green with the MBUS Pro sights and a Pmag at my local gun store months ago for $909 + tax. All they did was take the stripped down version they were selling of the 6920 for $729.99 and add the Magpul SL furniture, and it was still cheaper than what Colts advertising with the MBUS Gen2.


    I really don’t want to burst any bubbles here, but the reality is…Colt is losing ground because too many other companies are manufacturing AR style semi-auto platforms that are better, cheaper and parts are so readily available..It’s like Chevy, Fords, Dodges…..When a product is made and it works well, others will try to duplicate and perfect it… And Walla, there are just too many parts and manufacrurers and competition is driving down demand for certain models..Colt cannot compete with that model of marketing….

  • RPK

    I own several LE6920’s in varying configurations and a full sized AR15A4. ALL of them are exceptional firearms. If you do not like Colt’s AR-15, my suggestion is go buy something else. I also own an FNH FN-15. In all fairness, it rivals the Colt AR15A4. But then, owning them both, I have something tangible as a fair comparison rather than an off canter opinion.

  • buzzman1

    And the purpose for this is what?

  • ghost

    Different colors/tones/graphics make them shoot gooder. “Evolutionary”? More like reaching desperately for a grand and change.