DIY .410 Staplegun Revolver

So I posted Clint Westwood’s DIY video of how he rifled a barrel. Then I wondered what he was rifling a barrel for. Well he converted a staple gun to fire .410 shotgun shells.

Since this is a rifled .410, does this fall under law as a pistol? Or AOW? It is not a SBS since it was never designed to be fired from the shoulder.




Here is the prototype. A single shot version that fires .410 shells.


Here is the assembly of the final product. In this video, the creator explains that he was trying to make this resemble a caulking gun.

Nicholas C

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  • John Yossarian

    Ingenious! But since he announced intentions for it to be disguised as a caulking gun, I’d worry that this qualifies as an AOW.

    • Nicholas Chen

      I don’t know if resembling and disguising are the same thing. His intention was for it to look like a caulking gun. But he doesn’t say he was trying to disguise as a caulking gun. I can see the design was in the direction of how a caulking gun looks. The handle/trigger and the tube represents the tube of a caulk. It is gray area I think. Especially since his design fails to look like a caulking gun.

      • Clint Westwood

        As I was building and working out the simple engineering, it struck me on how much it look like a caulking gun. The finished item fails miserably in that regard. I don’t think sliding this into your toolbox will fool anyone.As I’ve mentioned before, it’s more cartoon and ugly than anything else.

      • John Yossarian

        Read the words again in the intro to the Assembly video. I won’t repeat them myself. That text is what has me worried. Remember: With the ATF, intent is everything.

        • Clint Westwood

          Show me a caulking gun that looks like my project and I’ll show you hockey stick that looks like your rifle:)

    • Nicholas Chen

      I think this could be an AOW kind of like how pens and flashlights that fire bullets are AOW. This is a staple gun that fires shells. Granted this is a modified staple gun and in no way looks like a staple gun.

  • Nick

    He’s getting a lot of attention here for it. Hopefully that doesn’t cause him to get some attention from the ATF too.

    It may very well be legally a pistol, but the ATF is a hammer, and we all look like nails.

    • Nicholas Chen

      If it is just considered a pistol. the ATF can’t do anything. Just like I can make a 1911 on my own, with a 80% frame.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      It’s a legal home build following federal guide lines. There are way more illegal things than this built everyday by people who are too ignorant to ever bother to learn firearms laws. I doubt the ATF has much inclination to bother a guy who is going out of his way to follow laws and then post/document it.

    • Southpaw89

      The only potential problem I see is that it doesn’t look all that much like a firearm, while it certainly isn’t a handgun disguised as a staple gun, I seem to remember something about firearms that don’t look like firearms being classified as AOWs. But maybe the fact that it doesn’t look like anything else would prevent that from being an issue.

  • Porty1119

    Rifled barrel = pistol. It takes design cues from a caulking gun, and is not intended to be disguised as one.

  • PK

    The rifled barrel is the determining factory for what type of firearm this is. It’s rifled, without a stock, and has a bore under .50″, therefor it’s a pistol in the same way a Taurus Judge is a pistol. The fact that it can use a shotgun shell isn’t relevant.

    • Charles Applegate

      Except here in California, where the Judge is illegal.

      • Anonymoose

        I was just about to say that.

      • PK

        I should have specified that I was speaking of federal laws.

        • Charles Applegate

          I figured as much – just taking the opportunity to remind everyone that California is bonkers. 🙂

  • Tassiebush

    This would allow for some awesome lines. “Eat lead A-Hole! It’s your new staple diet!”

  • john huscio

    Now I can ask my line paper if its “feeling lucky”

  • Southpaw89

    Funny that he stated that he wanted it to resemble a caulking gun, I’ve often looked at grease guns, which are of course very similar but have and enclosed tube, and wondered how well they would work as a receiver for a STEN type gun, or even just a semi auto pistol.

  • Cleophus A


  • El Duderino

    Taurus marketing department be all like, “Hey that ain’t bad…we have any more legal terms laying around? The ‘Paralegal’ or maybe the ‘Records Clerk’?”

  • electrozity8

    I never knew there was a gun with a trigger that was worse than a VP-70 or Cobray Pocket Pal.

  • Zebra Dun

    Holy Sheet! A zip gun for squirrels!

  • John

    The Taurus Justice.

    Appealing to those who want higher power.