Gunsite Announces New Classes

Gunsite Academy, which was originally founded in 1976 by Colonel Jeff Cooper as the American Pistol Institute, has announced they’ll be adding to their class lineup in 2016. Gun owners come from all over the country to attend classes at Gunsite, and with options ranging from self-defense to hunting to Defensive Vehicle Tactics Training, there’s always something new to learn. Learning takes place thanks to the instructors at Gunsite, who an impressive bunch; each of them possesses a specific skill set in addition to being fantastically proficient with pistols. An opportunity to learn from the team at Gunsite is one that should never be passed by, and with the addition of even more classes, the reasons to make the trip just keep piling up.

“Remember the first rule of gunfighting … have a gun.” Col. Jeff Cooper

There are 5 new classes slated for 2016, and it’s clear they were carefully designed to meet the needs of today’s shooter. Classes are as follows: Active Shooter/Terrorist Response for Citizens, Defense Against Street Crimes, Home Defense, Emergency Medical Preparedness, and Disaster Preparedness Techniques. To learn more about these classes visit the academy’s website at or contact Training Director Dave Starin via email at

“The will to survive is not as important as the will to prevail … the answer to criminal aggression is retaliation.” Col. Jeff Cooper

See a class list at:




Katie Ainsworth in a shoot house at Gunsite Academy


Gun writer Brian McCombie shooting steel at Gunsite Academy

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  • balaclava

    might be good to include the location

    • sean

      Gunsite is a location…Google maps should help.

      • Don Ward

        Wrong. It costs nothing for the writer to mention that this is held -in presumably Arizona according to Google – and not doing so is kind of lazy. A reader shouldn’t have to leave the story to track down information that should be included in the piece; even a rehashed press release like this one.

        • I would have thought most readers would know about Gunsite and where it’s located.

          • Grindstone50k

            Never assume.

          • I wasn’t assuming I chalked that one up to common knowledge.

          • sam

            I don’t know where it’s at. I’m fine without training. My thing is I just use one hand when using a handgun, which is natural thus prevents the need for training or even practice in order to attain excellent proficiency. No training is needed for rifles of course since those have stocks. I mean, as long as you don’t put the stock against your forehead or something instead of your shoulder by mistake, lol.

          • Nicks87

            I hope you’re joking. Otherwise that has to be the dumbest firearm related comment ever.

          • Like Nicks I hope you’re kidding. No training or practice with any gun you depend on for defense is a recipe for disaster and losing the fight. I’m really not running you down but that viewpoint will get you on the wrong end of a gun fight.
            When you get in a gunfight fine motor skills go out the window and you fall back on training and practice to see you through.

          • sam

            You’re a kind man. But the gunfight is in the head, not in the hands. The only thing that makes people lose motor skills is that you all think you will.*

            *OK, yes, I’m mostly kidding; being hyperbolic/obtuse on purpose. But for my own purposes I am training-agnostic.

          • Nicks87

            Training-agnostic? Wow. Any shooting at all could be considered training. It’s all about developing muscle memory and hand and eye coordination. Call it plinking if you want but even shooting for fun is still training. It’s all about what your goals are.

          • sam

            Indeed agnostic. I mean, you [i]could[/i] call my activities training. People can say a sapient god created the universe and I wouldn’t say they’re empirically wrong.

            For me, looking at the info available, to say there’s a God or that I’m training for self defense would be mentally playing with myself, and I try to avoid that. Accordingly I don’t know where the training Mecca is, don’t think the gurus have special knowledge that will improve my fate. Don’t care to pay the coffers and go through the motions.

          • Don Ward

            Why would they?

          • I figure most anyone who shoots much or very long at all would know about Gunsite. I guess not—

          • stephen

            Yes many do know where its at but for the courtesy of those who don’t, you should post a link.

            Seems TFB has a problem with posting links on articles, review, etc. I would think this would be standard ops (hint, hint).

    • Paulden, Arizona

  • Axel

    too bad it costs as much a a high-end rifle to take any of these classes.

    • Nicks87

      That may be true but you will get more out of a gunsite class and a cheap rifle than you will out of a high-end rifle and no gunsite class.

  • ruinator

    I have some friends in AFSOC who went through GUNSITE. They gave it stellar reviews, just the same out of my price range

  • datimes

    After reading Jeff Cooper articles for decades one of the first things I did after retirement was attend the 250 class two years ago. During the orientation the instructor said you would be able to draw your weapon and do a head shot in 1.5 seconds by Friday. He was correct. Anyone who enjoys shooting needs to do this once in your life. What a fantastic experience. I’m going back next year.

  • charlesrhamilton

    Gosh, why didn’t the author include how many miles it is from my house to Gunsite? Seriously though, a class at Gunsite is on my list. You know, unless Sam would want to train me.

    • Katie A

      I really do need to work on my psychic powers… 🙂

  • Will

    SOMEONE give “Sam” a pat on the head and a ‘Bless your heart’ and move on to something relevant.