TFBTV: Springfield XDm 4.5″ (Threaded Barrel Edition) Review

In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the new Springfield XDm threaded barrel edition. The XDm threaded barrel edition comes complete with all of the XDm features, plus a match grade barrel threaded in 1/2×28″ and raised sights. Best of all, the XDm has a capacity of 19+1 in 9mm – impressive. James shoots the XDm suppressed with the AAC Evo-9 9mm and YHM Cobra 9mm silencers as well as unsuppressed, and answers the question “how does the XDm stack up to other polymer pistols on the market today?”

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Guns in this Video:
Springfield XDm Fullsize 9mm Threaded Barrel Edition

Accessories in this Video:
Advanced Armament Corp. Evolution-9 Silencer
YHM Cobra 9mm Silencer

Here is the full transcript …

– Hey guys, James again for TFBTV, and today I’ve got the Springfield XD(M) in 9mm.

This is a pretty exciting offering especially for you guys that have a 9mm suppressor.

And why is that? You’ve got 1/2″ x 28 threads, and you’ve got raised, you can see, raised sights on here.

So this thing is right out of the box, perfect and ready for a 9mm suppressor.

There’s quite a few additions Springfield’s made.

First, you’ve got some pretty aggressive grip striations.

They’ve also slightly modified the frame still has the Picatinny rail underneath the dust cover and it still has the grip safety that a lot of people seem to really love.

Again, you have very aggressive texturing on the front and the backstrap of the grip, and interchangeable backstraps.

This XD(M) came with three.

They say this comes with a match-grade barrel so you should get pretty good accuracy out of it.

They also have the minimal reset trigger.

Which they say is the shortest travel and shortest reset for any polymer pistol on the market today.

I’ll give that a shot later and let you know what I think.

They’ve got what they call the maximum reach magazine release and it’s an ambi mag release.

It doesn’t protrude too much out of the frame it’s just right and it’s good tension.

Then they have what they call the Megazine now, which is cute, you know.

The Megazine.

And that’s a 19-round magazine, so you can stuff 20 rounds of 9mm into this thing, 19 in the mag, one in the chamber.

That’s pretty impressive.

And it’s about the same size, as far as I can tell as my Glock 17.

Seems like it’s got the same Melonite finish that the XDs have always had which should take some abuse.

I mean, this is a good-looking gun.

I like it with the FDE, of course, I’m sure they’re gonna make it in black.

But, let’s give it a shot, and we’ll try it suppressed, unsuppressed.

See how it does, I’m looking forward to this.

The XD(M) is one of the most well-presented handguns that I’ve seen.

It comes with this Pelican-style, lockable case, with two, pretty heavy-duty clasps.

And check this out.

Got it, everything’s cut out, in some nice, closed-cell foam.

You of course have your XD.

Three 19-round magazines, pretty impressive.

You’ve got your mag holster.

Springfield standard holster.

Mag loader if you need that.

Couple extra grip panels.

Pretty nice. Nice little presentation, here.

That said, the XD(M) comes in a nice little package, but if you’re like me at all, you are constantly worried about your optics mounting solutions on your gun cases, and thank God Springfield has you covered with Picatinny rail on either side of the case.

So I’ve got some 124-grain 9mm, compliments of one of our new sponsors, Ventura Munitions.

Great company, thanks guys for sending the ammo.

We’ll run it through this XD, see how it does.

(racks slide) (pistol fires) (metal target rings) Not bad! I’ve shot a few hundred rounds through it today, no failures to feed, no failures to eject, it’s been 100% reliable.

As far as the minimal reset trigger goes, I tend to believe Springfield when they say that this is the shortest traveling and the shortest resetting trigger out there in a polymer pistol.

Now there’s quite a bit of takeup on the front end.

But once you get that initial trigger pull it’s got a nice positive reset.

It’s a pretty good, I would say, (striker clicks) I mean I would say it’s roughly about a five, five and a half pound trigger, like the stock Glock.

But it’s pretty smooth.

This polymer frame does a good job of sapping up the recoil so it’s pretty pleasant to shoot.

It’s been pretty accurate.

This performs like a Springfield XD.

You’re getting what you’re used to, but you know there’s some slight modifications and some slight improvements that Springfield added that are good touches to have.

Let’s give one of these “Megazines”, LOL, uh, let’s give one of them a shot.

19 rounds.

(racks slide) (pistol fires repeatedly) (pistol continues to fire) (pistol still firing) Springfield was kind enough to send me an XD(M) to try out with a threaded barrel and these raised sights.

Like I said, comes out of the box ready to go for your suppressor.

The raised sights are a very nice touch that you don’t see often in a gun, even in the ones that come with the threaded barrels for suppressors.

This is gonna be fun, let’s give it a shot, I’ve got the Yankee Hill I’ve got a Yankee Hill Cobra this time.

See how it does.

(gas puffs) (metal target rings) Of course with this Nielsen device, it’s got a little bit more recoil than if you’re shooting it without a suppressor on it.

You can definitely feel a little bit more kick.

Now of course that has nothing to do with the XD itself, that’s by virtue of the Nielsen device in the suppressor.

And you definitely are gettin’ some blowback I’m hoping, been shooting here, I’m hoping I don’t have shit all over my face when I’m talkin’ to ya.

Because there is definitely some blowback.

But that said, all shots on target.

Just by virtue of these raised sights.

And it’s always nice to be able to get a factory threaded barrel and not have to spend a couple hundred dollars to get a threaded barrel that’s a third party that may not have the same fitment.

That’s a nice touch with this gun.

(pistol fires five times) So I’ve really shot this thing ragged today.

Myself and a few of my shooting buddies came out and we’ve put several hundred rounds through it.

Again, no failures, everything’s been running perfectly.

Impressive performance from this XD today.

Good stuff.

Couple of thoughts on the XD(M).

I’ve got bad news for you classic Springfield XD owners and that news is you’re gonna have to spend money to upgrade because this is worth it.

The minimal reset trigger on here is excellent again the grip texturing on the frame the interchangeable backstraps very aggressive checkering on the slide both the front and the back.

Like it’s anything revolutionary, per se, because how revolutionary can these polymer guns get anymore, but these are some very significant and very useful improvements.

Not to mention, one of the huge selling points is you can get 19+1 with flush fit magzines and it’s a pretty trim little grip.

So again, I’ve never really been a huge XD guy, but this XD(M) is giving me second thoughts.

This really is a good gun, I’ve had no problems with it today.

Me and several shooters today have run it through the wringer.

It’s seen several hundred rounds, unlubricated, not cleaned, and it’s functioned perfectly.

So if you’ve ever been on the fence about getting a Springfield XD, I can recommend this one to ya.

I think that Springfield has done a good job this isn’t just a superfluous upgrade, these are substantial, real improvements.

And it’s a good gun.

This is a good polymer pistol.

Seems the market’s saturated today with high-end polymer pistols but Springfield’s done a good job of trying to set itself apart from the rest of the crowd with these improvements that you don’t necessarily find on the other polymer guns.

Seems like the XD has been around now for about as long as anybody else in the game.

And it’s still kicking, still doing its thing so if you’re in the market for a polymer pistol I think this is an excellent choice you can’t go wrong with the XD(M).

Thanks Springfield for sending this to me God (beeep) these (beeep)ing flies, dude, driving me (beeep) Yeah dude.

I gotta put more Off on.

One of ’em just (beep)ing bit me.

Now as far as other details that kinda set the XD apart from the rest of the pack, you’ve got these raised sights and the threaded barrel, the threaded match barrel, as factory options.

Not to mention the XD(M) package is pretty impressive, especially if you wanna mount an optic on your gun box.

No, seriously, it’s nice to get the magazine holster the gun holster, three 19-round factory magazines, the gun, all in a very nice, very durable and lockable box.

Excellent job with the presentation, Springfield.

So thanks again, Springfield, for letting me demo this gun, thank you to Grizzly Targets, one of our new sponsors.

Thank you to Mike at Ventura Munitions, who’s killing it as usual, he supplied all the ammo for this shoot, and thank you to the TFBTV viewers appreciate your views, appreciate your subscriptions.

Most of the time your comments are ok, no, thank you for commenting, thank you for watching, please subsribe.

See you next time.


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        I don’t understand people’s disdain for mechanical safety features in general these days – whether it be a thumb safety, grip safety or merely a longer/ heavier first trigger pull. Seems like a pretty recent phenomena.

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          I agree it seems recent to me as well. I can understand disliking trigger altering safeties.

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    XD’s have been my choice of carry since they first appeared on the U.S. Market. The Glock has never been a comfortable fit in my hand but maybe by Gen18 or 19 they will get that issue worked out. Very pleased that a threaded barrel is now available.

    MEGA-zine??? Really? This starts to sound like more like ananti-gun redoric term than a worthwhile description . “Hi Capacity” has done very well for all these years. Don’t need a name change now. What’s next? GARGANCHA-zine for 50 round or larger? Seems dumb and childish.

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