• Weaver

    And yet we will either have to wait for this rifle or never see it.

    • Michael Acuna

      I’m still waiting for the M8 (^o^) lol

      • Weaver

        Yea that would be cool to have.

      • TJbrena

        I wish. A civilian-market XM8 is my dream.

        • Lance

          Heck a Military M-8 is a dream… for you

      • Porty1119

        The Malaysians bought some for their naval SF, I believe, but economies of scale probably make the platforn exceedingly expensive for what it actually is.

  • Joshua

    Meh its still a G36.

    • Dracon1201

      A PROPERLY made G36.

      • Joshua

        You mean the German G36 is a fake? Who woulda thunk it.

        • Dracon1201

          Lol. No, I’m talking that the polymer on this isn’t doped like the contract guns were that were giving bad accuracy.

          • roguetechie

            Lance Armstrong was improperly doped too… We see how that turned out LOL.

    • HKGuns

      What is absolutely hilarious is that the SCAR is a blatant copy G36 and 90+% of the people who read this blog fawn all over it like it was manna from heaven.

      • Starhoof

        pffttt….whats even more hilarious is people thinking HK makes the best guns in the world just because it has HK logo on it…

      • DW

        Yuo know of fail troll, mein freund? Das ist a gut example.

  • Dracon1201

    Too bad we won’t see it in America.

  • USMC03Vet

    Does it hold zero?
    Too soon?

    • DIR911911 .

      Canadian summers don’t last long enough to heat anything up 🙂

      • Deacon Valis Knight

        i’m starting to disagree with you

    • Lasis

      Since our (Latvian) guys were re-zeroing their G36 only once after returning from Afghanistan and that too was only due to difference in altitude, I presume they are not as bad at holding it as rumor has it.

  • Plumbiphilious

    I’m just so sad we’ll never get any in the US. Shelfmod aside, this gun is really aesthetically pleasing to me.

  • Aaron

    Why are these not available in the US?

    • Joe Ker

      …because we suck and they hate us.

    • Weaver

      Hk USA was going to bring them in but then they changed hands or something and the new guys said no

      • J.T.

        That was an unsubstantiated rumor. Last I heard, It was in ATF import approval limbo. There is also the issue of getting US production of some parts for 922(r) compliance set up which probably won’t get started until it is approved.

    • Maxpwr

      Because you suck and George Bush’s 1989 import ban hates you.

    • Rick5555

      they could be available, if HK was willing to do so. HK is missing a lot of opportunities in the commercial sales if many of their firearms. Even IWI got on board. They set up shop in America….had the parts that are made in Israel, shipped here. And then said firearm is assembled here, i.e., Tavor. Dealing with 922(r) is not a big issue. Has to be six USA parts…in which the magazine can take up three of those parts. I believe the spring, the floor plate and follower. The 1989 import law under Bush Sr. is such BS. I also wished we could get Chinese (Norinco) firearms in America again. When the China sanctions ended….all imports were permitted again. Except the firearms. It’s why a lot of people are concerned about the Russian sanctions per se. When that’s lifted, we’ll get Russian stuff again…except the firearms. It’s such BS and only proves, that the government (either side) is out to get an all out firearms ban, eventually. Each side just goes about it using different methods. The govt. is slowly, but surely attempting bans at an excremental stages. Until. we’re like England or Australia. This is a long game for our government. It’s why we need to stay ontop of things and remain vocal. It’s a perpetual fight, we can’t lose.

      • HKGuns

        …..and you are 100% incorrect. Better check out the German export laws before you go spouting more nonsense. Then go back to history class.

    • Secundius

      @ Aaron.

      They ARE! Price is around $2,700.00 USD., probably one reason you don’t hear to much about them…

  • Joe

    How many inches would an optic be above bore? Maybe it’s me but that looks like a lot.

    • NDS

      Roughly all of the inches.

    • Esh325

      I’ve always wondered, why do people complains about rifles that have high optics over the bore? Assuming the mount is inline with the bore and is stable, it should be fine. And if you have an adjustable cheek piece to get a proper cheek weld? Then what problem is there?

      • Rick5555

        Why have it top heavy. I was going to say..due to cheek weld. However, you did mention that. For me, I don’t like cranking/tilting my head much. I will stick with top heavy if an optic is mounted.

      • Joshua

        Height over Bore affects bullet trajectory. The lower your height over bore the flatter the trajectory.

        • MidGasFan

          Height over bore does not affect trajectory. Only the barrel, powder and bullet affect trajectory. Height over bore relates to sighting the gun in and adjusting for bullet trajectory. Those are two major differences.

          I used to get all wrapped up in height over bore but once it’s calculated in, it doesn’t really play into shooting except for up close work. Don’t believe me, ask professional shooters. Not the big issue these old wive’s tales have made it out to be.

    • FarmerB

      Almost as much as an AR-15 🙂
      Joke – but it does depend on the rail options you’re running.

  • C.

    I’m from Canada and I wasn’t aware these were available here. Hmm might have to splurge and pick one up.

  • Andrea F.

    I have one as well, but a bit shorter. finally something that resembles a G36. Once you get past the “finally I got one” hype, you notice it’s a pretty average low-cost gun. The trigger / selector switch unit is the cheapest I ever tried. Working the selector feels clumsy, and the trigger has a plasticky pull. Reset aint so great either. At least we get to complain about the product, and not about the product not being available 😉

    • FarmerB

      Andy – the selector is fantastic compared to a B&T APC 😉

  • Vitor Roma

    I liked the stock.

  • FarmerB

    Here is something I *DO* see every day when I open my safe 🙂

  • steveday72

    What an ugly monstrosity.

  • derfelcadarn

    Certainly appears to have cornered the market on ugly