Techna Clip for Smith and Wesson Shield

Techna Clip now has one of their conceal carry gun frame mounted belt clips available for the popular Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. They retail for $34.95 at and comes with a money back guarantee.

Techna Clip says they’re easy to install and reduces bulk, but I’m a little iffy about leaving the trigger exposed like that while carrying as well as mounting something onto the slide that may get caught and cause a malfunction.

Salt Lake City, UT – August 11, 2015 – Techna Clip just released a new conceal carry gun belt clip for the Smith and Wesson M&P SHIELD.

Gun belt clips allow those who own handguns to carry them safely without the use of a bulky holster. Techna Clip offers a number of fine gun belt clips for a wide range of handguns, including the following: Beretta Nano, Ruger LCP 380, Ruger LC9, Ruger LC 380, Sig Sauer P238 & P938, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, Smith & Wesson M&P, Glock 42, Springfield XD, Springfield XDS, and a Universal Clip for Glock Models.

Even the best regular holsters add unnecessary bulk and weight and this can be uncomfortable for those who carry a handgun everyday. Techna Clip custom designs their belt clips specifically for the particular model so that they work perfect every time. Their unique design requires no modification to the handgun and only takes moments to install. Techna Clip’s website has instructional videos that show consumers exactly how to install the clip on their handgun.



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  • Patrick M.

    Exposed trigger? Nope.

    • KestrelBike

      Not even with the thumb safety!

  • NDS

    A frame mounted clip is one thing… still not my preference but I get it. Mounting a clip on the slide risks pushing the slide out of battery. Hard pass.

  • DIR911911 .

    one of these clips is selling for about $30 , for about half I get uncle mike’s iwb . the trigger is blocked and none of the gun touches skin. been using them for years , only downside is they do eventually wear out(last me a little over two years) , but at the price not much worry.

  • USMC03Vet

    I like the speed holes, so you can achieve Shield Leg even quicker.

  • I dig this. One of the reasons I love the thumb safety, I’m so tired of shooters trying to Glock other manufacturers guns.

  • Drapetomanius

    I carry “condition 3” aka “red hold” because I have kids, (no I don’t need your opinion on this) so the trigger snag wouldn’t bother me anyhow, but the clip is so high on the frame that I think I’d have trouble drawing quickly. One also wonders about the chances of those two little screws breaking off.

    I might throw one on and try it though; it’s not very expensive. It might be useful as a temporary holster if I ever lost mine, although I make my own holsters so that’s not likely.

    • Kelly Jackson

      I carry a DA / SA gun with the hammer back, just in case terrorism.

      • Kelly Jackson

        Oh, and I also do this with a drop leg holster, everywhere I go.

  • Lew Siffer

    These clips work great…but if you are at all active, including getting in and out of cars, bending over, reaching up, sitting and standing, and all the normal things you do in a full day, your gun will eventually work up on your waist and fall down your pants leg onto the ground. You might be fine for a long time, but eventually your gun will be on the ground. Yes, it happened to me.

  • Grindstone50k


  • David

    Bad idea for anything other than a double-action trigger when the user does not need to bend over or move. In other word, bad idea.

  • John

    Even though the odds of an accidental trigger pull are relatively low, AND the fact that I really don’t want kids, I still don’t like the idea of no guard for the bang switch.

  • Noelle Wright Traywick

    Dasani sparkling hello sparkle has pissed off way more people than just me.

  • Noelle Wright Traywick

    Dasani sparkling hello sparkle

  • Noelle Wright Traywick

    Dasani sparkling hello sparkle, FOCUS ON THE ARTICLE

  • tony

    Available at your friendly local stores until someone shoots his balls off.

  • Steve

    I guess it would be OK if you carried empty chamber, otherwise never. Got to cover that trigger.

  • Phil Elliott

    Been using one of these on a Kel-Tec for about 4 yrs now, difference is it mounted to the frame and this is a Dbl. action only gun. Daily carry, no issues. No falling down my leg, VERY careful in inserting on my pants (behind the belt). Finger beside the frame when inserting.

  • HSR47

    A belt clip “holster” that doesn’t obstruct the trigger/triggerguard?

    All my nope.

    I would never even consider carrying a gun using something like this.