Install the Magpul AKM MOE Handguards on AKM-65

Echo 93, known for their great AK accessories including slings and adapters has posted up a video on the installation of the Magpul MOE Handguards onto an AMD-65.

Unlike the AR market which has nearly industry-wide standardization, the AK market has numerous variations. As such, unique modifications are sometimes required for even “universal” accessories. In teh case of the AMD-65, modification is required on the handguard using a common dremel tool.

For those looking for a breakdown on the Zhukov handguard, Armslist has a good video on its install.

Nathan S

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  • Dracon1201

    If you know it is an AMD 65, why in the heck do you have this mythical AKM65 in the title?

    • Cymond

      “In teh case of the AMD-65”


  • USMC03Vet

    With so many colors a available why black?

  • BrandonAKsALot

    When I first saw the title, I thought someone was butchering an AKM-63 and I was ready to cry. Then I saw it was an AMD-65 and I no longer cared.

  • John

    Hmm. There are two groups that would find this modification immensely useful.

    1. The Afghan National Police, which still uses the AMD-65 as their primary firearm. For some reason. Possibly because an arms dealer promised a whole bunch at a cheap price, and they were ineffective enough that if a corrupt cop left and joined the Taliban with their weapon, they wouldn’t be able to hit much of anything at range.

    2. Private military corporations like Blackwater, who uses the AMD-65 for the same line of reasoning; they’re cheap. Unlike the Afghans, they have interest in making their guns better, so they’d probably do this mod.

    • iksnilol

      Have you considered that they like the AMD-65 not only because it is cheap but because it is also very compact?

  • Ed

    For a AK? stick with wood!

  • iksnilol

    So what if it is a cut down AKM? Accuracy has very little if anything to do with barrel length. And the barrel isn’t chopped down too much for it to have function problems.

    The reason there’s a lot of addons for it is probably because it is popular. I mean, a bone stock AR-15 works just fine, but there’s still a lot of addons for it.

    And I really doubt the addon for the stock is because it bends, it is just so that you can actually have cheek weld.

    • John

      >So what if it is a cut down AKM? Accuracy has very little if anything
      to do with barrel length. And the barrel isn’t chopped down too much for
      it to have function problems.

      Much like the teething problems around the M4, you can’t just cut down the barrel and a lot of other things without accommodating for the differences cutting down those things makes. You’ll get timing problems, ejection problems, gas problems, and yes, accuracy problems. The shorter the barrel, the shorter the range.

      The AMD-65 is like a first-generation M4; all of the advantages on paper, but all of the disadvantages and problems in real life.

      Which is why I’m glad to see mods like these made. They gradually improve the gun just like the M4 was gradually improved. All those add-ons you see for the AR-15 rifle nowadays? Those came from Iraq, Afghanistan and the sunset of the Assault Weapons Ban. Nobody cared enough before then to mass-produce rail systems, tactical foregrips, telescoping stocks or any of the other stuff commonly associated with the AR-15 and M4 platforms now.

      • iksnilol

        AK is overgassed by default, that should compensate for less dwell time (which the long stroke gas system doesn’t need much of). + The AMD doesn’t have a that short barrel to cause issues, it has a 30 cm barrel. If it was a 20 cm barrel like the AKS-74U then I would understand your concern.

        Short barrel can shorten range, due to less velocity. But range and accuracy aren’t the same. The shortened barrel would be more accurate due to whipping less.