Andrew wrote …

Your recent posting about PLA weaponry reminded me of all the pictures i took at the Chinese National Airshow in Zhuhai, China last November. Norinco, the largest arms manufacturer in China (Canadians know them well) makes everything from handguns to Main Battle Tanks and Spy Satellites, all of which were on display in a large hanger they had prepared to show off their goods. Zhuhai is meant to generate export sales so the arms on display are usually chambered in conventional NATO rounds rather than the unique Chinese stuff.


Unknown model 9mm submachine gun


NAR-10 Rifle


NQU-03 Bullpup Rifle


CS/LR4 Rifle

I like the design of the newer Chinese firearms. They are very slick.




  • Anton Gray Basson

    That one smg looks very CZ EVO like

    • Jimbo

      Literally every plastic framed smg looks very EVOlike. It’s a straight blowback smg. All of them look alike just like all bolt actions look basically alike.

  • Nick

    The one 9mm smg looks like a scorpion Evo knockoff. The Chinese rip off someone’s design? Who would’ve thought!

    • micmac80

      Average US gun manufacturer assembles ither an Ar15 or 1911 from premade parts. So chinaman is highly innovative by that standard,

      • Bal256

        And? Do they claim to have an original design? Are they breaking patent laws? And are these clones actually being used by big names, government agencies, or anyone else besides hobbyists on a budget in place of the original products?

        At the very least, I’ll give that the Chinese at least make decent guns, even if most are clones. Can’t say the same for some American companies like Remington.

        • Jimbo

          Patent laws are horseshit, and no one who respects them unless you put a gun to their head, just like no one respects copyright laws.

          They typically imply that they do make “new, innovative, revolutionary” products even when it’s just an AR-15 with a different coating on the BCG or something.

          “big name” governments and others use American copies just like “big name” governments and others use Chinese copies.

          Remington is Freedom Group junk.

    • TJbrena

      They ripped off the theme for their 2022 Winter Olympics from Frozen. They can be creative, but they find it easier to copy.

      • no

        Dude, I heard that theme song too, it’s a blatant 100% copy!

    • whodywei

      The Chinese smg is gas operated therefore it can’t be a scorpion Evo knockoff.

    • john huscio

      Looks more like a magal carbine

    • Jimbo

      EVO does nothing new, you idiot. You can’t knock something off if it is itself a knock off.

  • Dracon1201

    Boy, they sure ripped the Galil off in that NAR10.

    • Esh325

      Putting rails on an AK is something a lot of people have done. And I’m not so sure the NAR10 is even based on the AK design like the Galil ACE is.

    • micmac80

      Until we get to look at the guts its to early to tell ,but Galil is a knockoff itself.

    • Nope, it’s a Type 81 derivative.

    • iksnilol

      Uh, Galil is AK “knockoff”. The Type 81 is similar to the VZ58 in that it looks like an AK but isn’t similar at all mechanically. The Type 81 is more of an SKS mechanically.

      • Type 81s have an SKS-like gas system, but an AK-like bolt.

    • G.K.

      Boy, you sure have zero clue what the hell you’re talking about.

      • Dracon1201

        It looks Hella similar is what I’m saying.

  • Esh325

    I wonder what the basis for the NAR-10 is? Is it based on the Type 81?

    • Yes, it’s an embiggened Type 81.

      • iksnilol

        So mechanically it is sorta like a 308 SKS with detachable magazines?

        That is “kinda want” at the very least.

        • No, Type 81s are a weird hybrid design that have a little bit of everything in them. They’re rotary bolt, a la AK, with a short-stroke piston sort of like an SKS.

          • Esh325

            The Type 81 is an interesting rifle. My understanding is that it came about because the Chinese wanted to make improvements on the current Type 56, mostly in accuracy. It never did see the success of the Type 56 though.

          • salty

            or justl ik a giant sig 55x series? which copied ak and sks kinda…

      • roguetechie

        Everyone forgets the type 63/68 when the NAR-10 I guess it is now is brought up.
        the 63 makes the SKS DNA much more apparent. I have some pretty neat pictures in various folders showing the home brew modifications people have done to 63’s &81’s.
        My personal favorite is a type 63 with underfolder that has a very aks-53 / underfolding mini 14 vibe.
        Also Nathaniel the NAR-10 reminds me of a pretty interesting home brew project. A fal sks hybrid that was at one point planned for sale here in the US.

  • DW

    The NAR-10 is more of a Type81 chambered in 7.62X51
    Not a straight up copy of AK (Still heavily influenced by it no doubt), certainly NOT a copy of Galil
    As for the 9mm police subgun, well there are only this many ways to build a polyer blowback 9mm that isn’t a bullpup…And it will never compete the same as the Evo3, for one it’s banned from import in the US even without the NFA stuff, and saying Norinco/polytech being on-par with CZ UB is kind of a bad joke.

    • Esh325

      What I would like to see are more gas operated smg’s. Gas operation usually has smoother recoil.

  • This post is radical.

  • Art out West

    Isn’t that “unknown submachine gun” one of the new CZ Skorpion EVO3?

    • Alex Nicolin

      A product of CtrlCctrlV Industries ๐Ÿ™‚

      • micmac80

        Almost like miriad of ARs and 1911 put together from a brownells catalogue parts by some 90% of US firearms manufacturers

      • notalima

        Heh. I like that. I’m going to use that somewhere today ๐Ÿ˜€

      • John

        CtrlCctrlV Industries

        The Ultimate Control At Your Fingertips. (TM)

  • Esh325

    The only thing they need to make now is a piston AR15.

    • You can buy adams arms piston kits from aliexpress for like $70.

  • MPWS

    Its based on QBZ(Qing Buziang Zu) 95. It has been around for awhile. Chinese police needs them badly in Xinjiang.

  • Justin Roney

    The QCW-05 SMG looks very similar to the suppressed SMG from Halo:ODST. I want one!

    • mikewest007

      Who doesn’t! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Lance

    A 9mm Type 95 interesting.

  • Lance

    And a 7.62x51mm Type 81 thats cool!

  • SP mclaughlin

    Is the NQU-03 the same thing as the QBU-88?

  • santi

    Knock off, yada yada. I’ll take one of each please. Knock offs? How many different variants of the ar15 are there out there? Who cares.

    • Phil Hsueh

      Not to mention that if it goes bang pretty much every time you pull the trigger and doesn’t blow up or fall apart after a couple of mags then what does it matter if it’s a knock off or not. At the end of the day all I really care about is how much it costs, how well it works, and how reliable it is.

  • Kivaari

    Good looking guns.

  • Darren Hruska

    So, the CS/LR14 has been renamed to “NAR-10,” or is it a slightly different variant (export/civilian)?

  • john huscio

    Or a magal/micro galil…

  • LazyReader

    Ancient Chinese Secret, Huh.

  • LazyReader

    NAR 10 looks like a FAL

  • Martin Grรธnsdal

    the CS/LR4 Rifle is the
    Accuracy International AWM’s brother. I can already see their father welcome the chinese back, as the prodigal son

  • ant1248

    Shame the temporary sanctions on Norinco are still in place.

  • Ed Ward

    Yup–I have a Norinco 982 and it’s a more durable copy of the Rem. 870 (it’s built like a freaking tank!).

  • mikewest007

    No, it actually can’t. RealSword teases it since 2007, but does nothing to actually release it.

    Which is particularly odd, since their QBZ-97 replica turned out to be pretty decent, if expensive.

    • Revolver Bobcat

      It can because the KBU-97 is a real gun, but you won’t find any pictures. That real sword airsoft gun (regardless of whether it released or not) is the closest thing to be found to one.

      • mikewest007

        Yeah, I get you. I’m just pissed off at RS.
        At G&G too, by the way, they were working at a semi-auto WA2000 replica, and then apparently swept it under the rug.

        • Revolver Bobcat

          I was excited to finally get a bullpup DMR type gun with the RS97, but when it never came out I got an ICS L86 instead.