The Ultimate Comparison – AK-47 vs AK-74 on Diffen

It takes some real time to create these charts and track down the information, so my hat is off to which has a comprehensive break-down of the specifications of the AK-47 and the AK-74. 


Diffen is a wiki-type website where people can go create similar articles on a multitude of topics. For example, enterprising enthusiasts and have also broken down the AK vs M-16, Glock 17 vs 19, and even the Glock v. 1911. 

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Nathan S

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  • Jolly

    AK74 FTW

  • Llewellyn Franks

    God that website is an ugly mess. There seems to be a lot of small biases and formatting inconsistencies here and there.

  • Steve

    The website is an ugly mess? How about this chart…? And where in the world are you finding a 9+ lb AK-47?

    • Wetcoaster

      If I had to guess, a loaded Type 56 where someone’s inserted extra lead shot into the buttstock 😛

  • Rob

    I love how they’re using a picture from Pimp My Gun and parts of it aren’t even layered correctly xD

    • iksnilol

      Doubly funny considering an AK-74 is one of the standard guns you can start out with.

  • Lance

    AK-74 is better by a wide margin over older AKs and AKMs.. 5.45 is alot better in ballistics and wound patterns and armor penetration. It has little to no recoil can have numerous optic mounted and still i s as reliable as the AK/AKM.

    • iksnilol

      Depends, some of us like to shoot through walls. M67 and similar bullets yaw in like 3.5 inches of flesh. So no problem in lethality there while still being able to shoot through cover.

  • snmp


  • Tyler McCommon

    So can we nominate this for worst article ever?

    • Dolphy

      Indeed. *Raises hand*

  • Kevin Harron

    A bad PMG for a pic? Classy.

  • BlackTalon2000

    AKS-74. still the lighest ak with a 16 inch barrel.