New Howa 1500 From Legacy Sports

Legacy Sports International is a Reno, Nevada, based company that is the sole supplier for Howa rifles not just nationally but globally. Howa rifles are manufactured by the Howa Machinery Company, which was originally founded in 1907 and is known for producing firearms both for the military and civilians. The 1500 line of rifles has a reputation for accuracy and, according to the company, less heat drift, along with the ability to function reliably right out of the box. All rifles in the 1500 line have a three-position safety and two-stage trigger.

New from Legacy Sports is the Howa 1500 chambered in .300 Win Mag, with a 24″ heavy barrel with a #6 contour. Using a heavy barrel rather than a standard hunting barrel lends the rifle greater stability as well as improved heat dissipation. The new rifle is available with a Hogue stock in one of three colors: OD Green, Black, or Kryptek Highlander. It also comes with or without one of two scopes: the Nikko Stirling GameKingor the Targetmaster 4-16×44. Barreled actions are blued on guns with a black or OD Green stock; guns with a Kryptek Highlander finish on their stock are Cerakoted in Austrian Brown.

Visit Legacy’s website for a closer look at MSRP not listed.

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  • Jeff Smith

    I’ve always been interested in Howa firearms. They make great looking guns at a decent price. Has anyone had much experience with them?

    • David W.

      I have heard all they need is a trigger. I got to mess with one at my local Academy and didn’t think the trigger needed work.

    • Matt B.

      I’m a big fan of Howas. The newest ones don’t even really need a trigger, as the factory two-stage is pretty nice (not amazing, mind you, but certainly better than the factory trigger in other common rifles). The only real drawback is that the aftermarket support isn’t as robust as it is for R700 pattern guns. You can still get those parts, but you’re limited to only a handful of options (three DBMs, two chassis systems, three triggers, etc).

      Out of the box, though, it has a lot of features that you would have to pay someone to install on a R700, and it’s pretty damn accurate.

    • Tassiebush

      I had a Weatherby Vanguard which is basically the same gun from same factory with minor differences and it was a great sturdy, reliable and accurate rifle. I can’t see how a Howa would be any different.

    • LetsTryLibertyAgain

      I have a heavy barrel stainless 308 Howa 1500 and it’ll shoot the nards off a gnat. I lowered the stock trigger to a ridiculous 13 ounces. It feels like an electronic trigger. No perceived motion. Press it and it fires. I tested it thoroughly and it will not fire unless the trigger is pressed, at any angle, even under some hefty shock loads. Most people don’t like a trigger that light, but I do on a bench rifle like this. I’m very careful to warn people who shoot it. People think they know what a 13 ounce trigger is until they actually shoot one. It’s a real surprise for most shooters.

      • Jeff Smith

        That’s a gorgeous gun!

  • micmac80

    Did they at least change the twist rates , one of the wierd things about Howa is that they always seem to come with 12 twist in every calibre .

  • FWIW: Howa has made rifles for both S&W and Weatherby.

    • Tassiebush

      Absolutely! A Weatherby Vanguard is basically one of these. I was very happy with mine. Howa is a very good manufacturer that’s very worthy of consideration.

  • Import me a Type 89 Howa.. or a 64.

    • Lance

      Type 64? WHY??? it couldn’t shoot normal 7.62mm ammo because they made a very light load for the JSDF.

      • … You know they have an adjustable gas system to accommodate for full powered ammunition right?

  • Bob

    I can tell you my Howa 1500 in kryptek 20inch heavy barreled 308 shoots under an inch at 100 yards from the factory with ZQ1 147gr 7.62×51. I have not a bloody clue how and I definitely am by no means an expert shot. Im sure you can get a lemon but dang that gun is good. The trigger is better then a lot of factory triggers and the HACT is adjustable although I have not a bloody clue how you adjust it and there is no real good how to. I probably wouldn’t adjust mine anyway but it would be nice if there was a little better how to direction from Howa. If you want something that’s different Id highly suggest looking at them.

  • Kyle Sherrer

    type 89 that takes ar-15 mags for sale first.

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    this post with out pictures is less then ideal ….. TFB slacking

  • Joshua

    no pictures, no MSRP, no real info, just some Wikipedia stuff about the company, which I already knew, and an excerpt from a press release, not only am I not interested in clicking the link, I’m questioning why this was considered worth posting. are we going to see many posts like this on TFB?

  • Gareth Owen

    Click bait ‘article’