FN FAL (Full Auto): The Right Arm of the Free World

The FN FAL is one of the most prolific firearms of the 20th Century. This Belgian big-shot fires the powerful 7.62×51 NATO round at 650 rounds per minute, and came to be known as “the right arm of the free world” during its tenure as the backbone of many nation’s militaries. Over 70 countries made use of this fantastic rifle, and it is certainly easy to see why.

Rifle featured:

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The full transcript follows ….

(gun clicks) (gun shots) – Whoa.

All right, guys, this is of course a fully automatic FN FAL.

FAL, standing for Fusil Automatique Leger, or light automatic rifle.

And that’s exactly what this is, a fairly light automatic rifle.

I can tell you on full auto, it’s a whole different beast than most other battle rifles I’ve shot.

But today, we’re gonna have a better look at this gun.

See what it can do accuracy wise and so on.

What’s cool about this one, is this is one of the earliest ones in the country.

Browning imported these from ’59 to ’63, and they’re actually all Belgian FN guns.

This one, of course, being a registered full auto.

So without me yammering on too much about it, I say we get to shooting.

– All right, guys, so I’ve owned (mumbling) in the past.

And, you know, they’re great guns, I love them a lot.

I’ve not had a chance to get behind a full auto one, though.

So, this is kind of a treat for me.

I’ve shot other guns, like the AR-10 and G3.

The G3’s pretty controllable, whereas the AR-10 is kind of a wild ride.

And I’m interested to see how this one stacks up to those.

So, let’s get after it.

All right.

(gun shots) That’s pretty awesome.

It’s a lot more controllable than I was expecting.

It does do kind of a strange, want to rise up to the right thing, whereas like the AR-10 pushes straight back, and the G3 just kind of rocks your whole world.

This one’s a little bit gentler than the G3, actually.

It just wants to go in a different direction.

I don’t know, pretty great.

(gun shots) – Not as controllable as a G3 to me.

But, definitely not the worst battle rifle in terms of control-ability.

– All right, so I want to talk a little bit about the controls of the FAL.

It’s got a side charging range right here.

The injection, of course, on this side.

And you’ve got a rotating selector lever.

It goes from safe to single shot, and then automatic.

The magazines rock in, a lot like an AK, or I guess like a FAL.

You’ve got a bolt release right here that you pull down, and that releases the bolt to go forward.

And then, your magazine release is this tiny little paddle on the side.

So, I’m gonna go ahead and take a couple of single shots, and then go to full auto.

And shoot our TFB TV down there.

(gun shots) Pretty controllable in single shot.

I like how fast it is to transition targets.

The handling characteristics are very nice.

It’s light, easy to go ahead and kind of swing to the target.

And now, they get beaten up a little bit.

(gun shots) The more I shoot this, the easier it is for me to control.

I do like it a lot.

I wish the hand guards weren’t metal, because as you can see, I’m wearing my patented matte V operator gloves to keep myself from getting burnt pretty badly.

But like I said, the more I shoot it, the more I really like it.

(gun shots) – All right, so now that we’ve shot the FAL on full auto a little bit, we’re gonna use the bipod.

Maybe the bipod would help if you were, you know, helping suppress enemy movement, or allowing your troops to move forward by pinning the enemy down.

I’m gonna see if it’s a little more practical with the bipod.

I imagine it will be, so let’s try it.

(gun clicks) (gun shots) You know, the target I have set up is probably at about 50 yards, and the sight picture still jumps around the target pretty well.

It’s about a 12-inch in diameter plate.

Realistically, it’s probably not that much better.

A little better, but realistically, a squad automatic weapon, this is not a replacement for one.

(gun shots) – Whoo! All right, so you’ve seen me (mumbling) for other things, like the AR-10 and some of the other machine guns that we’ve done.

Yeah, that’s hot.

So there’s metal hand guards, and they heat up pretty quick.

Anyhow, I’m gonna overlay the video of me doing the (mumbling) with the AR-10.

And that one was pretty bad.

This is softer shooting, but it’s harder to keep on target.

Like I said earlier, it wants to wander up into the right for some reason.

And it’s kind of strange.

It may be a muzzle device induced issue.

But man, was that fun.

– All right, guys, I’m at about 50 yards with the FN FAL.

I’m gonna shoot a couple five-shot groups, and see what I can get out of it.

Wish I could do 100 yards, but the 100 yard board is unfortunately out of service.

(gun clicks) (gun shots) Oh, that was big time.

All right, let’s go down range and check that out.

All right guys, so I’m reasonable impressed with the 50 yard accuracy test with Bargain Bate ammo.

This would have been about a two-inch group, except for I pulled it really hard, and I had a pretty decent flyer.

This group right here is about a two and a half inch group.

I’m not really happy with that.

I know I can improve if actually had a rest, and wasn’t using the bipod, and if the gun wasn’t really hot, a billion degrees.

But, this is decent.

What I’d like to do is actually, when we get our grizzly targets out here, do a better accuracy test, and ring some steel.

But, this is pretty good practical accuracy on the fly test here.

All right, guys, so we’ve had a lot of fun today with the FN FAL.

Neither of us had shot one full auto before today.

We both had some experience on them, mostly kit builds and stuff like that. – [Alex] Yeah, they were.

– [Patrick] Kit builds can be hit or miss with any gun.

I’ve owned some spotty ones.

But after getting my hands on this one, which is a very quality, actual all-factory Belgian gun, my opinion is raised greatly.

– Yeah, I think it built properly.

These are awesome guns, and I don’t think that enough people think about them these days.

– You know, in the 90s you could build one easily.

I remember going to gun shows as a kid and seeing bins and bins of parts, and guys picking the best mismatched part kits and whatnot.

But, those days are passed.

DSA still makes copies, there’s other companies that make them as well.

You know, if you’re looking for a 308 rifle, it’s easy to overlook these.

But, there’s no good reason to.

– No, there’s not.

Honestly, I think it might actually be softer shooting than your common AR-10s, and about on par with a G3.

– Oh yeah, I would probably say the G3 for me, maybe because I’m more experienced, it’s maybe a little bit more controllable.

But, the FAL and semi-auto I think is a better shooting experience.

However, that’s just one man’s opinion.

– No, I’ll agree with that.

– So guys, this was a ton of fun.

A full auto, it was something else.

It rises high on the right like a beast, which is pretty interesting.

– It’s different.

We’ve got a lot of experience shooting machine guns, and I haven’t run into the one that quite does that yet.

– No, not except for this one, guys.

But, I’d like to take this time to thank one of our sponsors, Ventura Munitions.

Without them, we wouldn’t be able to blast away like we do.

– Absolutely.

And I’d like to thank Grizzly Targets.

Without their support, these videos wouldn’t be possible.

– Absolutely, guys.

Anyways, this is Alex and Patrick with TFB TV.

We’d like to thank you for watching.

And if you liked what you saw, maybe hit the Subscribe, and or the Like button.

Thanks again, guys.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • GunKnowItAll

    Video is set to private.

  • USMC03Vet

    FN FAL is one incredibly ugly rifle.
    Since it’s a pre-ban NFA does that remove it from being 922r compliant? I noticed you said it was all factory Belgium gun.

    • 1. Machine guns are exempt from 922r.
      2. Guns imported before 922r became law are exempt from 922r,

      • USMC03Vet

        Figured as such. I’m such a noob though I was curious.

      • Vitsaus

        I might be wrong, but aren’t SBRs also exempt?

        • No.

        • jcitizen

          You have to be careful and fully describe the planned design on the paper work before the build; and then it still has to meet BATFE guidelines; If you buy it post build it has to stay that way.(last I checked)

    • nadnerbus

      I couldn’t disagree more. I always thought it was dead sexy.

      • I agree. ‘Ugly’ is obviously subjective, but I’ve never heard it directed at the ol’ FN from anybody until now.

        • iksnilol

          Well, people find AKs ugly. So I dunno, people got messed up taste.

      • USMC03Vet

        Some people are into BBW too. It take all types.

    • Jay

      USMC03Vet I’ll make a Voodoo doll with your name on it and poke it mercilessly.

      • jcitizen

        HA! He sounds as bad as an artillery man! Sleep in the howitzer breech and do the Boola Boola!! ; )

    • Y-man

      Man! I LOVED the curves on that rifle, I caressed it for days out on exercises… Have you been on guard duty, huddling against the cold, your FN rifle INSIDE your jacket and shirt, soft and hard at the same time against your skin, giving you warmth?
      It had lovely Amazonian lines – the solid butt pad, the sweet but firm sweep of the stock where it connects to the receiver, the beautiful and inviting rear sight, the lasvicious upturn of the lip on the ejection port, the slickly sensual hardness and grace of the charging handle, the elegant pinched but supple waist where the receiver joins the handguard, the swelling hips on the triangular handguard – made for holding on tight in a bucking ride…
      The upthrust front sight, resting languidly on the gas adjustment bits… the sweet length of the slim but strong barrel, the angular symetry of the muzzle device, smiling as if hiding a winking secret…

      Man! That Rifle is BEAUTIFUL! I loved it from when I was 10 years old, starting Military School, I loved carrying it for 7 years, and if I could, I would kiss one now… (Of course NOT the muzzle!)

      • The Brigadier

        My goodness an X-rated review of a rifle. I thought that was the province of the AR guys.

    • The Brigadier

      Beauty is the eye of the beholder. I think its lines are great.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Had the G3 in the army. Controllable is not really what I´d call it, but it sure is a blast!

    Anyone care to chime in why muzzle brakes are less used in the military as opposed to flash hiders? They seem to do pretty much the same..

    • Muzzle brakes tend to be louder, and many appear to increase the flash signature. The more effective the muzzle brake, the more unpleasant it is to be to the side of the shooter.

    • DetroitMan

      In combat you often can’t see an enemy, but you can see their muzzle flash. Flash hiders are designed to disperse the flash as much as possible. Muzzle breaks generally produce a more concentrated flash. A smaller and more concentrated flash gives a more precise aiming point to an enemy soldier.

      • jcitizen

        If it is designed right it won’t – mine doesn’t with any of the issue ammo I’v’e used. The brake even noticeably improved the accuracy! Of course this was designed in a civilian rifle custom house, so that changed things considerably.

    • jcitizen

      I couldn’t control the GE either, but with a custom muzzle brake on my FAL, it shoots like a dream. However I prefer the heavy barrel bipod arrangement to begin with.

  • schizuki

    Always love George and Jerry’s videos. But they need a Kramer to burst in once in a while.


  • Cahal

    Apparently if FN and the West German government had been able to reach an agreement on licensed production in Germany ( the G1/FN FAL ) there would never have been a need for the G3 in the German armoury.
    Also the reason the Portuguese chose the G3 over the FN FAL. H&K gave them a license for local production, same as Turkey/ Pakistan.

    • The Brigadier

      The FAL was used by seventy countries. Jungle fighting like we had in Vietnam did not need an open field battle rifle except for sniping. Foliage deflects heavy bullets more than lighter bullets. I know this is counter intuitive, but that is why many army units in the South Pacific during WW2 carried M1 carbines in the island hopping rather than the Garand.

      The M16 with its lighter cartridge was a better fit for the terrain in Southeast Asia. Its not as good in open desert fighting as a more powerful battle rifle, but in house clearing as an assault rifle it also performs extremely well. That is why the world turned to 5.56 even when the need for long range heavy hitters was called for. If we do have a currency crash later this year as every one is predicting then we will get to see first hand the superiority of battle rifles vs. assault rifles in every kind of terrain. Personally I will sling my M1A and carry my AR in my pack just in case the terrain changes.

  • wildman0708

    Great video Alex. Gotta love the early FAL’s! Wood and steel
    combined on a modern day battle rifle. Super sexy!

  • Mr. FN

    I’m straight up drooling. I dream of owning a Steyr import and you bring me THIS?

    Thanks for a wonderfully unexpected video on my favorite rifle.

  • Lance

    Love both FAL and M-14 L1A1s is my pic. Like the M-14 the FAL was never controllable on full auto. Both weapons makes better semi auto rifle and still great for long range marksman rifle something a small .223 cant do.

    • The Brigadier

      Sorry Lance, but the .308 won at Camp Perry from ’58 to ’92 when the .223 was allowed to compete and it has won the championship every year since. The 6.8 SPC actually beats the .223 as it flies a flatter arc to 1100 meters. The .223 can fly very accurately to 1100 meters, but has little steam left when it gets there. Nathan and I have had some fun disagreements about this, but its true.

  • Nick

    Im an oddball and on semi i like the g3 more then the fal. Somethin about the recoil seems to click. It is heavier and a bit less ergonomic for righties but as a lefty the g3 clicks. Would be awesome to see if my mind would change on full auto with them!

  • C.

    Great video as always. I’m guessing the PCP ammunition wasn’t used.

  • Esh325

    The FAL was a solid performer no doubt. It’s a bit outmoded today with rifles like the HK417 and SCAR-H around. It’s a shame FN wasn’t able to keep the FAL current. They never saw the same success when they went into the 5.56×45 rifle arena.

    • Of course, the FAL can’t compete with the SCAR-H and HK417. It’s sad that the only country worth speaking about that still uses the FAL is Brazil – all the others are insurgencies and nations not worth speaking about for one reason or another.

      The ‘Right Arm Of The Free World’ deserves better.

      • Esh325

        Yes, the Brazilans seem to be the only country sticking to the FAL. My understanding that the IA2 they are using is basically a modernized scaled down version of the FAL with a 6 lug rotating bolt opposed to the titling bolt.

        • I’ve heard that as well. I only remember the company that makes it, IMBEL. I’d love to see a civilian version, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • juan epstein

    Don’t pay your taxes and see how free you really are

    • iksnilol

      Well, taxes don’t have much to do with freedom. Paying taxes is like one of the terms and conditions to live in a country and enjoy the benefits of living in one. Kinda like the terms and conditions on a forum tell you you can’t do this and that, and if you don’t do those things you can enjoy the forum.

  • Stephen Beat

    Really enjoyed the video. It brought back a lot of fond memories of the British Army – L1A1 – variant, although that was strictly speaking ‘semi-auto only’. Though some clever Aussie soldier came up with the ‘matchstick trick’ which ‘converted it to full-auto (which was strickly forbidden – wink, wink). Having said that we used L4 BREN 30 round magazines in it as – by chance – they fitted the L1A1! 😉

  • gunsandrockets

    Makes me wonder how well the FAL would shoot full-auto with the Japanese reduced charge load. The FAL adjustable gas system should be able to cope with that.

    • The Brigadier

      Just leave the gas adjust dial on 8 for full gas to the piston.

  • petru sova

    The concept of the full auto assault rifle was a total failure in both the FN-FAL and the M14. Their light weight made them totally uncontrollable and the inability to change barrels made the guns useless as a barrel can be burnt out in minutes in combat.
    The FAL also had a linear moving bolt which was much more unreliable than the turning bolt of the M14. The Israeli army put sand cuts on the FN bolt to help functioning but it was basically like putting a Band-Aid on a Gladiator slash wound .
    The FN had a silver soldiered gas tube that had a propensity to come loose and cause malfunctions.
    The FN had a defective ejection system as well as one round being fed from one side of the magazine would fly 20 feet on ejection of the fired case and the next round being fed from the other side of the magazine would land at ones feet on ejection of the empty fired case.
    The FN’s trigger system was not a detachable modular system like the M14.
    The FN had inferior sights as compared to the fully adjustable sights on the M14
    The FN had a straight pistol grip stock that was inferior for fast acquisition to the shoulder as compared to the conventional shotgun style stock of the M14. The FN users were taught to carry the gun with the butt stock flat against the shoulder and the muzzle pointed down as it was the only way one could get the gun into action with this type of straight pistol grip style stock.
    The FN’s Gas system was inferior to the M14 as the M14 had a self-adjusting gas system that would handle light loads to heavy loads automatically while the FN system had a troublesome manual adjustment that was totally inferior to the M14’s system.
    The FN failed miserably in the U.S cold tests conducted in Alaska as compared to the superior M14.
    Trigger pulls on the M14 were generally superior to that of the FN trigger system.

    • Zebra Dun

      A full auto assault rifle like the FN FAL and the M-14 just ventilate the landscape.
      Hit something? By luck or accident.

    • Gormlo

      The bias and wrong info in your post makes it largely worthless. Just my opinion, don’t get all red faced. 🙂 First you say the M14 and FAL were failures, then you go on bizarre rant.

    • jcitizen

      To me these are just squad automatic support weapons; basically a battle rifle. Unless you have a heavy barrel and a bipod, they don’t really make sense until you get into open country like Afghanistan, where you may engage the enemy from 600 to 1100 meters. Now the telescopic sights are the rule rather than the exception, I’d love to hump an FAL with those kinda specs there!

    • The Brigadier

      I agree with most of what of you wrote, but have to point out a few things. A lot of the problems you cited for the FAL were for early iterations of the rifle that were later corrected. That’s like criticizing later models of the M16 for the catastrophic failures of the earlier models.

      The adjusting gas system was actually a desirable feature of the FAL because each gun could be adjusted to bleed off the gas to the piston by turning the gas dial from 8 on full gas down to 1. Obviously no one ever turned it down below 5, but with different ammo recoil could be lessened by firing test rounds and backing off the dial until the action wouldn’t cycle. At that point you simply clicked it back up one number and it that was the optimum gas setting for that ammo. Saying the M14 had an automatic system is untrue. It could accommodate any 7.62×51 NATO ammo and cycle it without any damage, but it did nothing for the recoil. Leaving the FAL’s dial on 8 all the time was the same as how the M14 operated. It would work with every cartridge regardless of powder to bullet weight, but your shoulder paid the price. I have a M1A and its a M14 without the selector switch. The FAL 58 doesn’t have a selector switch either, but it does have the gas adjust dial. The M1A would be a perfect battle rifle if it had that feature.

      • petru sova

        Perhaps self-adjusting gas system was not technically correct but the M14 digests both light, medium and heavy loads with no adjustment, you simply fire away. Contrast this to the totally inferior FN gas system. Playing around with that is a nightmare on the range and it is a disaster in real combat.

      • petru sova

        As far as the M16 being “fixed” it never was, its still one of the most unreliable battle rifles being fielded. The Jessica Lynch story proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt when an entire squad had all of their guns jam up and become inoperable. Well what would you expect from a gas system that sprays burnt powder all over the action. That’s mechanics 101.

        • The Brigadier

          The M16/4 is not a battle rifle. It is an assault rifle. I know the makers would like everyone to think its a battle rifle, but its design was made for dense foliage and clearing compounds, homes etc. At those tasks the M16/4 excels.

          • petru sova

            No weapon excels when it does not work and the M16 takes fist prize when it comes to being a jam-o-matic.

          • The Brigadier

            I just bought one because I read an article where the author convinced me to get one. He said if the poo hits the fan and we are in a new revolution this October when the currency crash occurs, then ammo will be hard to come by. If you survive the firefights with the left, you can pick up their ammo and most of it will be 5.56/.223.

            You can also make the same argument for buying a 9mm pistol. I just bought an AR. and I will probably buy a 9mm as well. Not a Beretta, but a reasonably priced pistol. I sympathize with your disgust over the need to keep the weapon surgically clean petru, but the damn thing is “America’s rifle” as the numbers prove out.

          • petru sova

            In Australia when they banned modern firearms all they did was put a full page add in the Newspapers. It simply stated that you had a certain amount of time to turn them in or if you were caught they confiscated your house, savings account, investments etc. just for starters. Then if you still did not turn them in they would come and take them. As expected they had no trouble as married people with families were not about to throw their lives away. This is one reason I have never worried about signing for new guns because even if you have unregistered weapons if they ban them it would not be worth the risk of keeping anything that was illegal.

          • The Brigadier

            I read that after your socialist government banned private ownership of guns that a cottage industry sprang up building simple sub-machine guns. The designs were freely disseminated and tens of thousands of the things were bought by criminals. Canada did the same thing, but many people as it turned out, kept some high powered rifles because half of that giant country is filled with bears and half of those are grizzlies and polar bears.

            Our idiotic government reintroduced grizzlies to America and they are killing cattle and a few people willy nilly around Yellowstone Park . If the super volcano under Yellowstone erupts soon as expected, then nature will take care of the grizzlies and everything else in a 1000 mile radius. The rest of us fighting for food will have to depend on our rifles. At least we won’t have to compete with giant grizzly bears. You don’t have any super volcanoes in Australia do you?

          • petru sova

            Also in Hungary full auto weapons are entirely legal and can be bought brand new. This is not possible in America as new manufactured full auto weapons were outlawed by the Republican Reagan Administration. In other words socialist Hungary has more firearms freedoms than you do. They also have much lower cost medicine, and the State pays for much of it as well as medical bills so people do not go bankrupt as they do in the U.S. Education is free as opposed to the U.S. were graduating students are often bankrupt for the rest of their lives and many other children never even bother to attend higher education because of the obscene cost. of education in the U.S.

            As far as your survivalist fantasies they are just that fantasies. Marshal law would be declared. If the bubble would burst the Military would be everywhere and the first thing they would confiscate would be your guns. You would stand no chance to resist more than a few seconds at most. Hide in your house and they would blow it down. Hide in the woods and you would not last long either as heat sensors would pick you up very quickly.

            Ammo would be outlawed as all productions would go to the military. So a gun would become quite useless very fast as no one can afford to stock much ammo and you cannot carry that much on your person if you are on the run either so stock piles are again a fantasy.

            Cameras are everywhere these days. You are photographed hundreds of times every day whether you are aware of this fact or not so the Government could track anyone they wanted to at any time. Phones are still being monitored in the U.S. as they get around the new laws by getting the info from foreign governments friendly to the U.S. that collect data for them so that the U.S. Government can claim they do not monitor your calls, they just get the same info from the foreign governments so technically they are not personally monitoring you but they can find out about every call you ever make and listen to what you have said or the e-mails you have sent.

            If you ever bought a box of ammo with a credit card the government knows you have firearms. If you ever subscribed to a gun magazine the Government knows you have guns. If you ever logged on and posted on a gun forum like this one, the Government knows you have a gun. So when they declare you turn your guns in you will or else its all over for you very quickly.

          • The Brigadier

            You know nothing about our society right now. There are ninety million of us armed to the teeth and it will take very little more for sixty million of us to take to the streets and hills. We have collectively purchased almost a half billion of new weapons and some 20 to 30 billion rounds of brand new ammo.
            They have threatened to confiscate our guns, but our Supreme Court ruled in a 5 to 4 decision that ownership of guns is an individual right not a collective one. If they try a gun grab now it will trigger a new revolution. You simply have no idea how angry seventy percent of our nation is right now. Keep tuned.

            Our Founders gave us the ability in Article 5 of our Constitution for the States to hold a vote and hold a Constitutional convention to amend our Constitution. They foresaw the tyranny we are now facing. I hope that this will happen early next year if we can avoid a currency crash everyone is saying will happen this October. if it does my little liberal Aussie, the world will enter the Second Dark Ages. Can you hunt or fish? Many economists are saying that 85 to 90 percent of the world’s population will die. I will fight to preserve my existence. There are no guarantees I will, but will you? Good luck to ya.

          • petru sova

            The aging population of the U.S. will do anything the Government mandates. Even during WWII when the population of Europe was in their 20’s and the ruthless right wing Nazi’s invaded the European Countries the people told my Father that when the Germans came into town they gave the people 10 minutes to throw their weapons in piles out onto the street. A few dramatic executions were carried out if you did not inform on your neighbors even though you yourself had no weapons. That’s all it took and the orders to turn in weapons were instantly obeyed. All this happened and they did not even have the modern surveillance systems they have today. Again you live in a fantasy world that ignores the individuals and the families instinct for survival and self preservation when faced with the power of an invading army. When you know even your neighbors are willing to turn you in you know its suicide to resist.

            As far as hunting and fishing, with the 300 million people in the U.S. the natural flora and fauna would be wiped out virtually over night assuming there was even time enough to hunt or fish before the guns were confiscated or a few sticks of dynamite thrown into the nearest lake that would kill all the fish within hours.

            People in the 1950’s used to build foolish fall out shelters not realizing that their food and water would run out quickly and the air and land would have been poisoned for the next 50,000 years from Nuclear poisoning. Something else to consider, once people found out you had any food they would overwhelm you by the hundreds all fighting for a few morsels of food and you could not defend yourself against such a large group of hungry people. Again the fantasy of stockpiling food is just that fantasy.

  • Zebra Dun

    The metal hand guard makes one ask, “What were they thinking?” possible to slow down the troopers automatic foray’s into machine gun territory?

  • Hank Seiter

    I always enjoy shooting my StG 58 FAL. It’s one of the smoothest shooting .308 semi-auto platforms out there in my view. I also have an Israeli heavy barrel built on an Imbel receiver about 20+ years ago that is extremely comfortable shooting and topped with a Millett scope is capable of MOA performance with my 168 grain Nosler match handloads. It’s heavy but it’s one of those shoot-all-day rifles.

    The CETME/PTR91/HK91/G-3 family of main battle rifles in .308 are lighter recoiling in my view and I had opportunity to legally shoot one full-auto at an Indiana sportsman’s club along with a full-auto heavy-barrel FAL. The former is more controllable in my view though the out-of-the box trigger of the HK-91/G-3 family is simply atrocious for semi-auto fire though gunsmithing remedies do exist. The heavy-barrel FAL is almost as controllable, comfortably so, but I wouldn’t want to be humping it around all day though it’s a darn sight lighter than the BAR in the same role as light squad automatic weapon and lighter than even the M249. I’ve found the 30 round factory box magazine an interesting option though I have experienced some feeding issues with them in random FALs.

    I’ve found most AR-10s can be fairly brutal over extended shooting sessions, particularly if they weigh less than 7 pounds. For me, they become a little more civilized once you hang a heavier MagPul buttstock, bi-pod and a railed forearm on the rifle. I do have a Rock-River LAR-8 with a Wilson Cryo barrel properly kitted out and it’s a sub-MOA performer with 168/175 grain Nosler Match handloads, too. It’s a great rifle but I’ve never shot an AR-10 in full-auto so I can’t comment on that facet of the AR-10 family.

    BTW, mag dumps are always fun … and a challenge at times!

    • jcitizen

      I’m surprised the CETME were controllable – the HKs based off that design, that I have fired were totally uncontrollable to me. I’ve never looked at another roller lock rifle again. I do like firing the MG 42 and MG3 variants! – It is kinda like grabbing a whopping big fire hose, but it is controllable!

  • Donald Darr

    I have a Springfield / Israel heavy barrel FN-FAL that I bought from a gun store in California that was “giving” them away before the anti-assault weapon bill became law. I don’t remember the exact price but I know it was between $700 and $800. I love it and won’t get rid of it.

    • jcitizen

      I think mine must be the same thing, only I don’t know where it came from for sure. My memory is fading, but I think I got it at a gun show a long time ago. I love those Israeli FALs!

  • Gormlo

    I love it when Yanks discover foreign service rifles. :p

    • The Brigadier

      These are younger guys Gormio. We vets have shot the FAL and I am on an email alert with Atlantic Firearms that still makes the Model 58 FAL using CNC machines and better materials then they had in the Fifties and Sixties. Its price competitive with Springfield’s M1A and is a sister rifle to the M1A also. Can’t wait to buy one.

  • Jimbo

    How does this compare to an M14 on full auto?

    • jcitizen

      The first M14 I fired fell apart. It was a US Army issue M14, but it had been converted to semi-auto by the military for field training by ROTC cadets. My TAC sergeant said the same thing happened to him in Vietnam – something about defective operating rods, if my memory serves me correctly. I was in love with them anyway, but never got to shoot them full auto. In fact I never got to qualify with them, we just shot them for familiarization.

      • Jimbo

        I always wanted to fire one. When I was in the Air Force, all I fired was 10 shots (semi-auto) from a completely worn out M-16, and blanks from a very old M-1 Garand. I wanted to buy a semi-auto M14, but I can’t here in NY. I would have to cut the bayonet lug off, and that would be a crime.

    • The Brigadier

      About the same Jimbo.

  • jcitizen

    We played with the first full auto FAL we got hold of. Assuming we wouldn’t be able to control it, we had a local craftsman design his own recoil muzzle suppressor. It was a pretty innovative design for a regular flash suppressor. His design made the thing shoot like a dream, but then it was a heavy barrel with bipod. The suppressor actually improved the groups we got at 100 meters. We were shooting near MOA after putting it on there. Too bad the holder of the NFA stamp wasn’t excited about modifying his weapon, so the original military one went back on. When I got my own semi-auto, I put his suppressor on a similar Israeli semi-auto conversion, and I got the exact same results in accuracy. I’m really happy with it, and can’t even bring myself to by a 7.62x51mm AR-10 variant, even though I know I want one of those too!

  • The Brigadier

    The rise to the right is exactly what the M14 did in the ’58 test of the two rifles at Ft. Belvoir. Its due to the twist and both rifles are too entirely light for full automatic for that size cartridge. The BAR at more than twice the weight was controllable on full auto. The M14 and the FAL are not. First shot is always on target and then the barrel rises up to the right in a perfect arc. Bull barrels and heavy flash suppressors help. My farther was involved in the testing shootout of these rifles and he liked both rifles, but said that adding full auto was a mistake. Commanders wanted to get rid of the BAR because it required big, strong farm boy troopers to carry and fire the big heavy gun. The DoD thought it would be a good idea if every trooper regardless of size could fire automatic suppression, but all they did was kill innocent flocks of birds flying to their right. The only real way to fire them accurately on full auto was to stake the bipod down and they used eleven inch spikes to anchor it fully.

  • Fire

    What camera was used for this? What settings? Quality looks amazing!!!

  • jdp99

    Why did you totally not mentioned a variable gas system that can be tuned to the ammo for a softer recoil or that it’s piston driven? No way does a g3 has a lighter recoil unless you has the gas port basically all the way closed. Please show more characteristics of the weapons rather than just spraying bullets. Oh, you’re going to banana peel that FH if keep it on there. G1 was a rifle but the worse FAL produced compared to it’s other variants.

  • PatsChamps

    I think you have to admit you prefer a HK product over any other maker in a comparable firearm. That seems at least to be the trend in your videos. Also, why do you wear the same two shirts?

  • petru sova

    Several years ago they ran a program on cable showing African Game Rangers culling a herd of elephant that had become way to numerous for the small area they were living in. I was astonished when the Game Rangers pulled out FN-FAL’S and started blasting the elephants. The elephants dropped over like they were hit by lightening and IT ONLY TOOK JUST ONE SHOT ON EACH ELEPHANT. I could not help but think that the people that have beating the “Big Bore Drums” for years should have seen that video. It exposes guys like Elmer Keith (a big bore fanatic) for what he really was, just another loud mouth gun writer that did not know what the heck he was talking about.